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    Budget madness!

    Four disk configuration with a single E5-2620, 4GBx2 DDR3 ECC RDIMM, 4x250GB 10k SAS drives. It's way more than I need to serve the handful of kids in the neighborhood, was going to consider how else I can put it to use once I'm done with my own classes.
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    FireTV 4K Experiences?

    Yeah the YouTube addition has made it easy to recommend FireTVs for friends and family, especially as more of them ditch cable.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Gonna finally finish Rise of the Tomb Raider. Then I might dust off the PS3 and finally graduate out of karts on GT5.
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    Budget madness!

    I think one aspect of the unrealistic expectations issue is the fact that server hardware goes from vital to garbage for companies the moment they upgrade. I got my R620 free because a guy saw me talking about setting up a Minecraft server for neighborhood kids to play on. It was a key part of...
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    Are Used Racks in Higher Demand These Days?

    Is there anything wrong with just winging it if you're only running a single server and a switch? I know, noob, but I just want to make sure I don't bork any components.
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    4790K @ 4K Bottleneck Issue?

    I think this is pinging a "Just Enough" problem that was part of the conversation back when Haswell was new: At what point is compute power "just enough" to last a very very long time. I'm in a similar boat, and I don't even have a 4790. And while I think Dan_D is right, there will be an impact...
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    Can anybody get me up to speed on the state of the CPU game right now?

    This will be long, and I'm sorry, but I have been spending a lot of time similarly catching up, and two things really hit me. 1) I, like a lot of people based on sigs, built a Haswell rig I was happy with and have remained happy with. 2) The number of fumbles that put Intel where it is today is...
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    FireTV 4K Experiences?

    I've used one in the past, I keep landing on Roku because it feels much less pushy with ads, but I'm not trying to handle Atmos, too. The death of the HTPC was always going to be DRM (I'm looking at you Broadcast Flag), but at least the new devices feel super snappy. J
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    How to overlock Xeon 2658V3 on this motherboard?

    A very generous local decided to donate an R620 so I could run a Minecraft server for some local kids and I have been quietly eyeing that second socket just for giggles. Your post might make me second guess dealing with that. J
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    Galaxy 4th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Andres. I used to say it was andrew in order to seem more normal.
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    Interesting Problem.

    I'm seeing this same problem on a fresh install of a ATI 4890 with a Q9300 running at 3GHz. Haven't tried installing at stock, I guess that comes next. Keep me updated.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    hey! sweet! I like stuff!
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. What would I do? Overclock it, of course! Maybe it's time to try out watercooling. 2. Phenom
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    Adaptec AVC-3610 USB Dual TV Tuner

    I got it off Woot a long time ago (as evidenced by the age of this thread). It has worked great, but customer support is a bit lacking (you can probably blame poor sales as much as anything, not a lot of buyers, no reason to pour support time into it), and it's not discussed much in forums and...
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    What keeps waking up my PC?

    I've got a usb tv tuner but I don't have any TV shows scheduled to record that early and I wouldn't want to turn off the ability for it to wake up the computer. I'll try unplugging it tonight though, thanks for the advice. tno
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    What keeps waking up my PC?

    I finally got hibernate to work on my computer (e6300, AsRock 775Dual, WinXP MCE 2005, 8600GT, 2GB Geil DDR800). It was perfect for quick starts in the morning and would even go into hibernate whenever the comp is left alone for an hour and a half, as I set it. Except, something is waking up my...
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    AGP club

    . . . Oh, hells yeah that's AGP!
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    Your Video Card Upgrade Ladder

    NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 > NVIDIA GeForce 2 (six year wait) > ATI Radeon 9600 AIW > Gainward 6800GT GS GLH!!
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    DDR400 runnign at

    I upgraded my system from an 805 to a 945 and discovered that my fantastic ddr400 memory is now running at 266. When the memory was running with the 805 it stayed 1:1, so it would run ddr266 stock and then climb with whatever overclock i placed. But with the 945 it runs a 4:3 ratio, so ddr266...