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    Powerbeats Bluetooth Headphones stuttering audio

    I have a pair of Powerbeats bluetooth headphones. When synced to a Windows 10 PC the audio stutters about once every 10 seconds. The BT receiver on the PC is an Iogear GBU421 bluetooth 2.0 device purchased in 2009. I am wondering if the bluetooth protocol is too old to function properly with...
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    Celebrate: I beat a game at the arcade! SF4.

    So I was off on vacation for a couple of days with the wife. We went into a video game arcade in Santa Cruz, CA. Now, I had already played SF2 and SF 4 in the past, the latter on Xbox 360. So of course I knew the basics (combos, specials, super specials, etc). I managed to beat the game with...
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    Gigabyte 6900xt $900 after rebate newegg
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    Is a PS5 overkill on a 1080p TV?

    We have a 51" Samsung plasma TV, model number pn518500, and base model PS4. It was a great TV back in the day and still works fine. Since PS5, and even PS4 Pro, produce images at higher than 1080p, I was just wondering if this reduces the picture quality. In other words, do you need a 4K TV...
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    Cris Tales: Free JRPG on Epic Game Store
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    Recovery of personal files from internal storage of 2011 Macbook Air

    I have a client whose 2011 Macbook Air no longer boots. It gets stuck on the white screen and the boot sound repeats. I have already tried getting help from Apple support by trying things like holding apple and R keys during boot to get into some sort of recovery mode, fails. So, the plan is...
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    Help Request, Looking for a Good Coop Multiplayer Strategy Game

    Happy new year all. I am forming a small gamer group with some family members. We tried Startcraft 2 since it has good reviews and has coop for 2-4 players. However, we could not figure out how to play it as we have no experience with the SP mode. Also, I am on Windows and at least one other...
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    Shenmue III Free at Epic. Hurry, one day only.
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    New Steering Wheel Release: Thrustmaster T248 Summary: a mixed belt and gear driven FFB steering wheel that competes with the Logitech G923. Pros: pedals, strong and smooth FFB. Cons: loud paddle shifters, too much plastic. Overall, looks a bit better than the G923 that it is...
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    Nvidia gtx 1070 FE Waited about a year in the EVGA queue for a 3060 ti, so 1070 is no longer needed.
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    Nvidia DSR and GeForce Experience

    So, I went into the GeForce experience to see what it recommended for F1 2018. This is on a 3060 ti and 2560x1080 100hz monitor. It said optimum resolution is 3620x1527 DSR. Does this mean GeForce experience thinks that the 3060 ti GPU is basically too powerful for the monitor's native...
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    Poll: Upgrade to Windows 11 in 4Q 2021?

    Just curious what people's plans are regarding the Windows 11 upgrade. I have a desktop and laptop, both compatible with the new OS. But I wonder if it would be best to wait for more patches before taking the plunge. On the laptop Windows update is listing the 11 update as optional install.
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    Asus X570 Prime: Windows 10 Update says it does not meet Windows 11 requirements

    I am pretty sure this is a bios/uefi issue. Is there a setting there that needs to be changed in order to meet Windows 11 requirements? Or a bios/uefi update to apply? Side note, this motherboard has been rock solid. While it lacks advanced features like wifi it has been incredibly stable.
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    Stress testing a GPU before selling

    I planned to run 2 tests in order to show the buyer that the card is working properly. Plan to take screenshots/pictures at the end. 10 minutes MSI Kombustor and 10 minutes Heaven DX11. Sound reasonable? Also, I planned to run Heaven DX11 using the default settings, but could change some...
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    Holy moly I actually bought a 3060 ti today!

    Received an email from EVGA about this. Had previously got onto a wait list for a 3070. It took me a few minutes to decide if the 3070 to 3060 ti downgrade was okay. But recently I switched from 1440p 144hz to 2560x1080 100hz display and decided the 3060 ti should handle the new monitor just...
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    Ask toolbar keeps showing up in Malwarebytes Scan Result

    I do not have the ask toolbar installed in Chrome. Also, the ask toolbar does not show up in the apps listing of Windows 10. After running Malwarebytes I have been quarantining and deleting the PUP.Optional.Ask file. But it comes back every time I startup Chrome again. This has occurred on 2...
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    Question mark icons in dock of Macbook Pro, cannot delete

    My wife's Macbook Pro school (she is Kinder teacher). Today out of nowhere question mark icons appeared in the dock for man popular apps like Safari and System Prefs. I added them back in by launching them and then dragging from R to L side of dock. But I cannot delete the invalid ? icons...
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    Easy method for scratch repair of Acer Monitor Stand?

    Bought a recertified Acer XF270HU monitor a couple of years ago. It has a light scratch on the stand about 1.5" in length. Just wondering if there are any products or methods of covering up the scratch. When I did searches for this problem google gives screen repair or car plastic repair. I...
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    My first stuck pixel, fixable?

    I just got an Acer 29" 2560x1080 ultrawide display. Discovered in the past few days that it appears to have a single stuck pixel. The pixel is green and often hard to see but is plainly visible on black screens like here on the hardforum. I have tried 2 different programs attempting to fix...
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    Questions about setting up external monitor Windows 10

    Connecting a 27" 1440p monitor to an Asus 1080p laptop in extended mode. Questions: 1. Is it possible to set the 27" to 1440p resolution? The Windows settings menus only go up to 1080p. 2. Is it possible to set the 27" to 144hz refresh? The Windows settings are poor, only allows 24hz at...
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    Switch from 27" 1440p 144hz to 29" ultrawide 100hz?

    It appears that my 27" Acer is going bad. I posted here about it and got no replies. Also emailed Acer, but I suspect it is not fixable. Purchased January 2019, and it looks like the warranty was only 90 days. I have been offered a 29" ultrawide 2560x1080p monitor from the wife...
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    Is my Acer 27" Monitor Going Bad? Fixable?

    I purchased a recertified Acer 27" monitor in January 2019. The model # is XF270HU. It is a 144hz IPS display. Within the past months I have noticed some things. Screen turns off for a few seconds and then turns back on. This can happen 5-10 times in a row. Occasionally the onscreen...
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    iPhone 11 camera vs Nikon S7000?

    Photo and video question: which is likely to have better quality, iPhone 11 or Nikon S7000 digital camera? The camera was being used in wife's classroom (she teaches kindergarten). She is asking if we should keep or sell the Nikon camera. When we got the Nikon in 2016 it produced better...
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    iPhone 13 Coming Looks like the Pro is the version to get. 120hz screen not on the base model.
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    Questions about Retroarch

    I still own a handful of PS1, PS2, and Saturn games. Including Katamari Damacy, Night into Dreams, Tempest X, and Castlevania: SOTN. Recently installed Retroarch after hearing it is one of the best emulators out there for Windows 10. The PS1 games ran fine with default settings. Questions...
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    What to do with very old PC games

    Hello all. I was wondering what others do with very old PC game discs and boxes. Nowadays most of us get our PC games through the digital services: Steam, Epic, Ubisoft, etc. Me included. I still have discs and manuals for a bunch of very old games. Partial list: Doom 3, Civilization III...
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    AMD FSR even in unsupported games

    Has anyone tried this yet? Supposed to allow FSR on way more games than are officially supported.
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    Anyone try AMD FSR on gtx 1070?

    As we all know AMD FSR works even on many Nvidia graphics cards. Just wondering if anyone has experience with it on the gtx 1070. I have seen plenty of benchmarks but not for my GPU. Particularly interested in 1440p and Resident Evil Village since benchmarks show the 1070 cannot reach 60 fps...
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    Anyone pickup the new iPad Pro for 2021?

    Just curious how you like the new iPad. We are considering the 11 inch version. The webcam improvement looks interesting (Center Stage). Or maybe not since our iPad Pro 10.5 seems to be doing just fine for most things.
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    Nights Into Dreams for PC free for Sega 60th I already purchased it years ago. Nice remake of the Saturn version, way better graphics of course. I believe you have to signup for Sega emails, though.
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    3070 ti Bestbuy: best time to check online

    My understanding is that the FE 3070 ti at Bestbuy will be online only. Anyone know the best time of day to check for supply drops? I am running the octoshop Chrome extension to improve the chances of getting one.
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    Stalker Call of Pripyat Free on GOG The redeeming process is a bit convoluted. Remember to redeem on GOG, not Steam. Also, redeeming did not work on the GOG app. I had to use the GOG website.
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    Windows Sonic for Headphones: better on or off?

    I just noticed this option in Windows 10. By right clicking on the sound icon in the lower right corner of the screen the following options are displayed from the 3rd menu item down: Off Windows Sonic for Headphones Dolby Access DTS Sound Unbound The last 2 options seem to be only available...
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    F1 2018: What is TAA Checkerboard?

    I just got F1 2018 for only $0.49, yah! In the antialiasing settings it gives 3 choices: TAA, TAA checkerboard, off. I noticed a large performance improvement after selecting TAA checkerboard over regular TAA. What exactly is TAA checkerboard? I did some internet searches on the topic but...
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    Question about cheap wired headsets for PS4

    What do people think about these cheap headsets? The guy in the video above really likes the Eksa E900. $40 for the 7.1 surround version, $30 for the stereo version. This would be for Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends on PS4. There is an amazing variety of wired headsets on amazon with...
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    Witcher 3: GOTY Edition $9.99 Not only a great videogame, but one of the best games in the history of computer games. Special shout out to Hardocp and Corsair as I got this free in some sort of drawing here...
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    PS4 Questions

    1. I have noticed the fan noise is quite loud when playing God of War. Is it likely the PS4 is going bad, or is this game just particularly demanding of the hardware? Meaning more heat and higher fan speeds. This is a base model PS4 purchased in 2013. 2. Is the PS4 Pro a quieter system? Is...
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    More free PS4 Games coming! Rez Infinite, Enter the Gungeon, The Witness, more... 3/25 Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition 4/19 Do not forget Ratchet and Clank is free until 3/31 just in case you have not claimed it yet.
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    Questions about installing an Ethernet Jack Would a company like the one above be a reasonable solution to getting an ethernet jack installed? I have read the approximate cost of this is $200, is this accurate? Is it recommended to get 1 or 2 ethernet ports in an...
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    Ethernet cable questions and more!

    1. I have old ethernet cables with no labeling on them. So I cannot tell if they are cat5, cat5e, or cat6. If an ethernet cable is not labeled, is it correct to assume it is cat5? Are there other ways to identify ethernet cable type besides text on the cable itself? 2. I believe ethernet...