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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Thanks for the info. I'm already running a PowerEdge 2950, a home built Norco RPC-4224, and a rack mount APC UPS. I doubt it will raise my noise level too much.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Would this be a good solution for cheap long-term storage using snapraid? I have the drives to populate it, Any reason why there haven't been any sales on this for a while on ebay? Is there something better out in this price range?
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    The Great Keyboard N-Key Rollover (NKRO) Test/Round-up

    THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS RIGHT OVER THE LAZY DOG the quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog Rosewill RK-9000 Also, isn't the word "right" redundant and unnecessary? All the letters are already contained in other words. Normally, it is just "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
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    Restoring performance to SSD

    Hah, sorry. CDM = Crystaldiskmark, Like I said earlier, if you go under File/Test Data you can pick a more compressible data type to reach the speeds they claim. I don't think those speeds are reachable with incompressible data.
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    HBA Suggestions (3TB/FreeNAS)

    I think you are the savior I was looking for. Researching now... *edit Seems like it still might work with freenas with some tweaking, or will work eventually. If not, I can just use another solution. Either way, looks like a great card. Thanks again.
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    Restoring performance to SSD

    If I'm not too late, it does appear that the settings in CDM do have an effect on speeds. I did a couple tests...for monster. If I use compressable data (0 or 1 fill) I hit the numbers they claim. Here is the default setting of random data, close to yours. This is...
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    Restoring performance to SSD

    It does appear that they at least added new options to CDM. Not sure what it defaulted to before, but if you go to File/Test Data, you can change to 0 fill and 1 fill(both should be more compressible). Writing 5 GB to a drive, specially when you only have 4GB free, can wreak hell on garbage...
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    Restoring performance to SSD

    If you installed windows 7 on the ssd, it should have automatically aligned. run msinfo32 by typing it into the search box on your start menu and hitting enter. click on: components => storage => disks Look for your SSD and check the partition starting offset. It needs to be divisible by...
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    HBA Suggestions (3TB/FreeNAS)

    Thanks for the links. The site looks like it will be an interesting read in general. According to a couple of reviews, the Intel SASUC8I doesn't support 3TB drives, but I am still researching the other cards mentioned, so I still have hope.
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    Largest 2.5" Drive?

    There are 1.5TB drivers available. You will just have to gut an external for them. Make sure you can fit a 14mm drive. *edit - Looks like it will fit in a MBP, if...
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    HBA Suggestions (3TB/FreeNAS)

    Looking for an HBA or RAID card. 3TB drive support At least 2 SAS ports FreeNAS and possibly Solaris support Support for SAS Expander(HP,Intel, or equivalent) Cheaper the better(as long as it is reliable). Alternately, possibly a good i5 mobo with 6+ sata ports as a stopgap till...
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    Trim or raid?

    How much ram do you have and do you run very memory intensive apps? I only have 2GB and I can easily go over that all day. I'm at 3916 cycles, 3100GB written.
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    Trim or raid?

    It isn't just space. It chews up your drive fairly quickly. I have my pagefile on my Agility and I am already down to ~60% health. I'm not saying it is a bad idea, as I enjoy the performance benefit when I run out of memory. Just be prepared to add some wear and tear.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    I read it a couple weeks ago and didn't even think to recheck it now that I know what I'm doing to some extent. Thanks, and sorry.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good setup(just raid controller/expander) for hooking up 3TB drives? I just bought a batch of them and I'm trying to absorb all the information in these forums. I keep thinking I have a good plan but then the cards either don't support 3TB or...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Thanks for the info. Why do I feel another hobby coming my way... I need to raise my credit limits ;)
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Who are you on PCMV HoF? "COMP@XS9260-8i FPFTW!"? Looking at the majority of the top 20, is it safe to say the 1231ML is still the best card to be running? Looks like almost everyone up on that list run it.
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    Help Choosing Areca Raid Controller

    Hey all, I'm building a file server and I'd like advice on which card is the best out of these models. 1231ML,1680ix, or 1880ix. I'm going to be running four SSDs in Raid 5, six WD Blacks in RAID 6, and a pair of SSDs mirrored for the OS drive, with some expansions at a later date...
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    It isn't accessible from the recovery disk unless you actually boot off it. I don't have a legit full Vista install on hand. I finally was able to take the server down for a couple minutes to install the drives. Performance is a joke. Anyone know what could be wrong? I set it up exactly...
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    It is just like XP. Diskpart sounds great, but I think the version of diskpart from 2003 is just as bad as XP where it can't handle alignment. I have to check into it though. When I try to run the diskpart.exe that I ripped off the Vista recovery disk, I get a message that it isn't a valid...
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    Thanks, I never saw that calculator before. What would be best to use to align it in 2003? I know you just said OS doesn't matter but I tried to rip the diskpart from my vista recovery disk and it won't run.
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    Thanks for the info so far. I would move it off that card if it was an option. ;) The server only has SCSI connections available on the motherboard. I am trying to offload one of our databases to these SSDs. I know I won't get all the performance but my first test with it misaligned was...
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    Alright, here is my situation. I have four Intel X25-V's hooked up to a PCI-X raid card (Koutech PSA421 w/ Silicon Image sil3124raid chip). I know it isn't but best card but I was on a budget and would like to squeeze whatever performance I can out of this setup. I am running Windows...
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    No More DealExtreme

    Thanks for the tip jetski. Also, don't scare me like that op.
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    Fiio E3 $8.45 shipped, excellent headphone amp for the $

    If you know the quality of the item you are buying and you do not mind waiting about a month DX is great. I ordered some flashlights and I was expecting about 1 out of 10 to not work. I had three bad ones out of about 40. No problems getting them to send me 3 more, though the wait was long...
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    Seagate ST31000340AS 1TB 32MB SATA HDD $110

    I hope everyone that is here complaining is, at the very least, filing with the BBB. A couple hundred complaints might get them to stop acting so horribly. I went through the same crap with the 8800gt when it came out and it cost me missing other deals while I waited for Dell.
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    Free Sample of Aojiru ( japanese healthy drink)

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    Free Alpha Geek T-shirt

    So make sure you send the top part to someone who will apply.
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    Free Pocket Tool Knife

    White paper is what you are applying for with those first four check boxes, hence WP1,WP35, etc.
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    Crysis Warehead to be $30

    I'm with the majority. The first half of each game seemed the same, but so did the second half of each game. Both became linear and just irritating. I was hoping they'd learn from everyone complaining about the end of Farcry. I enjoyed the beginning of both a decent amount.
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    500 gb segait $62.50 (refurb)

    When did Hard Forum become Digg/4chan? :confused:
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    HITACHI UltraVision 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV - $1299 Shipped

    Yea I just went to AVSforum too and now I am really confused. Seems like it is claimed to be a few different things.
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    HITACHI UltraVision 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV - $1299 Shipped Hitachi executives said that all models this year will have 1080 resolution, although by this they refer only to vertical lines of resolution and not necessarily to interlaced or progressive display techniques. Only one plasma model — a...
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    HITACHI UltraVision 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV - $1299 Shipped

    Full HD = 1920 x 1080 HD1080 = 1280 x 1080 Just a heads up. * Among other places you can find out it is not 1080p.
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    free 24 pack of trajan condoms

    This should be under hot deals if anything. It is not technically free. There are over 100 items you can get doing the GCO trick. Also, I wouldn't trust a brand named trajan.
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    Free Sample Odor-B-Gone

    This Offer Expires When You Leave This Page. AFTER THAT, IT’S TOO LATE!
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    Help picking a tv, must buy today for deal

    Hey all. I tried to get that mispriced Panasonic from Sears but it was a no-go but here are some choices them gave me. Let me know what is best. Thanks for your help new Panasonic 50 inch 1080p TH-50PZ80U for for $1800 new Toshiba 65 DLP 1080p 65HM167 for $1600 or display models...
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    Vizio 32" Plasma HDTV with Digital Tuner...$549

    I've heard the same thing about Vizio and returns/problems. No personal experience though. If anyone grabs one let us know how it is.
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    F/T (1) invite

    Or not.
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    Acid Invites

    I would like an invite please. Thank you.