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    HBA Suggestions (3TB/FreeNAS)

    Looking for an HBA or RAID card. 3TB drive support At least 2 SAS ports FreeNAS and possibly Solaris support Support for SAS Expander(HP,Intel, or equivalent) Cheaper the better(as long as it is reliable). Alternately, possibly a good i5 mobo with 6+ sata ports as a stopgap till...
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    Help Choosing Areca Raid Controller

    Hey all, I'm building a file server and I'd like advice on which card is the best out of these models. 1231ML,1680ix, or 1880ix. I'm going to be running four SSDs in Raid 5, six WD Blacks in RAID 6, and a pair of SSDs mirrored for the OS drive, with some expansions at a later date...
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    4x X25-V Striped Alignment

    Alright, here is my situation. I have four Intel X25-V's hooked up to a PCI-X raid card (Koutech PSA421 w/ Silicon Image sil3124raid chip). I know it isn't but best card but I was on a budget and would like to squeeze whatever performance I can out of this setup. I am running Windows...
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    Help picking a tv, must buy today for deal

    Hey all. I tried to get that mispriced Panasonic from Sears but it was a no-go but here are some choices them gave me. Let me know what is best. Thanks for your help new Panasonic 50 inch 1080p TH-50PZ80U for for $1800 new Toshiba 65 DLP 1080p 65HM167 for $1600 or display models...
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    DDR2 1000 a good idea for my build?

    Hey all, haven't built a pc in a while, need a little help. I was wondering if this was a good choice for OCing: G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail I...
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    Vista to Samba AP

    Hello all. I have a laptop running Vista Home Premium and a SMCWAPS-G running a samba server. When I try to copy files from vista to the AP it says it is full. XP is fine, as is anything else I have tried. Googling, I read something about SMB checking the root dir's size instead of the...
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    Desktop SATA to laptop connector or ESATA to laptop?

    Anyone know if there is any way to hook up normal desktop hard drives to a laptop? I bought that Everex from the deal a while ago and wanted to run a cable from the second hard drive bay to a desktop drive using either sata or esata. I just need to find a cable that would plug into the data...
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    Gillette Fusion Razor - Walmart offer

    Hey, here's another free razor offer! Enjoy. First time posting a deal / link. Sorry if I mess something up.
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    Ampere question - cheap robotics toy

    I hope this falls under gadgets. If not, my sincere apologies. Anyways, my father recently purchased the "Alive Chimpanzee" from WowWee (makers of robosapien and such). It didn't come with an AC adapter and says it needs one with 6 volts and 3.5 amperes. I checked my local...