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    Dead Z97I ITX Mobo - now unavailable - Replacement options?

    Hi all. I know that I still haven't finished my NCase build yet but I'm already looking to try and do something with the dead PC it replaced. There's a lot of good compnents going to waste and I'd like to try and bring it all back to life and looking for suggestions. The pcpartpicker list is...
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    Inno3D iChill cooler - how to remove the fans?

    Hi all, I have an Inno3D iChill x3 1080Ti and would like to remove the fan shroud and fans from the card to expose the heatsink. Unfortunately I can't work out how to remove any part of it. You can see some good pics of the card here; The...
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    Why do newer MOBO's have so few USB ports? How to cope?

    Arguably could have posted this in a number of different forums but I'll ask here since it's a mobo problem. I have a mini ITX Gigabyte Z370N-Wifi motherboard and it has 'only' six USB ports. These are currently occupied my; 1 x Oculus rift headset 2x Corsair K70 keyboard 1x Logitech G5 mouse...
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    What are my NCase M1 cooling solutions?

    As some of you will have read in the main Ncase thread I have put together my shiny new NCase but it's overheating massively. Basic details; Gigabyte Z370N-Wifi Mobo i7 8700K CPU delidded Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler Inno3D 1080 Ti iChill X3 GPU M2 drive and 2.5" hybrid drive but that's essentially...
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    Help! Asus Z97I-Plus problem hard to diagnose

    Hi all, I have an issue with my Asus motherboard and looking for help in understanding what I need to do next. This is the motherboard I have; It is powered by this PSU...