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    Rails for Norco 4020

    Bumping an Old thread. Having a similar issue on a Middle Atlantic Slim 5 Rack, is Gruber still the recommended solution?
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    Annoyed with WHS, new fileserver time

    I moved from WHS to Server 2008R2 & Flex-Raid View for it's pooling feature, everything worked out well, I have access to each drive separately and then the Pool for aggregation.
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    Recommend SATA card with 8 ports...

    I have the AOC-SAT2-MV8, my only issue with it is it doesnt seem to Pass though the SMART Status, but I have used it with 2TB Drives with no issues for a single stream, but not saturating Gigabit LAN. Danny, do you know if the AOC-SASLP-MV8 passes through SMART Status?
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    Thanks for your response mikesm. As I'm in an apartment, I can't move it to a garage unfortunately! I was considering getting a Rack setup in the office, but wouldn't be able to vent it outside, I wonder if I would hear any noticeable difference if I setup a rack with doors and it's own fan...
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    Moving from WHS on dedicated hardware to a WHS VM

    Sorry to revive a 9 month old thread, it doesn't seem like there were any conclusions posted here on the best way to move WHS on Dedicated hardware to a WHS VM under Server 2008 with Hyper-V? Could anyone kindly link me to an updated thread or tutorial if one exists. Thank you.
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    I have the Norco 4020 ordered in November 2008, I'm guessing the 120mm fan bracket from Norco won't work for me, as it says 4020 (new version)? Previously I didn't spend much time in the Room the 4020 was in, but now I'm in there more and I'm looking to reduce the noise. The case is...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    Thanks again for your response. I do have a spare disk, if I install Server 2008 R2 to that disk and just load it up without pulling the existing drives, will it just pick up all the drives with the data scattered? I'm definitely ok with that, what I'm really trying to avoid is having to...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    Thank you kindly for your response nitrobass, I should have been a little clearer. I wasn't thinking of an inplace upgrade by installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on top of WHS, but I was hoping I could install it on the same Machine (Temporarily dual booting). I don't use the backup or...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    I've been trying to find a guide to upgrade a WHS V1 Box to Windows Server 2008 R2 (NOT WHS 2) on the same machine without any success. I have 20 Drives under WHS and I'm wondering how I can migrate away from it. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Brand new EYEFINITy triple 27" monitor arm

    Looking at 3 27" Dell U2711 Monitors however they are 25.46" Wide, does anyone know if this can be modified a little bit to accommodate the 0.92" overage from the recommended 50" Max Width for the center and side monitor? Thanks.
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    Eyefinity Configuration Suggestions

    Hi All. I'm looking to setup a new home office with 2 Stations and 6 monitors. Ideally Station #1 would be able to use all 6 Monitors, but if Station #1 and #2 were in use at the same time, 3 of the 6 monitors could slide over for the second person. I've done the Eyefinity research for...