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    Penryn Compatible Motherboards? Gigabyte's 45nm support list.
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    Penryn Compatible Motherboards?

    Will all 775 socket mobo's with support for 1333fsb work with Penryn? If not, which one's will? Thanks.
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    Fly to certain locations around the US for $10

    I found $10 one-ways from Milwaukee to Columbus on December 5th, 18th, and 19th.
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    Orange Box PC 39.99 (No Tax, Free Shipping) @ Amazon

    bump for a good deal
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    Penryn prices by HKEPC

    Time to upgrade my Athlon XP 3200+, GeForce mx440, and 1gb ddr. :eek:
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    Antec Nine Hundred $80 AR

    That's when I got mine that was a great deal. :D
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    Antec Nine Hundred $80 AR

    I nicknamed mine 'T-Rex', because it reminds me of one for some reason...
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    Hot? BFG 6600GT for $50 after MIR
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    What would be a good card for me?

    I'm looking for a decent AGP card somewhere around ~$50. I don't need it to play Oblivion with maximized settings @ 60 FPS, but being able to run Oblivion, or use Aero effects, or even allow me to run Halo 2 would be a big improvement over my MX440. Thanks.
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    Hot? AGP x1650 Pro $60 shipped after MIR

    I was having trouble deciphering that one as well... Perhaps he thought I was dumb for saying $60 shipped even though it is $60 + shipping? If that's the case, at the time of posting it was $54.99 + shipping.
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    Hot? AGP x1650 Pro $60 shipped after MIR
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    Root Beer Float

    There's like 5 within a few miles of my house... What diet do you reccomend? ;)
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    10 invites to hdbits

    I guess I'll just get in line... theunashamed @ 15/2 MBps connection.
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    Intel Price Cut Again ?

    Some time around the first week in June, Intel will be putting out some sub $100 pentium e2xxx's that are core 2 based with 8x and 9x multis and 1mb cache and run stock 200Mhz FSB. They have already been found/OC'ed to 400Mhz FSB by some people.
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    One Free Joost Invite

    Thanks. :)
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    One Free Joost Invite

    I'm still looking for an invite:
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    Did anyone nab an e2160/2140 today?

    I found a batch for sale @ Tiger Direct when I was googling them today... (e2140 before - Google cache) (e2140 now - TD store) (e2160 before - Google cache) (e2160 now - TD store) I couldn't buy one because my school blocks paypal. :(
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    FREE PC Magazine (25 issues)

    Haha... I got a free 6 month sub 5 months ago. xD
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    Joost invitation?

    Looking for an invite here. :)
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    Cheapest board that will hit +400FSB?

    I'm looking for a new core 2 duo mobo, and I all I really need it to do is at least 400FSB, have a PCI-E x16 slot, and be able to do sata raid 0... So what's cheap?
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    When will you buy a Quad Core processor???

    Yeah... Tens as in the plural of "ten", meaning more than 10k and less than 100k.
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    When will you buy a Quad Core processor???

    I'll be at the Guildhall @ SMU, and they give all entering students pimped out XPS laptops that they get to keep after the 2 year program is finished.
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    When will you buy a Quad Core processor???

    April 22nd, 2008? ;) J/k, over the next 4 years I will acquire tens of thousands of dollars in school loans that will likely prevent me from making any significant purchases. :( Luckily I'll get a sweet laptop from the school in 2 years... This year's students got top end XPS laptops with...
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    help me build a cheap monster machine

    I think my cell phone scored a 200... :rolleyes:
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    New ram

    I'd go with these over the Dominators... Only $137 after MIR.
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    Ever bought an Open Box Mobo?

    I don't think so... Newegg sells them as OEM items, and Asus says they do not cover OEM items. Plus, I asked a Newegg CSR, and they said that after 14 days Asus motherboards are not covered by any sort of warranty from them or Asus.
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    Ever bought an Open Box Mobo?

    I was going to get a P5B Deluxe for $120 from Newegg, but then I found out that open-box mobo's are not covered by any warranty after 14 days. It's worth it to me to have a DS3 and a 3 yr warranty than a P5B Deluxe with a 14 day return policy.
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    What is the difference between these two Gigabyte boards?

    The cheaper one is a rev 1.3, and the more expensive one is a rev 3.3.
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    I second the motion.
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    What would happen if the high end went to 999 USD?

    Seriously? I think the average person here buys a new $250 card every year or two, and 90% of computer owners will never buy a $250 graphics card for their PC.
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    Need a mobo reccomendation...

    Let me start by stating the setup I have/have planned so far: e6420 c2d 2GB ddr2-800 patriot ELK 7900GS pci-e card 2x 200gb sata drives (raid 0) Tuniq Tower & Antec 900 for air cooling What would be a good cheap board with some overclocking room (400-450mhz FSB is my target) and SLI...
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    Antec Nine Hundred - $60 (after $40 rebate) at

    Yeah, I noticed those when I opened it up. :) I'm on aircooling, but it's nice to have options readily available w/ out any modding.
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    Worth waiting for April price cuts?

    I decided to wait for the april cuts a few weeks ago... I'm glad I decided to wait, it's given me a chance to pick up good deals on all the other parts I need for the system as they come up ($130 ddr2-800, $60 antec 900, $30 500w PSU w/ active PFC, etc.). I just hope I don't come to find out...
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    Antec Nine Hundred - $60 (after $40 rebate) at

    Yes, you are right about it dissipating the same total amount of heat into the room, but the point is to remove the heat from the components and let central AC take care of the rest. ;)
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    Antec Nine Hundred - $60 (after $40 rebate) at

    *bookmarks link* Definitely going to come in handy when I drop in my new rig after the 22nd. :)
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    Looking for a gaming case

    The 900 @ Fry's is back in stock for $60, but it probably won't last very long.
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    Antec Nine Hundred - $60 (after $40 rebate) at

    Yep, this deal is LIVE and kicking once again. :D Oh, and about cable management: I kind of like how you can route all of the cabled straight along the side of the motherboard with the included tie straps. I guess I don't really care if my cables are visible as long as they're run neatly..
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    Antec Nine Hundred - $60 (after $40 rebate) at

    Yeah, I got mine today too. :) I just finished transferring parts from the last case. :D I'll be swapping a bunch of it out after April 22nd, but it's still worth it to have a sweet case in the meantime.
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    Looking for a gaming case Antec 900 for only $60 after a $40 MIR, and free shipping. They're kind of sold out (you have to call for availability).
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    Antec 900 Replacement Case, What to do with the old one?

    I've seen some people selling the old cases on eBay... This guy got $32.50 for it