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    GTX 580 VS r9 270x

    270x vs 580 what would you buy if you had the PSU for it
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    GTX 580 VS r9 270x

    Same price on these models, I do have I lower (500)watt psu but will upgrade it if I go the 580 . what about performance difference. this is a present for my brother prize his first pc is slow
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    MSI R9 290X Lightning Launched

    Setting on 2 tri-x's I can still get a full refund on them. I barely missed 1 of them a few days ago. If the come in stock anytime soon im going to grab 2,
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    Switching between AMD and nVidia... do we still need drivercleaner?

    I had no issues removing the amd drivers through the control panel, then installing NVidia's drivers. 290x to 780 Ti
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    Best gpu for i7 930?

    I have a 290x and 780 Ti, on a 930 they both work great and the drivers on amd aren't to bad so far.
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    Corsair 900D Sneak Peek Photos

    I grabbed a 700D to get me by till I can order one without stressing :) , can't wait to see the review
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    So Im stuck between the RX 480's and the Alphacools UT60's anyone have a preference over the other?
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    If anyone who reads this thread knows of a Koolance MB-ASR4E RIVE waterblock let me know
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    Novice needs a little advice on formatting/raid0

    Yea im getting 2 caviar black 1Tb drives in a few days and what's the best method to format a drive properly , Ill have a drive with an operating system on my current pc so I can do it in windows that way. thanks ahead of time , is raid 0 pretty simple I have a rIve mobo
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    Who's Getting A 900D?

    I got one myself ordered from amazon, looking like its going to be May. Anyone get lucky and get one of the 10 yesterday?
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    Razer Hydra

    But they accepted the return paid a label and its on its way back I do not recommend buying them to anyone, it would be ok but they've dropped support for making game profiles they made portal 2 work its not worth it still
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    RAID 0 Question

    Awesome thank you, I'll have the drives in about a week or so. I just wanted to ask others before I started plugging stuff together :p
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    RAID 0 Question

    I do not mean to hi-jack this thread in any way, I just have a very similar setup, same drives etc. Its my first time to attempt raid and don't know where to start
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    ended up with a 700d and an h100i to get me by while I wait on the 900d release , and gather water cooling gear. Have a koolance cpu-370 block, a 655 pump so far. I cant find the koolance RIVE motherboard block though its a shame
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    Razer Hydra

    I got a bad one, that's what I get from ordering from a company I'm not familiar with ,
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    Razer Hydra

    Anyone have any experiance with these I have one on order
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    Replacement for GeForce GTX 460?

    650ti are pretty low powered , sell yours 70ish bucks, get a GTX480, GTX 570or 560ti, or the 660 ,you can upgrade to these for around 100$-150$ , im a NVidia guy though
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    Well with the delay of the 900D, its set back my intended water build a couple months. I may get a 700-800d for the meantime. How hard would it be to mount a 480 externally to the case? Here is some mounting hardware I've come across
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    How to set up GPU folding for the new QRB GPU cores/WUs

    What kind of differences are you seeing with beta flags set?
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    Hi speed external hard drive

    Smaller the better, I didn't realize there where 2.5 externals. 3.5 will have the higher capacity I assume, whatever I can get to reduce latency with an external drive
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    Hi speed external hard drive

    Lol I'll figure is out
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    Yea I'm not a huge fan of ek's design I think their acrylic blocks are just plain ugly, I'm not going to deal with them as I've hear issues with their Nickle stuff. this is the xspc rad I'm lookin...
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    price of ram

    bought a kit for 240$ its now just 250 but still, at 240 it wasn't on sale . even my RIVE went from 450 to 500$
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    2133 RAM stuck at 1066?

    It's happened to me before :)
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    Hi speed external hard drive

    Hi there new to this forum, I have an important question. I used to dj a little bit with a program called serato. I'm about to get back into it but after errors on pc's etc I've lost my song lists. I need to find an external drive that is very high speed. Now my laptop I'll be using is limited...
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    Well first off I'm venturing into watercooling with the release of the 900d. I'll have to get it part by part do to funds but I would like a quite system. Im kind of dead set on using NF-F12 noctuas . One question I'm looking at the thick rads from xspc and ekwb , curious about fin per inch and...
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    Noctua NF Series Fan Roundup

    I recently got a few of these fans, loving em, the colors have grown on me too :)
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    I've heard the GTX 480 overclocks very well, but can any users here tell me how well?

    I dont think 1000mhz will happen unless you have a quote "platinum chip" , not a golden chip
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    I've heard the GTX 480 overclocks very well, but can any users here tell me how well?

    I had my 480 to about 815 from 700 stable on stock air , you may be able to push it a tad harder but wont compare to water , Plus those coolers make it take from 2 slots to three due to the size of those things . Not sure the price of the cooler but hey if its 50 buck say , save your dough sell...
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    Borderlands 2 Gameplay Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Kind of simular problem , not when Im in intense fights or heavy loads , but at random get hicups 2-3 seconds , recent patch didnt solve , it . 65 c isn't really hot for a gpu at all , but i have mine 680@ 52 maxed in gaming/folding custom fan profile , loud though :p