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    Foxconn Planning New $10B Factory

    quest for the cheapest workers isn't globalization great
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    need a mic and possibly headset

    what's the best choice for gaming? I have speakers just need mic. USB/ analog. I had some realiabiltiy issue with usb in the past (that was few years ago). Creative FATAL1TY still the best choice? should i get usb or the analog one. major thx.
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    solid state caps nice
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    omg where cahn I buy these -- relative 0db after 75 hz OMG :):):) Swan M100s nice
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    check out the magnet on the swan M100s can these be found for sale anyplace??
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    like the design of these good setup with simple usb
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    check out thes motherfucks ... sweet no way spending 1k on pc speakers :rolleyes:
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    some people are saying those sound uneven on the upper-side (too be expected tho with this range / size / materials)
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    looking at these 5s maybe need small size
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    Looking for great speakers (compact) I need a kick-ass set of speakers preferably self-amplified like the m-audio types (although I would like to find another brand, something smaller maybe). Looking for either a 2.0 or 2.1 setup. Will be connecting to them from a laptop with HDMI output...
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    signout jack

    I've never written a sign-out cart but these error handlings of the checkout process on some sites really piss me off. Handing fields to incorrect fields on refresh of missing data you see. Have to scrim over all the crap to make sure their coding didn't refresh a field with wrong data. Hate...
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    80 dollar hdd bracket major???

    HP basic thing for my 2-bay laptop 517639-001 In stock Hard drive hardware kit - Includes mounting rails, e-SATA interface cable, and mounting screws Order subtotal 60.80 Shipping and Handling 11.25 Tax 6.84 Order total (USD) 78.89 aaaaaaaa :confused: :confused...
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    kindle for pc

    any way to organize the books into logical folders? files exist on hdd in drm. perhaps port to other app for organization? hate to see a global join on the main window with no way to organize by subject. hmm
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    iphone 4 can't find app

    Dear Apple PDF Layers are a must. I have 1000s of old books scanned to PDFs that use a transparent text layer over the original image capture. Useless is my new iPhone for this. PDF layers have been around for a DECADE!!!
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    iphone 4 can't find app

    Is there not a app for this pos device that will display PDFs with the following attributes ... 1) There is a picture of the page taken with a camera that is the background layer of the PDF 2) There is a transparent (sometimes called "clear") layer of text overlay on top of the image which...
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    A New Camera - Sony Alpha?

    here are some experimental test shots with this camera using various settings. this is the nex-3, the little brother other nex-5. overall it's been ok and portable. would have like to have seen less barrel distortion. most of these were taken on a rainy day. | |
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee

    I apologize, but I'm not a 'universal equality' communist. Stop the jihad on western nations.
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    Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee

    Actually the gov't spends much more money on social services than military spending. Time to close the border. go home! stop the western invasion by muslims/non whites.
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    Intel CEO: U.S. Faces Looming Tech Decline

    just as planned for coming us invasion desis can go the fuck home
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    John Mellencamp Likens Internet to an A-Bomb

    but I want my gold plated shark tank now, *sobs* ,..... lol
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    Intel to Buy McAfee for $7.68 Billion

    lol ... oh so true so true this must be another MBA blunder
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    efficient indexing possible?

    Here is the solution I am going to use with commentary on other products I tried and did not work. Copernic Desktop Search: This is the one I am going to use. It's lightweight and easy to configure. It's search database keyword algorithm is very fast and works great. It will search pdf files...
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    efficient indexing possible?

    Thanks I'll try it out and let you know how it works.
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    Intel to Buy McAfee for $7.68 Billion

    8000 million dollars? rofl ,.. i wouldn't buy m/fee for a penny it sucks. eset ftw
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    efficient indexing possible?

    Is there a way for windows to display a list of hit results in a 'google' style fashion where it returns a line-item for each hit and a pulled section centering on the search term--like a search engine? I have had good results with indexing and getting file names then opening each document...
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    3 Clocks, One Perfect Cube

    hypercube =)
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    New Leaked Intel Roadmaps

    wow a 400GB x25-e? how much will that cost 50 grand, lol? wonder if they will still use slc over mlc in the enterprise line
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    Net Neutrality Crusaders Slam Verizon, Google

    This is what totally confuses me. I can only see packet qos being necessary on real-time services like voip or iptv. Google keeps saying they want to 'speed up the internet' possibly to reduce the latency of cloud apps. Then ballmer comes to UW and squaws about the azure transition. Bunch of...
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    A Joint Policy Proposal For an Open Internet

    Based on what they said in the conference call it seems they plan on offering future pay-for services which would receive priority over other services. Of course they wouldn't tell anybody what it is since they said they will be demonized in the press. I'm tired of google go away.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Here's my fredrik. The ikea only had the dark version for some reason I don't even think they carried the full-height birch one. I wanted the dark one anyway so sweet. I rebuilt it a few times to get it just the way I wanted it. The thing is super sturdy. Cable chase is great. Still need to...
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    bot attacks? ssh telnet

    For some reason my router IP is getting a lot of unsolicited port 22/23 connection requests. These are being dropped by the firewall since there's no services running on those ports. Funny thing is these idiots are consistently attempting to connect every 3-5 minutes I'm guessing to bypass...
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    Google Denies Net Neutrality Deal

    This is exactly the truth. Ballmer and the corporate mafia took over nerddom with the aid of VC firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Their goals are not all flowery and sweet. They'll even import 3.5 million guest workers just to boost profits. Support gpl/gnu. Traffic discrimination...
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    Google Denies Net Neutrality Deal

    google basicallly said they wanted to do this at the googlecon or whatever they call it, googleio. not sure why they would deny it.
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    Apple Readies Fix for iPhone Browser Hole

    steve jobs that is lol
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    Apple Readies Fix for iPhone Browser Hole

    he's already to intravenous chemotherapy. some say he's shooting pure evil.
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    HP DV7-3085DX, Lenovo S10-3T, ikea jerker 2.0 in silver/dark wood | Ikea dioder in red | razer orochi and megamat | s10 closeup, both laptops have c300 ssds | sony tv | sog trident 2 spec.ops reissue bowie | flac player