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    Hey guys, been a long time! Looking to build another desktop....

    Hey guys, Haven't been back here in a bit, glad the forum is still around! The last PC I build was in 2009. EVGA x58 Classified, I7 980, 12GB Corsair Dominator GT, 2x GTX 570s, AX1200 PSU, Asus, Xonar, etc...all in a MASSIVE Lian LI X900 case with 5x 120mm fans. One of my cards started acting...
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    How to stream from PC to TVs in the house?

    Excuse me lack of knowledge but I have to think there is an easy way to accomplish what I want. We have a wireless network in our house already. My desktop PC is hardwired to the router. We have two TVs, one is connected wirelessly via a PS3, the other via a Sony bluray player. Is there a...
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    Intel X25-M G2 160GB SSD

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    Problem with Yahoo Mail yeterday/today?

    Seem to be experiencing delays that started yesterday (I think). Sent myself an email from my desktop PC and didn't receive it in my inbox for almost 3 hours. Tried a simple text, emailed a photo, emailed a link.....same result. Major delays. Then when they do show up in my inbox they...
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    Murderbox MkII available for preorder

    $1200 base price and up $1670 with available options. Case only. Only 499 made ever. Taking preorders until Oct 15, 2012 for delivery approx 16-20 weeks later.
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    Performance PCs high shipping costs?

    What happened to this company? I used to order from them all the time. I just went to their site to order a dozen or so BARE LEDs totalling less than $10. I just went through the checkout and they want $27.70 for Priority Mail and $16.63 for Ground. WTF??????
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    Odd problem with wife's HP laptop (losing USB mouse)

    Having a problem with a nice laptop I bought for my wife 2 years ago. 17" HP DV7. She keeps it at home about 90% of the time on her desk so she uses a USB mouse. Every now and then the mouse will suddenly stop working out of nowhere and the OS (Windows 7 Pro 64bit) will say it can't...
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    No video with Ceton tuner and NVIDIA 285.62 drivers?

    I had to do a reformat after a bad virus. Anyways haven't actually used my cablecard tuner for several months so I never noticed this, but I guess you get audio but no video (black screen) in Media Center when you want TV and have NVIDIA drivers 285.62. I guess the solution is to use older...
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    fsuntil.exe missing?

    Just secure erased my SSD, installed fresh WIndows 7 Ultimate (and Intel RAID drivers during install). Everything went fine, no errors. Booted to desktop, installed normal Windows updates. Also installed Intel SSD Toolbox and everything seems fine. Just tried checking via command prompt if...
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    Have a virus and need to reformat Intel X25mG2 SSD....

    I have this damned Google redirection virus I have been fighting for over a week now. Have tried everthing to fix it and in the process have screwed up some system stuff and am not getting an occasional BSOD. I have a 160GB Intel G2 X25M with my OS and all apps on it (about 100GB worth)...
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    Need a bigger SSD, upgrading from Intel X25MG2

    Hi, I need a larger capacity SSD. Currently have an Intel X25MG2 in 160GB. Need something that 240GB or bigger. Was waiting for the 520 series Intel but I need something by next week. Is the Corsair Force GT a good option? Looking at the 240GB one for $409 on Newegg. I have an EVGA E760...
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    Shorten surge protector cable?

    Anyone know if its possible to shorten the power cable on a surge protector? I'm thinking you could take it apart and there will be 3-4 wires on there hopefully connected via screw terminals? Seems everyone you can buy has 8-10ft cable length for the power cord. I need something with 2...
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    Mic/headset support in BF3?

    Is it coming?
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    Getting used to controls between Battlefield and COD

    Have been playing BC2 and MW2 these past couple weeks. Never got a chance to play em until now. Anyways, how do you all deal with the different controls between the 2 games? I find it hard to go back and forth between the 2 games.
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    Can't install drivers for Xonar STX?

    Just got my Xonar STX today from Newegg. I uninstalled the Realtek drivers from my EVGA Classified board, rebooted into safe mode and used drive sweeper to ensure they were gone as well as disabled onboard sound in the bios. I downloaded the most current drivers from ASUS direct in the form of...
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    Logitech 50% off sale

    Got the email today. 50% off a single item with coupon code via email. Just picked up a G400 for $24.99 via their direct online store.
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    Best PCI-E soundcard on the market today?

    I game sometimes, listen to music now and then through Itunes (VBR V0 MP3s), and watch HDTV with my Ceton tuner more than anything. Never had a soundcard before and was thinking of taking the plunge. It must be PCI-E due to my motherboard (EVGA E760 Classified). Was looking at...
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    Need some FLAT 120mm --> 140mm adapters

    Looking for some flat (prefer flat sheet) adapters to mount 120mm fans where case was designed to use 140mm fans, specifically the Lian LI X500FX. Closest thing I've found so far is Koolance BKT-ADT120140 aluminum ones and Bitspower ones which are plastic and 14mm thick! Thanks!
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    Sound Blaster Titanium Fatal1ty still viable?

    My headphones are Sennheiser PC350s and I use Swam M10 speakers for my PC. Game maybe 1-2 hours a week. Watch some HD TV now and then, mostly hockey. Listen to music rarely on my PC.... I've never had a sound card but thought I might try one. Is the Soundblaster Titanium or Titanium...
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    Scythe has discontinued the S-Flex fans????

    Just went online to order some SFF21F fans and I see no one has them. Went directly to the Scythe site and it says "discontinued" for ALL the S-Flex models......
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    Problem with Firefox 4?

    I never used Firefox before, ever. Installed IE 9, didn't like it much, and decided to try Firefox and Chrome. Loving Firefox for the most part but whenever a site give you an in-window message (not sure what the correct term is) it looks odd like this..... In IE it would sort of give you...
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    Never played Crysis before, where to start?

    In my mid 30s and never into PC gaming until a couple years ago. My system should be able to handle anything I think. I'd like to try Crysis and experience the beautiful graphics everyone is talking about when comparing it to Crysis 2. Where should I start? I've seen reference to a...
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    AWESOME company for unique and practical cable management stuff Was looking for a metal desk grommet for my desk and came across this company. They have some VERY cool stuff that can really help with desk cable management, among other things. I bought a 5 foot channel to attach to the back of my desk for...
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    Can I use my Dominator GT kit for Sandy Bridge?

    I have this 12gb Dominator GT kit currently (3x4gb). Will this work with the new Sandy Bridge boards or should I sell and buy something different?
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    Nvidia Display driver stopped responding and has recovered....

    What causes this? Never had this issue with my pair of GTX285s (same system otherwise). Was watching an movie today (Restrepo) on my PC that was a MP4 file on my hard drive. Watching on Window Media Player and it happened twice over the 1.5 hours. Happened again about once every...
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    Dual GPU EVGA card....

    Posted on twitter by EVGA employee...
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    Immediate temp increase at idle after enabling SLI?

    Got my new GTX570s installed (two of them in SLI). Both idle around 46-50 degrees C. When I enable SLI in the NVIDIA control panel the top card immediately starts rising and goes up to 70-72 C before stabalizing. This is at idle, at the desktop, with nothing running in the background...
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    12GB of Corsair Dominator GT....3 or 6 sticks?

    Putting together a new build with some new and old parts. I currently have 6 sticks of 2gb Dominator GT 1866mhz on my EVGA Classified board. I was thinking of selling them for a set of 3x4GB 2000mhz Dominator GT sticks...
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    Mounting SSD in Velociraptor HLFS heatsink?

    Would this work? Curious to know if I bought a 2nd hand Velociraptor HLFS drive and removed the standard 2.5" drive and slipped an Intel SSD in its place. The heatsink and connections on it don't alter the power to the drive do they? (5v for SSD or 12v for Velociraptor)? Was going to...
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    Black zip tie mounts with clear adhesive backing?

    Anyone know where to get some? Everything I've found locally has that white spongy ashesive that leaves a terrible mess if removed. I bought a used case recently and there was black zip tie mounts in it with clear gelatin like ashesive on the back. Was told they were bought at Sears but I...
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    Should I get an AX850 or AX1200?

    Got a new case on the way and don't want to mess around altering the wire length on my sleeved 850HX. Motherboard is pre-existing EVGA Classified E760 and am still using two GTX285 cards. Planning on upgrading both cards at some point soon. Maybe new AMD cards or NVIDIA GTX480s? I know...
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    Direct contact info for Lian Li?

    Trying to contact someone in Taiwan directly. Contact page on their site only allows you to contact one of the two US distributors. I'm looking for a part not sold by any US retailer :-) I used to have name of someone there called George Kuo but that email address is no longer valid...
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    Can't find Scythe Gentle Typhoons anywhere

    Whats going on? Discontinued? Been trying to get some AP-15s for a couple months now. Out of stock everywhere. No response from Scythe to emails....
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    New Lian LI PC-V1000 series thread

    Everyone has seen the pics from the introduction at Computex 2010. Case is supposed to be released in October and is a great upgrade for all that are holding on to their old PC-V1000B or V1000Zs!!!!! Will come in black, silver, and red. Dual 140mm fans up front, one up top, removeable...
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    Why did Corsair shorten the H70 hoses so much?

    The H50 hoses are 29cm and the H70 are only 21cm. Way too short to even fit my my midsize Lian Li case. Really limits the applications with the hoses so short.
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    Dell U2410 display going black briefly?

    Have noticed 3 times now in the last couple months, one of my three U2410s (always the same one), will suddenly go black and then turn back on. The light on the powe button always stays on (blue color) but the display will go black for maybe 2-3 seconds and then right back to normal. Sing of...
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    Wireless Logitech Illuminated for gaming?

    Been using my regular Logitech Illuminated for everything including gaming and love it. I see they are releasing a wireless/wired one soon. Been thinking about getting a wireless Razer Mamba to replace my Death Adder and this would go nicely with it to clean up my desk a bit. Bad idea?
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    Recommendations on dedicated soundcard?

    Currently using onboard sound from my EVGA Classifed E760 motherboard. Use Swan M10 speakers for music/TV sometimes from my PC and Sennheiser PC350 headset for gaming (2-3 hours a week). Was getting a bit bored with system and thinking of adding a soundcard to the mix. And...
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    New EVGA Motherboard with USB 3.0: x58 FTW 3
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    What happened to 4gb 5970 XFX card?

    Last I heard they were to be available at the end of April? I saw the one on ebay that looked ready to go and was auctioned off as part of the "theft" marketing promotion. Still coming?