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    What VPS do you use?

    I know Kyle said he doesn't have one... but here is mine for Digital Ocean if you want. It gives you a $10 credit too.
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    What VPS do you use?

    DigitalOcean. I have three VMs(two Apache, one Percona MySQL) with them. No issues... I've been with them for two years or so.
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.10.2

    My xfire 290x setup has been pretty good with these. I get some weirdness in multiplayer sometimes but that's about it, haven't really experienced it in campaign. Water starts flickering... next thing you know my fps drops from 70-90(freesync) down to 40s. No rhyme or reason... it usually...
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.3

    Hmm... I'll have to check the xbox app issue. I was playing BF1 beta last night with the new drivers/DX11 and it was running beautifully... 2560x1440 ultra at a constant 70-110 fps(freesync). Then all of a sudden out of nowhere it would dip into the 30-40s for a few minutes and then magically...
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    Warm ? 4TB 2.5" (15mm) $139.88 @ amazon

    So tempting... I have 18 bays free in the front of my Dell 720xd hypervisor. And I of course just bought an 8 3TB WD Reds to fill my additional external enclosure connected to it. Decisions... decisions...
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    I'm using my XFX R9 290 DD with a Kraken G10 and a Corsair H55, am I missing anything?

    I have a G10 and an H55 running on one of my 290(x)'s... did not need a copper shim. Also running the gelid vrm kit. Good setup.
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    State of AMD Drivers in 2016?

    I don't game nearly as much as I would like to anymore... I probably get in five hours a week or so now. With that said... lately I've just been playing Battlefront and Sniper Elite 2. I run both at 4k with my crossfired 290x setup. 60fps... no issues. I usually install the latest AMD...
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    Replacement Battery

    I cheaped out and ordered a $35 battery for my 2010 MBP 15" I use at home after the OEM basically exploded and pushed the trackpad up. Came with all the screw drivers and have had no issues with it. Only charges to 99%... but I still get 4-5hours off it. Which is about what I got with the OEM...
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    Should I flash R9 290's bios

    If it unlocks... absolutely. I've been running an unlocked XFX Reference 290 as a 290x for over two years. And before that I ran a Sapphire 6950 as a 6970 for a few years. Usually there is a dual bios switch that you can still leave your stock bios intact.
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    What is your Windows 10 bloatware removal tricks?

    Ditto. Seems to work rather well.
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    Sharepoint Ideas

    Personally... I avoid it like the plague. Others in my organization use it for document collaboration/sharing though.
  12. S announced free membership today

    Especially since Amazon started charging me tax last week. :( Not sure if Jet has a physical presence in my state and will be required to or not... guess I'll find out when I place my first order.
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    Rainbox Six Siege - Beta Codes

    Four more for PC: CXMH-FX8A-YKG6-NTEL AL4X-CMCR-AM4L-PDAC GGA7-6AVP-N67K-TFPM 6YAM-CQWC-X6C3-R44Y *note: CrossFire is broke to all hell for me in the beta.
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    XFX 290X VRM cooling (DD compatible)

    Wow that's pretty sweet... wasn't aware of it. I used GELID vrm kit, NZXT Kraken G10, and some stick on vram heatsinks. Almost makes me want to transfer the GELID/NZXT setup to my MSI 290x and buy this one for my unlocked XFX 290x.
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    Black screen of death

    With my 290x's... it was always the memory clock. I fought with it on and off forever... sometimes drivers would fix it and after a year it was constantly doing it. Finally I realized it was the memory. Now I actually have to run my crossfire setup at 1120mhz for the memory. Can't complain...
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    Custom Resolution Utility(CRU) and 15.7/15.7.1 drivers

    Anyone have issues with custom refresh rates no longer working? When I installed 15.7 on Windows 8.1 is when I first noticed it... then when I upgraded to Windows 10 and 15.7.1 they still aren't working.
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    Is 290 Xfire really that bad?

    290x's xfired and since last November with no real issues. Runs BF4 and GTA5 @ 4k pretty stellar. I usually install the latest drivers within a couple days of release with no issues. My one word of advice... make sure you have a PSU that can handle both cards.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 Windows 10 Driver

    My bootup process hangs at a black screen with just a mouse pointer for a good 30-45seconds before the login screen is displayed whenever I have CCC installed... anyone else experiencing this?
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    The AMD R9 Fury Is Currently A Disaster On Linux

    This. Most of the gamers I personally know who game on a Linux distro are budget gamers who are running 2-3 generation old graphics cards.
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    Cheap Motorola Docsis 3.0 Modems (Refurbs) Yo! $39 - $69

    Grabbed a 6141... with that said... anyone want to buy a used 6121? :-D
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    Digital Laser Infrared Temperature Gun - $14 with code

    Nice! Myself and two other coworkers grabbed them using the [H] referral link and coupon. :) Thanks Kyle!
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    Phraseanet search-engine (Ubuntu server)

    Did you enable the extension in your php.ini after compiling/installing: phpize ./configure make sudo make install Then add: extension= to your php.ini file... or something along those lines. I'm not 100% sure that's what the extension name will be. You should be...
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    Phraseanet search-engine (Ubuntu server)

    I know nothing about Phrasenet(always had Google Search Appliances or Solr). Just looking over your checklist, did you correct this warning: ^^ It does state it is required to enable the search engine.
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    Website: Can I block access to all countries but the US?

    Holy shit some of you guys are overcomplicating this... especially since you don't even know the hosting setup. Are you running a VPS? - use iptables if on Linux, Windows... built in firewall or netsh advfirewall. Do you have a managed VPS/hosting? - tell your host to setup the rules for...
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    In search of a quality Displayport to Mini Displayport cable -- 295x2

    What was the length of the CableMatters? I had a 15' one that I ordered and it gave me nothing but problems. Switched to a 10'... haven't had a single issue. I'm not sure if the signal was just degrading over the longer distance or what.
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    AMD 15.3 Video Playback has Horizontal Tearing

    I have a similar setup to you(290x crossfire and 15.3... i'm on windows 8.1, not sure what you're on) and I just tested Prime video and didn't see any tearing. Is it possible your refresh rate got reset on your monitor? I see you used the AMD cleaner... I can honestly say it caused nothing but...
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    Lowest cpu for multiple plex transcodes

    Before I kicked everyone off my server, it wasn't uncommon to see 6-8 people connected at once. Never heard any complaints... It was a VM over provisioned with 6cores off a Phenom X6 1100. Now I'm thinking off pulling the 990FX and FX-8350 out of my gaming rig and moving that over to my...
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    Do I really need cdn?

    I agree with cnick79. Give CloudFlare a try... I have all my personal sites sitting behind them. It's quick and easy. Also.. .a CDN isn't going to help a ton unless you fully adopt it(including images, js, css)... even then a caching solution like CloudFlare or Varnish is going to be a...
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    AMD Catalyst 15. 2 Beta Driver - Update
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    Recomendation for DNS host?

    I used Hurricane Electric for years with no issues... Recently I migrated most of my DNS to namecheap when I transferred my domains to them. However, I have four sites I'm hosting my DNS thru CloudFlare with... and it is fucking amazing:
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    Will my HD6970 support 4K?

    It's a limit in the HDMI spec that the 6970 uses. Try the mini-display port(more than likely a mini-display port to display port adapter/cable is needed). *edit* Shit I lied... looks like even the mini-display port only does 2560x1440 ~...
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    AMD Catalyst 15. 2 Beta Driver - Update

    This(well other than dying light... but that's nvidia optimized anyway). I had some issues at first... but found out it was a hardware issue on my end. Hell I'm running a MSI 290x and an unlocked XFX 290 ==> 290x with elpida memory in Crossfire... if anything is going to break I would think it...
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    Interesting benchmarks and side-by-side Omega rendition

    Good article... The slider comparison of VSR vs regular was a nice feature. I definitely messed around with it for awhile.
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    Linux or Windows Server Using AMD Processor

    I don't know why you wouldn't? Almost all of our ESXi hypervisors are AMD powered at work. I think we just hit over 500 virtual machines if I recall correctly. Even at home my ESXi 5.5 box is powered by an older Phenom processor(only running my usenet/plex vm, untangle, and a centos 7 test box).
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    Turn a computer into a Hackintosh for 150 (eBay buy it now)

    I personally wouldn't do it, at least not from a service offered on ebay. I have a few co-workers who have done hackintosh setups... and man it is hit or miss with hardware. It seems like they spend more time fixing/tweaking things to get it working right than they do actually using the system.
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    Are my video cards ok for my new 4k monitor?

    I don't have 980s... but I do have xfired 290x's running at 4k. It looks amazing. I took my setup to our work LAN party over Christmas break and people were literally amazed at how good BF4 looked... and this was coming from guys running 2560x1440 27" monitors with 290x's and 780 ti's. I have...
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    web development - on ultrabook or on powerhouse?

    Since you commute, I would say the Lenovo T440s. Are you docking it when you get to work? What sort of development environment are you working in? Eclipse? Netbeans? Off to left field... are you against owning an Apple product? I love my 15" Retina MacBook Pro... i7 2.8ghz, 16GB ram...
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    Power Supply for Crossfire

    I run a Corsair RM1000 with my 290x crossfire setup. According to Corsair Link I pull between 40-65amps depending on the game... at 65amps thats around 780watts. This is with a mild overclock(4.4), as I was having some stability issues when I added the second 290x. Then again I'm not sure how...
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    So is the beta running off the Mantle engine or DirectX? I'm not sure if my settings just aren't applying or what... I game at 4k and with BF4 I've never been able to enable antialiasing with everything else set to ultra. But with the beta I'm playing with 4x msaa and hbao+ at 4k... and still...
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    Best way to update drivers

    This... except I flip steps 2 and 3... and add "Uninstall Afterburner" to step one.