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    Help with Fraps

    Hey Hardforum So I have fraps, and as you may know, the movie files it produces are very large. How can I compress these files so they are smaller? I have virtualdub, but when i "save as avi" it produces a movie even larger than the previous movie file. suggestions? thanks
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    Configuring 5.1 speakers?

    Hey Hardforum So, I'm a relative newbie to sound configuration, which is why I turn to you to help me. I have an ASUS Xonar D1 soundcard, and logitech 5.1 G51 speakers. Is there anything I should do when I first install my speakers and soundcard to make sure everything is set up right...
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    Problem with Crysis? Help please

    Hey Hardforum, So, I bit on Crysis maximum edition on its steam special on monday. I tried starting it up today, Wednesday, but there's a problem. Whenever I go into settings to change anything, as soon as I hit "apply these changes" Crysis stops working. I get the "Crysis has stopped...