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    Earth animated background project

    So the Windows7 beta has a cool new feature for backgrounds (desktop wallpapers) where you can set a rotation of several pictures and it phases from one to another on a timescale you set. So I had a cool idea that if I could get my hands on pictures of the earth rotating in even spaced...
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    Freeswan IPsec able to reconnect dead tunnels?

    Hi, I'm running a custom linux distro on a PC which is acting as a router, I'm using Openswan version U2.5.17 as the IPsec VPN tunnel management and Webmin Version 1.330 for management. I've configured 3 VPN tunnels to various other routers, 2 of them are perfectly stable and stay up for days...
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    The grumpy old man of PC gaming.

    I appear to have become a grumpy old man, impossible to be satisfied with anything the PC has had to offer recently. I find myself logged into steam, stareing at a reasonably large list of games, unable to come to a decision of what to play. And not because I've burnt out playing too many...
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    Can ISA server be used transparently?

    We've got an interesting problem about to crop up at work, we're moving from an SBS (single server) set up, to an EBS setup which has 4 seperate servers, one of which is the "security server" which as I understand it is just a newer revision of the Microsofts ISA server. The general idea is...
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    Left4Dead Expert - WTF?

    Just played L4D through to the finale of No Mercy with 3 other reasonably good players, most of the game was pretty good except for the finale which after about 30 attempts we just gave up on. Firstly has anyone got any tactics for fighting the waves of tanks at the end of the finale? The...
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    TV Tuner/input card that accepts component 1080

    Hi everyone, I have a bit of a strange problem and I'm wondering if anyone has an advice for hardware that would solve it. I have a Dell 30" 3007 monitor (2560x1600 resolution) which has a single DL-DVI input which is connected to my PC. I was given an xbox360 for free recently and wish to...
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    Odd VPN problem

    Hi, I have a setup at work with several offices around the world and I've set up VPN connections between them. We have a central office in the UK, and so far I've setup connections to offices in boston and SanDiego. The UK office runs a PC running linux as the router since we're bonding ADSL...
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    Monitor comparison website, need to find URL

    I have already searched several times and I cant find it, theres a website where you can pick monitor models and put them side by side and compare brightness, refresh, images at different angles etc. I think its german...does anyone know the link?
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    Left 4 Dead plauged with problems?

    First impressions of this game are just OMG....not good! OK this is the way it appears to work...theres no server browser (er?) You just click to join a game and it searches for a lobby, it then throws you into a random lobby, if you're first in, you're the "leader" and can chose the...
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    Post your Fallout3 Adventures (spoilers)

    Post some of your adventures, anything interesting you did, any interesting findings, cool areas, funny things, easter eggs etc, try and avoid spoilers for the main plot since most of us wont have finished yet. I'll start... In the large graveyard area theres a lone house in the middle...
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    Do you need to use 2 crossfire bridges?

    I've searched a bit and cannot find definitive answers to this question. People have pointed to animated demos from ATI which show 2 being used, many screenshos of rigs i've seen are using 2, I've been using only 1 for a while now and sometimes I feel the speed of my 4870 crossfire is a bit...
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    1080i vs 1080p for text (from PC)

    I'm setting up a large 50" TV in our business to display call stats to the call centre. We've written our own little app to show these stats to the screen and we can control the text size, resolution etc. I don't really know a lot about interlacing but if the scaling is anything like up/down...
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    Hazro HZ24Wi any good? (24" S-IPS)

    Looking for a decent 24" (or there abouts) monitor, a S-IPS primarily for image quality and viewing angles, for people working in our studio doing magazine design, the last admin thought it would be a good idea to set them up with TN panels and not only that but fairly bad TN panels :/ This...
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    Postal movie

    Just got done watching and I have to say it wasn't half bad, there was some quite funny moments in it, especially when Uwe Boll makes an appearance. It actually follows the game quite well and doesnt take itself seriously, theres loads of references to the game and how the game works in the...
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    Asus P5B-E beep codes, help please

    Im trying to find out what error would cause the Asus P5B-E motherboard to give constant short beeps in a loop when I try and boot. The manual only lists different series of beeps, this one isn't listed. Possible cause/fix if possible would be nice Thanks guys.
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    Temperature overlay app?

    I want to see the temps of both of my 4870's in crossfire when I'm using fullscreen apps/games, is there any tool which will do this? I found this - however it doesnt run on Vista x64 :/ Are there any others?
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    The Bullsh*t button :D

    Some of you might be able to relate here: You're assaulting in TF2 maps and you walk around a corner and *POW* crit rocket to the face. You're defending in CoH with your AT guns and some kraut drives his tank into your base and all your AT rounds are just bouncing off his front armour and...
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    Cheap GPS

    Looking for a cheap GPS unit that could be placed inside of a PC so that if it was stolen you could track it down. Either needs to have long bat life, be compatible with PC power cables or something similar, anyone know of anything?
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    What is it with TF2?

    I tried to get back in to TF2 again over the last week or so and it's just not changed one iota. I really enjoy this game but there is one massive issue that plagues the servers, the sheer lack of teamwork and the sheer stupidity of most players. I've been trying to put my finger on exactly...
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    New to folding, help please

    I'm new to folding and everyone has done a great job of making it about as unlcear as it can be, the [H] folding website is a maze of FAQ, dead links and missing crucial information. So far I've downloaded folding@home503.exe and I'm running that as team 33 for [H] It's only using 50% of...
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    Q9450 max vcore and temps?

    I've grabbed the Asus P5E with a Q9450 and 4Gb of PC2-8500 RAM Currently I have vcore set at auto and the chip clicked at 8x450 which is 3.6Ghz, vcore on Asus probe II is showing 1.38v idle and strangely 1.33v under full load It cooled by the Zalman 9700 which is an awesome HSF combo I...
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    Age of Conan is now FUBAR

    Anyone else here playing AoC? I can't warn people enough to stay away from this game, they just keep on screwing over their customers. I've managed to stick with it enough to level an Assassin to level 80 and have a good grasp of the game, and everytime they patch the damn thing it makes...
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    Install Vista x64 on my new Raptor, not working!!

    I've got a P5E mobo which i've currently got 2x WD Rator 36Gb SATA drives enabled for a RAID 0 array, i've also got a 3rd IDE 200Gb WD drive. I've just added a new Velociraptor 300Gb drive to the mix and tried to boot off my Vista x64 disc and install and everything goes according to plan...
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    Talk to me about 4870 Crossfire...

    Ok guys, long time Nvidia fan here, I usualy just roll with the highest end Nvidia part since its proved to be a good strategy so far, 6800GT, 7950GX2, 8800GTX I am willing to go AMD this round just due to the incredible prices these cards are coming out at. I'm in the UK and quite frankly...
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    Nvidia Medusa demo available

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Click download on the left. Runs on my 8800GTX so I'm guessing it will work on any DX10 capable card. Slow fps in the default 1680x1050 with 4xAA But it's a cool demo, once its ended wait...
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    Looking for an Nforce SLI 1600FSB mobo

    I'm going for the Q9450 which is a 1333 chip @ 2.66Ghz but can clock to 3.2Ghz with some DDR2 PC-6400, but this requires a 1600FSB capable motherboard. I also eventually want SLI so that rules out intel boards, so I'm thinking Nforce7 One other requirement is that with fitted SLI GTX 280...
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    Cheapest setup for 2560x1600 gaming.

    I've been itching to upgrade my 8800GTX for ages now, and we've got the GTX280 reviews through and I have to say, I'm really not impressed at all. I'm running 2560x1600 in a lot of my games and I'm really starting to feel the pinch with it now, I've had to gimp the AoC settings a fair bit and...
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    Dubbyah Tee Effe Spore?

    What's more clever than building a game where the gamers populate your game with art? A game where the gamers pay YOU for the privilage of populating your game with art...unbelievable!
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    AoC video settings

    All of us AoC fans would probably benefit from some colaborative talk on the video settings and what is working best for everyone. I started this game in 2560x1600 which was playable for the most part with a load of the settings turned down to medium, then I tweaked it down to 1920x1200 so I...
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    Age of Conan - Assassin Class

    Yeah another AoC thread I know...but the official forums are not accessable and I thought this would be the next best place to ask. (i've read all the wiki's etc, theres really not a lot of in depth info on the assassins) Seemingly not a lot of info is released on the assassin class, and I...
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    problems in the games section?

    no threads showin up for me in the general games section, and there appears to be some discrepencies in the PC sub section with threads such as this:- Being listed in the forum with 0 replies but having plenty in them if you click the...
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    Recommend me a Audio system

    So here's my setup, I have a PC in my living room where a TV would be, I use this PC for lots of different things from work to gaming and watching all my entertainment which includes music and video such as DVD movies etc, it's all running on a fast box piped throuh the Dell 30" WFP-HC monitor...