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    2x 660Ti + 8gb ram $330 AR Pretty nice price for those looking to go with a new entry+ level system.
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    840 Evo 1TB SSD won't stop waking up

    After installing my new SSD, my PC won't go Sleep for more than 2 minutes. It always turns back on. I did a fresh install of Windows and it still does it. I have rapid mode enabled, but that's it. Any ideas?
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    PNY GTX 780 $610 Free shipping. Now hopefully the guys in the FS threads will stop stop trying to sell reference cards for $15 off xD
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    Metro Last Light - Best Audio Ever?

    Anyone else mind blown? The soundstage this game takes advantage impressed me beyond what any other game has come close to doing. *very small SPOILERS* During the stripper part, I could hear the background very clearly. It was stripper music and a woman moaning. The sound was distant...
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    SLI with low ASIC?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what kind of impact a low ASIC score card has on an SLI system. I currently have 2 780 SC ACX's in my rig with ASIC's of 81.4% and 72.5%. I might add a 3rd with a 66% score that I can get for "cheap" locally. Will not having matching speeds on all 3 (or 2 in the...
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    Samsung 840 NON Pro RAID worth it?

    So since Tri SLI 670's is going to end up too costly with a new mobo and PSU (I have the current X650), I've been thinking about adding another Samsung 840 250gb SSD to create a Raid 0 array. I have NEVER done anything with RAID and am wondering what's required, but also if it's even worth it...
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    Cheapest Windows 7 licenses?

    Hey guys, I am wondering what the cheapest or most cost effective way to acquire Windows 7 keys for a slew of computers that I'm building for friends and family. I did a bunch of reading on the OEM discs and system builder licenses, but frankly, it's a huge mess of complications. If I'm not...
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    Cheapest bulk Windows 7?

    Ah WRONG SECTION! Sorry! How do I delete this? lol.
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    What do gamers look for in headsets?

    I won't claim to be an expert on audio, but I feel my tastes are perhaps a little more mature than what most gamers seem to be satisfied with these days. I've collected and listened to a lot of headphones over the years but can't seem to grasp what gamers want. I've compared my friend's...
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    Netgear R6300 AC1750 or RT-N66U?

    I recently got a R6300 1750AC but already have a barely month old RT-N66U. Any input on which is better? My RT seems to have trouble with range depending on where I am in my house (it's on the top floor), but has no problem reaching my street way far away. I think it's just my house. I get...
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    Sandy good enough?

    Is there ANY legitimate reason for an Ivy or Haswell cpu over a 2500k for general use and moderate gaming? I'm building a PC for my cousin who'll only be running off a single 1080p display, so I'm wondering if I'm missing anything from the Ivy/Haswell CPU's. As far as I understand, there's...
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    PhysX - CPU or GPU?

    What setting should I use in the nVidia control panel? CPU or GPU for the Phys-X processing? I have SLI 670's.