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    Way out of date

    My current box is a Shuttle with a P4 2.4 @ 3.0, and a 6800GT flashed to a 6800U. Laughable at best, I know, but it's still truckin' along. I was looking at doing another build, to maybe come a little more up to date, but I am so out of the loop I don't even know what's what anymore. When the...
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    STALKER : Lost Oblivion Alpha Leaked

    Wow, this is starting to become quite the trend...
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    Painted my Shuttle again....

    If you remember when I did the red paint job, well, I rushed it a little, and it came out less than what I wanted. So, move to today, and I got a new sprayer to do my car with once all the body work gets done to it, I had to test it on something.... I made that background :D (Had to get...
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    Routers that allow control of bandwith.

    If anyone could point me (actually a friend) in the direction of a wireless router that allows control of how much bandwith each local IP gets? Thanks.
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    CSSource - The secks.

    Here's a screenie I snagged tonight, the gun/floor reflections are amazing, the only thing wrong right now would be the massive amounts of skywalkers, and there's already a few cheats out :( But maybe once VAC is on they'll get caught. By the way, pulling a steady 50-60 FPS with everything...
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    Known Locations to get Doom 3.

    If you have Doom 3, post where you got it (Store, City, State). I'm sure this will help many members get this game as early as possible without scrounging through every Doom 3 related thread.
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    Pencil mod! (This one works) I'll go bench real quick and post results.
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    Just flashed my GT...

    I just flashed my GT to Ultra, and it'll now do 420/1200 (used to be 410/1180), and gave me an extra 100 points in 3DMark03, along with tighter RAM timings. No huge increase of any kind, just kind of a cool thing to do. I would definatly not do this if you aren't comfortable with it, because it...
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    The mysterious 1.2 patch.

    Ok, I'm tired of everyone saying all this stuff like nVidia can't do full 3.0, nVidia can only do a mix of 16 and 32, and a WHOLE bunch of stuff about 2.0B and ATi. But what are we basing all of this off? The FarCry 1.2 patch, quite possibly one of the glitchiest patches I've ever seen. If I...
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    Just got my 6800GT

    UPS man brought it this morning, I threw it in (well, more like placed it :p ), overclocked it, then the real fun started. I downloaded the FarCry 1.1 patch, turned everything all the way up (even AA/AF) and wow :eek: , this is the best looking video game I have ever seen. I cannot wait untill...
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    Project - Watercooled Shuttle. Its being updated as I get parts/make progress. Don't go if you're on 56K.
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    Watercooling my Shuttle-Work in Progress 56K-Don't

    So, its summer. I'm just sitting here one day thinking, "I'm bored, I need something to do. I've already modded my case some, and there's not much else to do, maybe watercool it." Well, I've decided to do it for a little summer challenge. I will update this thread as I make progress. So far, I...
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    No sound without teh ugly cables...?

    Ok, you know the ugly grey cables that connect the front "utilities" (USB, firewire, sound ports, etc.) to the motherboard? Yeah, well, my 75G2 evidently doesn't want to produce sound without those cables in there. Anyone know any "hacks" to fix this (besides a $70 sound card), just so I can...
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    Shuttle SB75G2 FSB/RAM Divider

    Is there any way to change this? Its stock as 4:5, and there is no option in the BIOS to change it, so it makes it very difficult to overclock worth anything with my current RAM. Maybe you guys know some secret key strokes to unlock some options, or third party software, but I've got to find a...
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    As of late, my sound has quit. I have re-installed drivers and everything, but to no avail. The speakers (Altec Lansing 2100's) are good, because I can plug them into my iPod and they are fine. When they are plugged into the onboard sound though, if I put my ear right up to one of the speakers...
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    Silent water cooling. Yeah, so they use these *TINY* heatsinks that have passages about the size of the human hair, and a pump that "rails" voltges along water to get it to pump, and they claim that they get around a pint a minute with it. Doesn't look to bad, they said it'll probably be...
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    BFG 5900NU fan just too whiny!

    Well, I've been happy until now, and now I just can't take it anymore. The top right fan on my BFG 5900NU is running at a higher RPM than the one on the bottom left (records from my extremly detailed stick-fingernail-in-fans and compare the whine of each), so it must be running at a higher...
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    If you own a Shuttle or other SFF case...

    ...dremel out the back honeycomb/mesh fan grill. I just did it, and my case temps went from 44*C to 34*C. Thats a pretty drastic drop for ~5mins of work. Definatly worth your time.
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    Going for 2.91 Stable

    Ok, heres the deal, my rig is completley stable at 18*161, but at 18*162, it crashes to desktop in the middle of 3DMark01. I've maxed out the voltages, and full load is around 45, idle on 37, so temperatures shouldn't be the cause. I've also tweaked every BIOS setting that would cause something...
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    Wow! Bfg 5900nu!

    So I got it, flashed it to 5950U BIOS, OC'd it to 450/950, my 2.4 to 2.9, and got 16K 3dmarks! All for $150! THis card is truly amazing! Definatly get it if your looking for a new card, since theyre dissapearing rapidly.
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    My Shuttle

    Well, it got here today, and let me say, when you touch it, the quality just kinda flows into your hands. Its so awesome, so easy to setup, I had it it out of the box and loading Windows in 15 minutes. Pics are in my sig.
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    I'm going to kill somebody.

    BFG stopped making their 5900 the DAY before I was going to order it. OMFG. Just thought I would inform other hopefull buyers... that really was the deal of the century... $175, flash it to 5950, and with its cooling, it overclocked like mad.... I'm sooooo pissed right now.
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    OK, anyone else have one of these?

    I've searched the CPU database and Google frantically, but this seems to be some kind of top secret chip (lol), although I did find mention of it on some forum. Its a 2.4B with this S Code - SL6EU, and its has these numbers below it - 3234A696-0238 (is there a way to tell what week it is?)...
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    Dual Boot

    Well, im selling my 2nd harddrive, so I'm going to smash Mandrake and 2000 onto the same disc, and not quite sure how to go about this. Should i install mandrake first? or windows? thanks
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    Doom III - The Bottom Line.

    ok, heres the deal. i want to know the absolute best card that will run d3 the fastest/best with all the eye candy on. i know that it will be strong on ogl, and since nvidia cards run ogl better, i was thinking the 5950, but im starting to see some 9800xt ogl tests, and theyre putting up some...
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    Best way to mount a window?

    well, im about to hack up my new shuttle... want a window in it, but i dont want striping. im looking at riveting it or using liquid nails/epoxy/super or some strong double sided tape. any recommendations?
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    Xtasy 9600 256MB vs. ATi 9600XT 128MB

    yes, i know the obvious choice, but the xtasy is on sale for $130, and i only have $200, and the xt is 200 and includes an hl2 coupon. decisions decisions :o
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    NFS:U Help (really upset)

    ok, so i install this stupid pos game, and in the game, whereever theres supposed to be a number or letter, ITS JUST A FUCKING BLOCK. omfg im so pissed there better be a fix.... please help
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    Whats up with this?

    Ok, with the rig in my signature, I'm getting extremly low test scores. For example, I get ~31,000 in AquaMark3, ~15,000 in 3DMark01, and ~5500 in 3DMark03. Any ideas on why these scores are so low? I'm looking at other scores, and they have 1700+'s, 9500's and 512MB RAM... and are getting...
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    best way to paint an aluminum case?

    so, i wanna paint my case, but dont want it to scratch, or look like crap, so you guys got any recommended paints? and about sanding.. how high should i go in grit, and how much of the old paint do i need to take off? oh, and i'll probably need a good clearcoat, so, any recommendations? thanks.
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    o/c 2000+

    my tbred 2000+ is @ 2100