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    Multi-Monitor Management

    The issue: I cannot enable monitors in the Windows 10 "Screen Resolution" control panel. Clicking Detect does nothing. I have to use NVIDIA control panel instead. I switched back to Windows 8 in the interim. Is anyone else having this problem? I power-on/power-off monitors often depending on...
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    Eyefinity (7950) vs Surround (970)

    I recently purchased three Dell S2415H monitors and bought two mini DisplayPort to HDMI active adapters (that ended up not functioning). The card I use has one DVI, one HDMI and two mini displayport connections. I wanted 3x monitors in eyefinity and one TV connection for movies. I am now rather...
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    I just purchased three Dell S2415H monitors from my local Best Buy and was impressed with the colors and the small bezel until I opened a dark image and discovered that anything remotely dark (a significant portion of the movie "John Wick" for example) gave a silver sheen over almost the entire...
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    Single Channel vs Dual Channel

    I need to replace my 2x4GB memory modules and would like to limit the amount I spend. It is my understanding that memory in dual channel memory mode would yield a 10-15% increase in synthetic benchmarks but gaming performance would not change noticeably. Is this still the case? I couldn't find...
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    Energy Take Classic & YST-SW216BL Sub For $110... do you think this would be an improvement over my Klipsch Promedia 4.1's when paired with a...
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    Search Issue

    Does anyone know how to search through a text file and fine lines with two A's, example: A1238048320948209840934A 1239112313A1233918309892 21318A4302309A1312313123 I need to delete all lines that have two A's in them. Each line is seperated by a paragraph (whatever the enter key at the...
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    Sennheiser HD 558 vs ATH-AD700

    Current sound card: Realtek Onboard (ALC892) Current speakers: Klipsch Promedia 4.1 (12 years and going strong) Current headphones: Sennheiser 280 Pro (refurbished) I am looking for a new pair of headphones that are more comfortable to wear for long durations then my Sennheiser 280 Pro's (and...
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    Window Air Conditioning Advice

    I am installing an air conditioning unit in my office and I need some advice. The room is 10' x 11' and the ceiling height is 8' on one side and 10' on the opposite side. I live in Southern California where the temperatures get into the 100-110s+ I am currently using an LG 9000 BTU...
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    Can't adjust multiplier above 46 - 2500K

    I just received my Cooler Master 212+ and I've bumped up the multiplier on this 2500K to 46 (4600MHz) at 1.325v stable in Prime95... when I change the multiplier to 47+ absolutely nothing changes, the computer boots and CPU-Z says I'm running at 4600MHz with a multiplier of 46... I go back into...
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    EVGA RMA: Need Help!

    My EVGA 8800GT Superclocked (512P3N802DX) recently stopped working (gibberish during POST and windows won't load with drivers installed) and I need to RMA the card. The problem is I don't remember when or where I bought this card! I've been looking through my credit card statements and the...
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    Document Online Similarity

    I recently submitted an assignment for a class which uses the "safeassign" submission process, in which your document is searched for similarities to online sources. The cutoff for plagiarism is 10% and my last paper submitted was 7%, which is very close considering the paper was written from...
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    Network File Server Backup

    I am setting up a Network File Server for a lab of about twenty scientists who all need to store their data on a file server. This server needs redundancy (raid) but also needs to store the previous days data seperately in case they need to revert to yesterdays data. What software would you...
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    Linux Faster?

    As I browse through various forums and websites I always come across those who speak of their linux distribution being less bloated and faster than windows. I am here to seek some clarity. I have installed Redhat, Mandrake, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware, Debian, and various others I'm...
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    Purchasing: Plasma/DLP/LCD?

    I am looking to buy my first television and was looking for some advice. I am looking to spend less then $1200 for the largest quality screen possible. I read comparisons between Plasma and DLP televisions and came to the conclusion that plasma would be a better option for me as I can mount...
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    Automated Searching?

    Does anyone know of any software that would search for a series of sentences on google every hour or so?
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    Lenovo T400 vs Dell XPS M1330

    I am looking to purchase a laptop for use at the university so there a few things that are important to me: 1) Mobility: I will be carrying many heavy books and would like to keep the weight and size reduced. 2) Battery Life: I will be on campus for a good amount of the day so not having...
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    Vista: Pictures Gone?

    I just restarted my computer and now my pictures folder is gone... what could have happened?
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    New DSL Modem

    Recently my SpeedStream 4100 DSL modem has been giving me some trouble, randomly disconnecting me from the net (but all the lights remain lit as if nothing is wrong). The modem then needs to be reset and then it takes up to 10 minutes for it to sync. I was going to call AT&T and ask for a...
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    USB Problem

    If i have a single usb device connected (mouse) upon startup it works sporadically until it finally starts working... once a second usb device is plugged (keyboard) my mouse stops working an the keyboard works... and then they begin to alternate without both every working at the same time...
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    I was wondering what software everyone uses for RSS news feeds. I wanted to have them displayed in vista's sidebar but their RSS software is utterly inadequate. I would be displaying several RSS feeds and would like organized software. Also... what news sources do you guys use? For science...
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    Limited or No Connectivity

    I just upgraded a computer's motherboard without reinstalling windows and I am having some trouble getting the computer on the internet: 1) At the home: It says "aquiring network address" then fails and says "limited or no connectivity" 2) At the home: My laptop finds an IP address and...
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    Quick Question: 7300LE vs 8500LE

    This may be a stupid question but I have two cards in front of me, which should I keep? MSI NX7300LE or Abit 8500LE
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    New Build

    I am currently updrading my machine.I live in California and would like to avoid taxes but newegg and zipzoomfly seem to have the best prices (and both are in California). Any recommendations? I am trying to save as much money as possible while still being able to overclock well... The video...
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    Klipsch: Broken Connector

    Klipsch Promedia 4.1 Broken Connector: The connector on the cable going from the speaker with volume control to the subwoofer. I was wondering if they sold this connector so I could simply splice it onto the end of the existing wire. Pictures below:
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    Western Digital 160GB... 127GB?

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    Partial Word Search

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    System Crashes (HD ticks)

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    CPU FanEQ = Windows Not Loading

    I'm having trouble with my system when using FanEQ on the CPU. I have a Panaflo M1A connected to the cpu fan header with a 3-pin connection. I have it set to run at 8.00v from 25c and 12.00v from 48c (which is hasn't hit so far). I am currently using FanEQ on the OTES modules and it works...
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    System Crashes (HD ticks)

    Sometimes during use the hard drive will make a loud click followed the sound the hard drive slowing down. It then starts spinning again followed by the system freezing and then everything going black. Abit NF7-S 2.0 WD1600JB I just need some hints in identifying if this is a issue with...
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    limit one connection per TCP port?

    I was wondering if it was possible to use an application (preferably command-line) to limit a specified port to a maximum of one connection. (windows xp pro)
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    Limit one connection per TCP port?

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of software (for windows) that restricts a specific port to a single connection... Could be a GUI but preferably a command-line program... The simpler the better.
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    BF2 Numpad Problem

    I am unable to assign my usual control keys to the numeric pad... I select forward and click 8 and it says "Duplicate key found in Common controls"... Which isn't true. If i select "Enter/Exit Vehicle" and click 8 it assigns correctly to "Numeric 8". :rolleyes:
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    Cluster size for secondary drive [photos]

    I was wondering if adjusting the cluster size (larger) on my WD1600JB increase performance if the drive is being used for photos (average filesize 8mb). Any input would be appreciated.
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    Keyboard problem

    I just opened my machine and switched IDE cables and now when I boot my machine and it goes to the "Start windows normally" screen the keyboard does not respond. If I reboot and go into BIOS the keyboard works properly. Edit: I just upgraded to a USB keyboard, apparently this is the...
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    Failure to boot after driver install.

    I recently installed a new hard drive in my secondary machine. I reinstalled windows and install the nvidia chipset drivers; but when I install the video card drivers and restart the machine fails to boot (gets past windows load screen then turns black and restarts after a few seconds). Boots...
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    Low Network Utilization (Wireless)

    I'm currently working on a netwok that stores data on a dedicated server; I am trying to add a wireless client to the network: When running off 10/100 the program launches fine and has a good response time, but when I switch to wireless (802.11b) the program has inconsistent launches and...
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    Laptop Transfer (Backup\Ghost)

    I am trying to copy a system partition between two identical laptops. I connected the laptops hd to my main computer and used microsoft's backup utility to backup the old system, then connected the new laptop and performed a restore... The laptop makes it to the windows logo just before...
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    Headphones (Gaming/Music/Mobile)

    I am looking for two sets of headphones. One more music and gaming and the other for an mp3 player. For gaming/music I am aiming for good sound quality for both. I have been looking at the: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Sennheiser HD 497 Sennheiser PC150 While a microphone would be nice I was...
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    Mount partition as folder "Program Files"

    My system is currently setup with the following partitions: 1) C: System [5GB] 2) D: Programs [45GB] 3) Unallocated [41GB] 4) E: Storage [60GB] Storage is mounted as "My Documents". I wanted to mount Programs to "Program Files" but the folder must be empty to mount... Is there any...
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    Block Explorer from accessing internet.

    I was wondering how I would block Explorer from accessing the internet. I only want explorer to manage files and access the local network, firefox will be used to access the net. I have a tendency to browse files and then type in a internet address (forget to switch out to firefox) and I've...