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    1080p vs 720p comparison outside of resolution

    I'm not concerned about the visual difference from 720 to 1080 at a certain distance. My question is, if 1080p rips naturally have higher bitrates then wouldn't you see a quality difference just in that itself compared to the lower bitrates in 720 variants if both are done from the same group...
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    Corsair 650tx + Apevia Qpack 2 ?

    Just wondering if this PSU will fit in this case. Thanks
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    Qpack 2 with P5E-VM and GTX280?

    Anyone that would possible have this case know if it will fit the 280? Thanks
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    Thoughts on these results vs seperate sound card?,2001-51.html I'm kind of swaying towards the Max Formula 2 since it's currently offered with a $40 mail in rebate providing you buy a selected Intel processor on the list of the rebate form. Therefore I see the expense as a mere $20...
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    P5E-VM vs P5K-VM for oc'ing differences for Q6600?

    I'm basicly just wanting to know the rundown on which one would offer more features in the bios and how limiting 1 is over the other. I will not be using the onboard video but just mainly concerned with the oc'ing potential of one over the other with a Q6600. The P5E-VM appears to have better...
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    question on subzero temps and cpus

    If the threshold temp of a cpu is 60c and anything beyond depending on how far you go causes damage.. then whats the technical reason for cpu's to misscalculate or whatnot when they are under subzero temps?
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    To quad or not for longivity?

    Would it be better to buy a Q6600 to last me 4 years or pay for a E6600 now and after 2 years buy the equivilant in price at that time? Id also have to upgrade the mobo most likley if I go the second route. I know that mobo chipsets do improve everytime a new one comes out also. If I go the...
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    HX620 Corsair ok for Quad Conroe Q6600?

    I know the Q6600 chip at load can do 130w and fitted with an 8800GTX being about 108w at best according to this Anandtech site that did a power consumption by determining the diffrence in wattage from Idle to Load using 3dmark06...
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    Any PCI Fan controllers?

    I know that Sunbeam Theta TP101 can do the job but, the company doesnt look reliable in terms of driver updates since it hasn't been updated in a year. The USB cable must be connected and only through the rear externaly and even though its a PCI card.. it serves no purpose in the PCI slot for...
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    Xclio 450bl with 8800gts?

    This psu can hit 32a on the dual 12v and im running 2 120mm fans with 1 80mm, 1hd, 1 optical. Anyone think I can do it?
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    5.25 mesh grill?

    I want to use this on my open 5.25 bay and wonder where i can buy a really thin mesh grill or just the material alone so i can cut out and design it myself? Im refering to the look as the one thats on the CM Stacker 830 bays. I dont mind paying for good material but, i would at least like to see...
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    M2NPV-VM Question about cpu temps

    In the bios the temp reads for the cpu as 47-48c. Is this accurate as in it reading from where the cpu is or somewhere else or is it correct to say that I have to reapply the paste?
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    question about the PSU Calculator? While using that popular calculator.. is the wattage recomendation number given to represent the total for Max or Continuous wattage? It says that for my future configuration that it recomends 430w. If I am to assume that it is sudgesting continious...
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    Can I overclock the 4600x2 with HSF?

    I'm going to ask before I do it but, will I be able to achieve 2.6 or 2.8 with my hardware using the retail HSF or am I forced to purchase an aftermarket HSF? Aspire Q-Pack (1 120mm fan Included in case) XClio 450BL X2 4600 / Retail HSF (Coated with Artic Silver 5) Corsair 2gb DDR2...
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    6600GT Apollo/Aopen ??

    Aopen 6600GT.. Apollo 6600GT.. Anyone know the type of quality of these cards compared to others for stock and oced performance?
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    My sys vs A64 2.6ghz

    I cant find any ingaming benchmarks for A64s vs P4 anywhere. I can only find timedemos and botmatches which mean squat to ingaming. Anyone know a site that does compare a simular system like mine to a A64 @ 2.6ghz doing ingame benching? My 3dmark01 score is 23483 for stock xt-pe speeds and...
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    Stability question for Prime95

    Ive been running 2 instances of Prime95. Blend and Small FFT. Blend I have set for Realtime priority and Small FFT is stock at low priority. Ive been running the tests since 12:17am last night and Ive gotten in error on the Small FFT test at 14hours later. I allowed the Blend to continue and it...
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    My Case... Any Thoughts?

    Go here for more... I am using 2 PSU's just for the fact that the next Generation video cards need a beefier PSU. So instead of me selling my 430watt and hopfully getting what I paid for it, I went and did the dual PSU mod.