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    VGA/HDMI Cable Help

    i have a HP DV7T laptop and i am trying to hook my 2 monitors up to it. But the VGA cable i have has an end that is too large. I am unable to connect the VGA while the HDMI cable is plugged in (there is not enough room between the connector ends of each cable). Does anyone have any ideas for...
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    Combining lots of pictures to make a larger picture

    Hi everyone, I've been searching google and haven't been able to find the right words to use to find a tutorial on taking lots of pictures and making it into an object or another bigger picture. for example: if i wanted to make a picture of john lennon of his face. I could use tons of...
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    Information Network Security Jobs

    For all the job postings for network security or IT security, etc.. I always see like 5+ years needed and certifications mandatory... So i look at the certifications.... and it's like you need job experience and all this and that.... Can you learn this stuff on your own? I haven't found a...
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    Intel P4 Northwood

    Hello [H], I was wondering if you could tell me if this processor is 32bit or 64 bit processor. I was thinking of throwing vista 64 bit onto the system instead of staying with xp. Thanks for the help.
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    Windows 7 RC and RTM

    After the retail version is released to the public, does microsoft usually release updates for the RC version of their operating systems so it will be the same as the RTM?
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    Windows 7 and Eclipse

    I installed windows 7 x64 and i am having problems getting eclipse to run... even after i installed the JAVA JDK with win 7 support, eclipse says I don't have a Java VM installed and can't locate a PATH.... I tried adding a path to the java/bin directory under environment variables > system...
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    Using eclipse with multiple languges

    I've been having some trouble understanding how to use eclipse with multiple languages... I downloaded the classic eclipse but it seems like i need to download a different version of eclipse for every language i want to work with. Can i use only 1 downloaded version and switch within...
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    Output Laptop to TV

    Hello [H], I've been searching for a solution to this problem now for awhile. I have a lenovo x61t which i would like to output to the tv. My tv doesn't have any fancy connections but it has svideo/composite. Is there any type of connector or adapter i can use? I have seen some USB to...
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    javascript error

    nvm figured it out
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    9400 vs 9600 gpu

    Hello [H], I was thinking of finally getting an apple laptop. I will do everything with this thing except for playing games. Would the GPU be a factor in video editing and video making? It is my impression the cpu does most of the work and the GPU will be pretty insignificant...
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    Laptop Hard drives in desktops

    Hello [H], I was wondering if there are any adapters i need to use a SATA laptop hard drive 2.5 to replace my desktop sized 3.5 SATA hard drives. I am mainly doing it for noise reduction... i can't deal with the high pitch noise... i don't mind seek noise but constant high pitch noise...
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    Learning Java

    Hello [H], I searched the web via google and tons of hits pop up...but which site is really good? Can the [H] help me and list some great sites you have already used to learn java? I am a total newb to Java but have programmed in VB before. So i should hopefully pick up this...
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    Mutliple External Displays with a Laptop

    Does anyone know of a solution besides matrox 2 go dual/triple head for a multi monitor setup for laptops? I want to hook up 3 big LCDs to my laptop.
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    Switching from computer to computer through the network

    Hello [H], I am trying to find a piece of software to help me multitask. I know it exists because I've read about others using it but I forgot the name of it. Basically, you can have 2 computers on the network and you can use the other computer with the ability to switch back to your...
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    LCD TV versus PC LCD

    Hello All, I had a discussion with one of my finance professors a few weeks ago. He just purchased a 30 inch Dell for his office. It was amazing the amount of desktop space he has. We came to some discussion about how he thinks it might not be a good deal to get a PC LCD and you...
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    Iphone 3G activation

    Sorry to start a thread on this, Let us look at a hypothetical situation to help me further understand what goes on. Lets say i acquired an iphone 3g, not activated, fresh out of the box. I have read that you can "jailbreak" the phone. Now does this jailbreak process for the iphone...
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    Iphone 3g and GPS

    Do you need any sort of data plan or wifi to use the GPS on the iphone? Like if i was in the woods somewhere far far away would it still work on google maps or something?
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    Desktop Replacement Laptop

    Hello everyone, Recently my desktop is starting to get a bit dated. I am pretty young and expect to be moving from place to place a lot more. What i really need in this desktop replacement is a LARGE screen. I currently day trade financial markets and need a lot of screen space...
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    Digital Camcorders

    Anyone know of a good site to check on information about digital camcorders? reviews, articles etc...?
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    IE accessing weird port numbers..

    So the other day i got nailed with backdoor.tidserv and trojan.vundo, and a bunch of other ad clicking stuff... i removed all those goodies and no more sign of infection. so i installed a firewall, and whenever i run internet explorer, its always trying to access the internet by a different...
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    4 sticks vs 2 sticks

    I have 4 sticks of 512mb ram and i have 2 - 1gb sticks... Would it be more beneficial/slightly faster to use the 2-1gb sticks vs the 4-12mb sticks? assuming that they are are same cas level and all that jazz..
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    MBM replacement

    Does anyone know a good program to replace motherboard monitor? I just reformatted my computer and I can't get it to update.... So i guess a new program is needed to get some temps.... Any suggestions?
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    I need help, lost a fan controller

    One of my fan controllers started to smoke.... it still runs fans but the knobs get extremely hot compared to my other fan controllers. I have 3 total. So i unplugged it since i am paranoid that its going to catch on fire and burn my house down. I have 12 fans that I am controlling and now...
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    Did my power supply just blow up?

    I just turned on my desktop and within 2 mins of the computer being on, i heard a weird noise like a fan went out and all of a sudden i see slight smoke or dust being blown up and then a weird smell like a fire extinguisher went off.. Did a capacitor blow up? My motherboard looks ok. I hope...
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    Can't use old OC speed anymore...

    Hello [H], This summer i was thinking of not using any AC for my room. My desktop which was running 1.6ghz@3.0 ghz, was lowered to 1.6@2.4ghz with everything else remaining the same. I have kept it at 2.4 now for about a month or two. Recently i decided i needed the 3.0 overclock again...
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    Sorry, i know this is disk storage, but it seems where all the storage people hang out at... How reliable are SSDs for notebook drives? I am worried about the wear and tear of writing and rewriting to the disk. Should i be concerned if i am using it like a normal notebook drive?
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    Desktop Keyboards

    Hello [H], Does anyone know if there are some desktop keyboards out there that type like thinkpad keyboards? I been using a dell keyboard since 2005 and i have noticed that i love typing up papers on my laptop versus my desktop. I just finished typing up 3 papers on my desktop and my...
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    What happened to the buyers guide?

    I have been out of the vid card arena for awhile now since my last purchase was a 9800pro 128mb. Where is the buyers guide so i can find out which cards are marketed for each range of consumers? Did someone delete it?
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    Need some help with how to set up 3-4 displays

    Hello [H], I would like to set up a triple monitor or quad monitor setup for trading securities. I already have 2 Dell 2001FPs running on a 9800Pro 128mb. I have a fairly old computer. It's a 2 x 1.6LV Xeon @ 3.0 using a Asus PC-DL. Do you guys think I will need to build a new rig...
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    Tagan 480W Hissing/High Pitch noise

    I am guessing that my PSU is dying? I have had it for 3 years and it is powering my Asus PC-DL 2x 1.6 LV Prestonia Xeons @ 3.0GHZ @ 1.6V. Its driving me nuts the sound. My system is watercooled and is not run on the same power supply. Sometimes my system just shuts off, but it only happens...
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    Ipod touch to iphone using voip.

    So after seeing the news on the front page, i noticed that you had to have some type of speaker to really notice incoming calls or you would have to look at your screen directly. Now without much more research since i am scrapped for time and have a paper due, you could get an ipod touch...
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    MS Access and ASP

    I need your help [H]. So I made a access database a long time ago and had it linked thru some asp scripts to a HTML page. Now the server I had it on is down. So I was trying to test it on my desktop but i keep getting ASP errors. So i figure i probably need to load up some server...
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    Does anyone know how to install vista from the USB? I have tried this:!DA410C7F7E038D!1665.entry but...when i boot off the USB Flash Drive, i get a "missing operating system files" it won't let me go any further. EDIT: Alright after much research...
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    Core 2 Duo Whine

    So i have the dreaded core 2 duo whine. It typically acts up on websites that use Flash. Now there are a few fixes... The one i am interested in is the USB Hub and disabling its power managment. So it would be in the power on state all the time. If i do that how much faster does a...
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    Network OS install

    Hello [H] members i need some help. I have searched the internet for a very very long time to find a solution and it seems pretty complex. From what i have gathered from microsoft knowledge database and the web is i need a PXE network card, some server software such as 2000 or 2003 server...
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    VB and Radio Buttons

    Alright here is my problem... I can write a bunch of elseif statements to check if a radiobutton is checked etc.... But i just learned the Case statement and think this is a much more elegant way to do things. I am checking to see which radiobutton is checked in my groupbox and then to check...
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    TP X61s vs X61

    What exactly is the difference of these two notebooks? Is the X61s just a lighter version of the x61? Is there any performance differences or handicaps?
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    ThinkPad Battery Problem?

    So i think my thinkpad battery is totally dead. I haven't used my laptop for like 3-4 months and when i go to turn it on to get some files i need from last school year, i noticed that the laptop no longer recognizes that a battery is installed. It thinks there is no battery at all. Also...
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    Onboard Audio Static

    I have onboard audio. Is it normal for there to be static coming from this when i use headphones? It is a bit annoying... Is there a way to minimize or stop this static?
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    Just flipped on Folding for the first time in awhile

    Tonight i just started folding again after a hiatus. I am still using the FAH 502 client. Is there any new ones out there that is more effecient? My system is 2 x 1.6LV Prestonia Xeons @ 3.0ghz (15x200). I may be hallucinating, but my system seems to run snappier when it is always at...