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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    Don't tell the EU this but... they could require high end PC parts to take 48v DC to drive solar panel uptake...
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    New EU rule will require all phones and electronics to use a standard charger

    Favourite thing to stump my ex gf used to be using her Macbook Pro charger to charge my Android phone, when she couldn't charge her iPhone with it. Mind Boggled. Apple should never have adopted USB-C. They should have upgraded lightening and put it on all their laptops and desktops. Had to be...
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    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Does a PCI-E 5 Graphics Card need more than an x4 Slot? NVME need more that x2? (For now)
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Fortnite Chapter 3 was the first Unreal 5 game. It makes my 6900XT/3900X cry in 1080p. Its like 5 months old. It stay huge as Epic is constantly re-inventing the game. Mind you the other benchmark I care about is Davinci Resolve.
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    MSI Extreme 3D Series Graphics Cards Announced

    Fuck I hate April Fools. It hits in the USA like 18 hours after I have gone through it locally.
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    Ronin hacked, $600M in Ethereum stolen

    NFT Pay To Earn games are just gold farming, where gold farming is the main point of the game, and the gold farmers are indentured with debt to enter the game. They made gold farming worse.
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    Apple Mac Studio and Studio Display

    Hardware pro res decode. God damn. For specific workloads its going to be god like. Which means a lot of people are going to switch those workloads.
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    Popcorn moments in NFTs: Spotify Edition

    NFT's could be digital contracts for copyrights, keeping all the tricky IP information tidy, and or subdividable etc. But most of the people backing NFT's don't believe in copy right. And Copy right is only enforceable by states. And... a fully automated copyright depository would still be...
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    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    I managed to get a PS5 on my phone plan. Only company that had any in stock in my whole country for Christmas. What is happening now is more than just your run of the mill consoledation cycle. I don't know what it is, I haven't read any economists or political scientist who I think are on the...
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Nerf Arena Blast was so much more fun than it had any right to be
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    Google replaced the White Noise on Nest speakers so people can't sleep

    I leave a window open year round so I can fall asleep to the sweet sounds of bum fights, street preachers, boy racers, and harlots.
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    MrBeast Ranks as Highest-Paid YouTube Star Ever, Earning an Estimated $54 Million in 2021

    In this thread, people who are old and out of touch
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    BlackBerry not Dead Yet

    fuck I miss BB10. Even just having the lil LED blink differently depending on which gf was calling or messaging across all apps. Nothing ever crashing or chugging. Battery life for days. Sigh.
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    Norton 360 'anti' virus installs cryptominer

    Standard Crypto M.O. parting fools from their money while claiming to solve a non-problem.
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    AMD’s upcoming flagship GPUs should be 3x faster than RX 6900XT

    3090's are in stock here in New Zealand for US$3,000. so glad I didn't sell the 2080ti. What in the actual fuck though. And I am the sort of person who would love to have a problem of cooling a 600w card. Next gen better have the goods and competitive pricing.
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    Earth's Black Box Climate Warning Box for Future Generations to Study.

    Urgent Crisis? Okay. 10 years? Okay. Swapping all the coal out with fracked gas will be free and give us 20 years. Oh don't like that? I thought it was a Crisis. Fracked Gas has enabled the United States to lead in the reduction of CO2 emissions, pretty much hitting the Kyoto targets. The USA...
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    Cheating is skipping security on branch predictions. Having accelerators for the most common tasks it optimization. I am super keen to see Apple's workstation processor, I just really don't think its going to be independent SoC's glued together with an interlink as per the Articles suggestions.
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    Chaining SoC's together is a far cry from chaining CCX's together. If Apple does a chiplet design it will be significantly different from their M1 Max chip. 4 GPU's over an interconnect sucks compared to a single monolithic GPU. Same for CPU's.
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    Ram is attached to the CPU/GPU blocks, not hanging off the IO middle block. Would have the same issues as the first Epycs had with cache, but with the whole memory block, if it is laid out as per the article.
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    It fucks their memory... CPU and GPU unified memory, but NUMA'd to fuck.
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    Nine WiFi routers used by millions were vulnerable to 226 flaws

    Every ISP here has been supplying complex random passwords and pretty secure defaults for years. I don't know if its a legal requirement or they just give a shit?
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    Bill Being Pushed to Outlaw Bots From Snatching Up Online Goods

    Oh they are finally outlawing high frequency trading? Yay! This will fix the stock market! Oh its just video cards from best buy? oh.
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    Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Executive VP of Gaming, advocates for game preservation

    Maybe we need squatting laws for software. If you don't patch something for two years, somebody else can and they have rights to their fork. Same as changing the locks on a house.
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    Players found cheating in Call of Duty games may now find themselves banned from the entire franchise, including all previous games and future titles

    With the Metaverse, and Web3, with transferability of ID, and all in game paraphernalia, you get banned from CoD and you are gonna get banned from Walmart and your bank etc. Global publicly distributed irrevocable blacklist gonna be a bitch.
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    Every major studio was producing 3D films, every theater had 3D projection, every tv manufacturer had a 3D line. Availability is not practicality or durability. Doing crypto through *VISA* defeats the entire point of crypto, and just ticks boxes for VISA executives covering their asses. Neither...
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    I did, 3D has been everywhere a few times. Doesn't mean its mature enough to stay. I am not surprised Visa found a way to ID a shed load of wallets though.
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    Again, 3D options are available, including fancy headsets. Yet the kinks haven't been sufficiently ironed out to allow normal people to use it every day without complaint.
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    I dunno, I reckon 3D tv's will be well into their next generation before I can use crypto at my local corner store.
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    PS5's are far more likely to be used with practical auto stereoscopic tvs than practical crypto.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Do any of the UX developers at MS even use windows?
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    Chip or not

    India and China were pretty socialist up until the mid 80s. Now they're open for business, and each has four times the population of the USA. You don't deserve to be part of the 1% ($32k per year) just because you were born in America. Also chips aren't about labour. Assemblies like cell...
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    Apple has massive IP in phone cameras and AI for them, they must have a bloody solid reason they don't want that tech in their laptops. Mind you its like iPhone and Mac are separate universes. Like the laptops not using lightening instead of USB C. Absolutely gobsmacks my Mac friends when I can...
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    Yeah. Those are not super complicated timelines... but a laptop should not be winning that not even close. That is very GPU heavy. Maybe the its the shared RAM that is faster and its able to keep the project in RAM? Still a graded resolve timeline in 4K+ will make a lot of machines just cry. I...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Default browsers on phones are deliberately shit, or at least were for a long time, to herd people towards apps.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    Workstations can be multiple chips quite happily. Apple is also used to building the case around the heatsink. With PCIe 5 there are some just silly fast options for interconnecting various processors and ram.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    Pro-res having proprietary encoders is the bane of my existence. It might dominate the market if they opened it up. As it stands companies are trying to use it to leverage against Black Magic Design who are taking no prisoners right now.
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    Activision's new anti-cheat system for COD includes kernel level driver. driver already leaked.

    If they are asking us to put in a kernel level driver, I guess its good of them to make it open source so it can be thoroughly checked out.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    x86 Mov command is turing complete, every other command is a special purpose accelerator. First time I am looking at a Mac laptop seriously since they nixed the 17's. Its comparing pretty well to my desktop too... except for the price.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    Anybody who dropped $50k on a fully specced x86 Mac Pro... poor suckers.
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    Amazon Developing The Lord of the Rings Multi Season Television Show

    That's... like an entire genre. Also lol at all the Euro-Americans who don't think they're immigrants. Hollywood has always been propaganda. An optimistic, but pretty conservative projection, digestible by middle America. Why was Hollywood built by Jews? They were locked out of most...