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    Desk similar to Galant?

    I unfortunately live about 3.5 hours away from an Ikea store... Are there any desks similar to the standard galant desk? It's such a pain in the butt trying to find a simple, quality, good looking desk, all I can find is cheap flimsy shit...
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    switch between IGP and Dedicated card?

    I thought I read something about this a while back but I am not sure if it actually exists. Right now I have a 6970. It doesn't work well in linux which keeps me from using linux on my desktop. I am planning to upgrade my computer to Ivy Bridge and it will have good onboard graphics. So is it...
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    migrate from SSD to SSD

    someone I know has a 60GB SSD and wants to get a new larger SSD. I know it is not suggested to migrate/clone/ghost from a HDD to an SSD, but what about from an SSD to an SSD? If there are no issues doing this, then what program would you guys suggest to clone the disk?
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    Detect all computers on a network and their stats

    I am looking for a program that can detect all of the windows computers on the network and report back data such as IP address, computer name, cpu, memory, hdd, OS, etc This is for a business. Even if I have to install a small program on each computer, that would be fine, but I would like to...
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    proper ZFS backups

    My two ZFS AIO builds have been going strong for a few months now. I need to come up with a more automated backup process, it's pretty much manual right now. I have one build at home and one at work. My home server has 16TB usable space, about 8TB is used right now. At home I have an...
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    NFS buffer issue? ZFS issue? nginx?

    I have two AIO ZFS builds, very similar hardware. ESXi 5.0, OI as the SAN Ubuntu 10.04 as a web server which mounts the array from the SAN via NFS I am using this command in my fstab: The issue I've been having with both of these servers is delay from when I press save in my text editor...
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    openindiana 151 + vmware tools?

    I am trying to to install vmware tools on OI 151, server version, but the OS is not being detected as a solaris OS. in vsphere if i select my guest and install vmware tools, it thinks it's freebsd, and fails if i dload the vsphere tools from the website and try to install, it thinks it's linux...
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    Freenas + ESXi problems

    Motherboard: X9SCL-F-O HBA: LSI 9211-8i (IT Mode) ESXi 5.0 is installed on this server I am trying to make an all-in-one box, using freenas as my "SAN" The 9211-8i is passed through to the VM, when I try boot up the freenas 8.02 install disk I receive the following error...
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    ESXi 5 - cheap raid 5 card

    we are building an ESXi server at work to play around with and eventually turn it into a development server. I just remembered that onboard raid most likely won't. For now there will be either 3 or 4 2TB drives, RAID5 It will be used only for datastores, ESXi will be installed on a flash...
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    9211-8i now showing in vSphere 5?

    I am a bit worried here, just installed vSphere 5 and my 9211-8i is not showing under storage adapters or when i try to add a passthrough device. It's on the HCL and it worked with 4.1 I booted a live ubuntu disk and gpareted showed the disks attached to the controller While booting up the...
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    All-in-one Performance Issues?

    E3-1220 Supermicro X9SCM-F 4x4GB ECC 9211-8i 8x3TB hitachi 3TB - RAID-Z2 OpenIndiana 151 ESXi 4.1 napp-it 0.500 a few days ago i ran bonnie from napp-it and the results were not good i just ran bonnie again, im assuming these results are good? i then ran dd bench from napp-it, these...
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    personal use: XenServer vs ESXi

    most threads compare these for business use, I would be using it for personal (free) use I was able to install XenServer in virtualbox today, purely for testing to see what it was like, seems very simple to use. I was not able to install ESXi in virtualbox, apparently that is not possible...
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    benchmarks of raid-z vs raid-5 ??

    i can't seem to find any benchmarks directly comparing the read/write speed and IOPS difference between raid-z/z2 and raid-5/6 i could only find this: but it doesn't do ZFS any justice because it was ran on a crappy...
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    report on RAID/ZFS - need some help

    I am doing a report/presentation on RAID and might get into ZFS if I have time. I will have a few questions here over the next week. QUESTION 2 does anyone have results of how well raid0/5/6 or raid-z/z2 scale in terms of read/write speeds as you add drives? QUESTION 1 Currently I am trying to...
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    ZFS build - check my parts

    I am finally ready to purchase my hardware for a ZFS build and I need some help picking which hardware I should buy Case: Norco 4220 CPU: still undecided, i am thinking a cheap sandybridge Mobo: also undecided, possibly BIOSTAR TH67+ RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) HBA: Intel SASUC8I...
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    cable storage box

    I am looking for a nice way to organize and store a variety of cables that also has to be portable. currently I have a lot of cables shoved into a box, and it works but I would like something that is organized. What do you guys do? Any suggestions for good ways to storage many types of...
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    ZFS Build - 20TB

    I am planning my ZFS build and am hoping to do it soon since my current system is running out of space and I finally have enough money to do this. HDDS: I'm going to have 10x2TB F4's in RAID-Z2, just waiting for them to go on sale. with RAID-Z2 it is optimal for me to use 10 drives, correct...
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    ZFS - questions for 8x3TB

    so i've been reading up on ZFS lately, trying to decide if it is a good idea for my next file server. currently i have 8x1.5TB in RAID6 on a 3ware 9650se in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS works great, never had an issue, but i am running out of space. by the end of the year i am thinking to get 8x3TB...
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    6970 high temps with hdmi audio to receiver

    so this is annoying me a lot... with only my computer monitor, i idle at around 46C, which is ok. one thing i bought this card for was to export sounds vida hdmi to my receiver. the sounds works fine, but the receiver is picked up as a 1080p device, so it is acting like a second monitor...
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    quiet file server

    so i've had a fileserver for a while now, the only thing i dont like about it is how loud it is.. 9x1.5TB drives Q6700 4GB ram Antec 300 case.. heatsink, XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 i think i have a 9500gt in there. i currently have 3 fans in front, 1 of them i have turned off to try to keep...
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    Dell Studio 1555 - no power?

    So a friend's laptop seems to be dead. Normally when the power cord is plugged in, a light comes on showing that the laptop is plugged in, this is no longer the case. Right now I have the laptop stripped down to the motherboard, using a multimeter I know that there is definitely power...
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    BenQ G2400WD - how much $$ ?

    I am wanting to sell my two BenQ G2400WD LCDs These cost $400 new a couple of years ago and I am trying to find a fair price to sell them at. I have been trying to sell them on craigslist for $200/ea put people are just being insulting about that price, low ball offers of $50 and $100. So...
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    external hdd

    i currently have a 1.5TB drive just sitting around that i was thinking of making into an external drive, the issue is that i need a drive that i can just plug into my laptop and not have to worry about having to plug it into an outlet. is this possible with a 3.5" drive or should i just buy a...
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    external hdd

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    $1500 build for PS/Maya work

    I have a friend who is asking for a recommendation of what to get. His work is primarily heavy Photoshop and Maya work. He is telling me that he does not want to get a professional graphics card yet for it since he just really cannot afford it.. Anyways, for $1500, what would be best for...
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    Dual 24" vs 30"

    first of all forgive me if this has been asked, the search wont let me search for terms this short.. anyways, i actually currently have 3 24" lcds. 2 of them are the benq g2400w and the third is one of those samsung all in one deals. i use the samsung as my tv so i am going to keep that...
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    5870 - Three LCDs

    i am thinking of getting a 5870, i have 3 24" LCDs non with displayport, all are dvi/hdmi. i do not care about eyefinity, i will only game on one lcd. when i dont game i want to use 3 LCDs for work purposes. so two of my monitors will be using DVI. then for the third monitor, it seems like...
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    Wireless connection dropping

    I am having an issue with a desktop computer with a wireless adapter. Basically if you restart the computer, the wireless works for a few minutes, then the connection drops. When this happens, I can not see any wireless networks. If I restart the computer again, the internet will work for a few...
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    Continuous long beep - phoneix bios

    I have a motherboard with a phoenix bios that will not POST. I am getting continuous long beeps and I can't find any information on what it may be. The odd thing is that this seems to be due to transporting the case via car to another house. So does anyone know what a continuous long beep for a...
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    4890 + ?? for multi monitors

    I have 3 LCDs so I will need two video cards to output to them all. What card should I pair with a 4890? Should I get one in the 4000 series to make sure that the drivers will work fine? I don't want to run crossfire, it gives me nothing but problems since I would have to switch in and out of...
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    2 Computers and Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1

    I have two computers and a set of klipsch promedia ultra 5.1 speakers. What I would like to know is if there is a proper way of connecting both of them up to the speakers in 5.1 channels. I have seen some suggest Y-adapters but then I have also read about the negatives for doing so. I have...
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    4850x2 - switches to basic theme

    i have a 4850x2, windows 7, and 3 monitors. whenever i play a video in vlc on my 3rd monitor, windows 7 switches to the basic windows theme. this does not happen on the two other monitors which are hooked up to the primary card of the 4850x2. does anyone know why this is happening or how to...
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    Sims 3 - Stupid Fireman!!!

    :mad: why me! this is what i get when i tinker with my tv! i get dead.
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    hdd 5.25" mount

    I need space for 3 more hard drives in my antec 300. I would like to use the 5.25" bays. What I am looking for is one of those hard drive bays with a 120mm fan on front but for some reason i just cant find them, but i know that they exist. What I would love is a Scythe KAMA BAY but with the...
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    9650SE-8LPML or ARC-1220 for 8x1.5TB

    I have both a 9650SE-8LPML and a ARC-1220 and I need to decided which one to keep and which one to sell. I plan on running 8x1.5TB seagates in RAID6 in Ubuntu 9.04 This array is purely for data storage. Which one would you guys the better controller is?
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    RAID5/6 Controller

    I am looking for a RAID5 or RAID6 controller which I can hook up 8 SATA drives to. I currently have my eyes on the 9650SE-8LPML. I am either going to hook up a bunch of 1TB or 1.5 TB to it. If you guys have any recommendations that would be great.
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    Samsung 1.5tb - when?

    does anyone know when the samsung 1.5tb drive is suppose to be available to consumers?
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    $150 Raid Controller

    I want to buy a RAID controller for my file server. Basically I need more ports, I also need RAID1 ability which shouldn't be an issue. $150 is really the max I am really willing to spend, 4 ports is all that I need on it. It MUST be compatible with Ubuntu 8.10 It would be nice if it worked...
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    OS for new server/htpc

    i need to figure out what OS i want to use for my new server. i will be using it as a web server, file server, media server, htpc. i want to be able to code on it and i love ubuntu for coding in. i am not sure how well ubuntu would be as a media server and htpc, as far as the drivers go. sound...
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    File Server

    I am thinking about buying a file server that I can keep running 24/7 to server files to multiple computers. I currently have 3x1TB drives in my desktop that I am using for backups and storage along with 2x640GB drives for my Programs/OS. I am would put the 3x1TB into the server and I am not...