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    same disc image new computer

    I bet this is an old topic, but i couldnt find it on the first 2 pages.. My old motherboard/cpu crashed, can i use the same HDD disc image with the new motherboard/cpu/ram if i have important files on there?
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    Supposedly fried (no explanation)

    This day a week ago: While leaving my desktop in an idle state, and coming back to it, the screen had been frozen Thinking that it was just a small error, i restarted However, after restarting windows was running very slow and I thought that I had got some kind of virus So after...
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    Better ram timings worth the price

    I am getting a new motherboard, cpu, and ram since my old computer got fried out (but i needed a new one anyways :p ) anyways i was wondering if PDP SYSTEMS Memory Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB (512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 with ram timings 2-3-2-5-t1 would be really worth the extra $40 than Corsair...
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    OverHeat Problem?

    After having my computer on for most of the day yesterday, later at night, I started to see these horizontal lines go across the screen.. I had seen it before but it didn't happen often Then, an hour later, the monitor started showing double image. Is this an overheat problem? Because...
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    DNS search tool

    Ok, at this Lanparty i have been going to, they don't have internet However, as i was walking by one of the admins computers, i noticed him on a site. What i believe they did is input the DNS servers and I was wondering if there was anyway to figure out what they were without asking them...
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    Lan File Transfer Program

    Does anyone know a program where you can see the amount of data you are transferring and what speed the transfer is going at over LAN connection? This would really useful espically for lanparties where file sharing is so common I would have thought that Windows would have changed this...
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    Add Printer Directly to Network Rather than via Computer

    What kind of connector would you need to convert a parellel port on a printer into a ethernet port, the computer that the printer was plugged into has basically died but the printer still works :(
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    East Coast Lan in Virginia Beach

    Hey I wanted to tell people about the east coast lan happening in viriginia beach If you live on the east coast then they defintely consider going.. Heres the website
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    Starting to lose faith in Maxtor..

    This is the second time in 2 months where the entire hard drive became corrupt and I have lost all of the data.. Now I am just going to rezero the 160gb maxtor drive and hope that it solves most of the problems I don't get how the drive just randomly gets corrupt and the whole drive fails
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    Comcast 4mbps

    Do you have to pay for the new comcast upgrade or are they just gonna upgrade everyone as they did with 1.5mb -> 3mb ?????
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    LCD Carrying Case

    Does anyone know of/suggest a carrying case or packet that I can use for lans.. The box that my NEC 1760NX came with is deteriorating away and I need a new solution.. I was talking to my friend about one who has an LCD and he told me that the carrying cases suck.. :( But having a custom...
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    bf1942 and dell1800fp problem

    this is prolly a , but i need help asap on how to fix my lcd with bf1942. the screen is off about 1 inch to the right and down. i used to kno how to fix it by editing some file in the directory, can anyone help me?>
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    Question on AGP/PCIX arrival

    Does anyone know when the DFI lan party AGP/PCIX Motherboard is going to be arriving? I Need a new comp soon but I want to wait for its arrival ;D
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    Start Up Problem

    I have this problem when starting Windows Xp Pro I have a Radeon 9600 Pro with drivers 6.14(only ones that work) and a NEC MultiSync LCD 1760NX with DVI. A while back I got this problem where when I start up the screen goes blank after the load up screen and no picture comes up. Then the...
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    Cell Phone Ghosting..

    ROFL ive done all this stuff with my LCD when i type 8 quickly into my cell phone realize that it was ghosting.. i had done so much with my LCD that my me laugh.. like a lot. yeah. ;) sorry
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    LCD smudge

    hey i was recently transporting my LCD(NEC 1760NX) when i realized that i had a smudge on it. I realized that it was from mostiure being on it or someone touching it. does anyone know how to fix this problem or has anyone had it before?
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    port forwaring on win 98

    At my home I have a 56k network with a win 98 machine running a dial up connection and my computer and another computer connecting to it which run winxp. THe network runs through a linksys hub without software. I was wondering if on my computer I am able to forward ports because the network from...
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    FSB overclocking?

    Since SoftFSB is out of date.. I need a newer FSB increaser that supports more recent motherboards:cool: PLease help Thanks
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    Autmoatic Private Address

    Hey im at a lan prty right now and my friend is having that evil problem of the deathly autmoatic private ip with the 169.254.... I had this problem before but i forbogt how to fix it uh... please help friendly m8s
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    Trillian Direct Connections wont work.

    or just forward ports?
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    IP Leasing issue

    since the router is turned off nothing is taking the place of the ips? how could you ping an address that isnt enabled? lol just wait till they come back...or next time offer to walk their dog and just turn on the router or some shit
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    Pics From The Lake!!

    rofl llololol TYLERS A NOOB omgomogomgmogomgmo !_! hehhehehe