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    Asus horror story after 14 years w no RMA's

    Ive bought mainly asus motherboards since 2000. I went with xfx and evga mother boards and the rma process for both companies is ridiculously easy and user friendly. Now fast forward to 2014... I had my first asus video card with directcu cooler on it and one of the fans went out. I rma'd the...
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    intel ahci or windows ahci driver for sata3 ssd?

    I have an asus maximus v gene mobo and a samsung 840 pro 256gb ssd. I was wondering if there is any difference between using the intel ahci driver which comes bundled with the rapid storage technology or use the windows ahci driver is the default. any idea which I should use and why?
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    Asus Maximus V Gene Uefi/Bios help needed!

    This is my first micro atx build< Which i intend to run at stock speeds, and I need help with two things. #1. what drivers should be installed for this mobo and in what order... btw pls explain it like I'm 5 years old :) #2. this is the first mobo that I cant find an idiotproof bios...
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    Should the Logitech G700 mouse come with a charging cradle?

    I personaly think this is a perfect mouse for one major glaring deficiency... where the hell is the charging cradle? If it had one I would never need to plug in that tacky cable it comes with. if I played a game all day when done I would simply put it on the charger and voila, the next day I...
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    Logitech G700 battery life

    I just picked up a G700 and like the way it performs. However, there is one area that is a little puzzling to me and that is the battery life. I ran my G700 for about 8 hours in 500 mhz polling and max gaming and I went from a full charge, which is 3 green lights, to 1 green light which is...
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    SSD solid state drive help / questions

    I've been shopping online for a few days now for a ssd and I like what I see performance wise witht the drives. I seem to be discovering more questions than answers though at this point and I had a few questions that I'm hoping this community can answer. I'm simply looking to use this ssd with...
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    24" BenQ, Samsung, LG help pls

    Just an observation, this has been a hell of a learning experience trying to pick an LCD and make a well informed decision. It would be nice if the manufactures would just list what kind of panel is in each monitor to save us all the guess work and speculation, also the gimicks 3000:1 contrast...