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    MakerBot Cupcake CNC Ultimate $455

    Saw this on slickdeals. Yeah, sure the newer version is more accurate, etc, etc, etc... but it's also almost 3x as much. I bit. I consider it a Father's Day gift to myself. :)
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    The Office Seasons 1 - 4, $12.99 each @ BB
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    I need an external drive enclosure that supports something larger than 1.5TB. Specs on store sites aren't much help. Does anyone know of an enclosure that supports 2TB drives? Or even bigger? Thanks...
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    8GB Zune, Black, free ship, free car kit - $80

    Recertified, but still hot for $80
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    Peggle Deluxe + Nights for $9.98 on Steam I'm willing to bet if I calculated the value of every game I have played in $/hr, Peggle would trump everything else. Even this.
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    Vista + NV without monitors

    I read a post on the NV forums about enabling monitor-less cards under Vista. link I don't have this issue because I had monitors hooked up to my folding cards. Maybe the info will help some of you.
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    Anyone interested in OpenVPN on WM smartphone?

    I wrote a program to control OpenVPN PPC on my Blackjack 2 since the port only has a front end for touchscreen devices. There are currently some manual steps to install it, but it works great for me. I'd like to get a friendly audience to try it out before I unleash it. Anyone interested?
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    Linux SMP not submitting work

    My SMP clients have not been able to submit finished units here and there: The clients retry, fail, and in some cases the unit passes the deadline (and I assume I lose the credit). Sometimes the send succeeds if I kill the clients and restart them. I can ping the work server and I can...
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    Updated 177.35 drivers - GF 8/9 support

    New beta 177.35 drivers were put up on the CUDA forum that support all CUDA-capable cards, not just the GTX200s. Vista x64 folks will probably still require the F8 trick, but it's a step ahead.
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    Linux, Q6600 - one client? two clients?

    I fired up one smp instance on my quad and noticed it only used 50% of each CPU. Does it make sense to run two instances? Any tricks/tips? Any drawbacks?
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    I'm in

    It's time to join the [H]orde. You'll see me on the team as beavis9k with my first WU (hopefully) tonight.
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    Suggestions for quad SLI PSU

    The title says it all. I need a supply that can handle 4 G80's (most likely Quadro 5600 FX cards). I'm using a ThermalTake Toughpower 1200W to drive a system with 3 8800GTX's but it's time to add one more. The ThermalTake *might* be able to handle 4 if it had enough connectors. I really don't...
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    Antec Nine Hundred $80 AR

    @ CompUSA, $30 instant off, $30 rebate:
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    Why go 4GB?

    I've been tempted to jump from 2 to 4GB with the price of RAM lately. I can get a whole set of 4GB for the price I paid to get the 2GB I have now. I write code, edit digital photos, edit video, render CG, and edit and mix multitrack audio. BF2, UT2004, and Oblivion are on my current game...
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    Bad news for MythTV users <sigh>
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    GeForce 8 mobile parts officially announced With only 32 stream processors in the 8600M GT, I wonder how it will stack up to the 7950GTX.
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    HP 2605dn Color LaserJet - $299 OM

    Regular $499, $200 taken off at checkout as a "volume discount". LOL. Also good in-store. This model includes the built-in ethernet adapter and duplexer.
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    Anyone using CUDA?

    This is, after all, the [H]ardForum. Some of you other programming geeks out there must have an 8800GTX/GTS in your rig. I know there's a CUDA subforum at, but I'm interested to know if anyone else around here is actually writing CUDA GPU code.
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    Need GTA:LCS for PSP

    Yeah, that's right. I finally got a PSP. I want to run homebrew, but it's ver 2.81 and I haven't found an unpatched LCS for rent or sale in my area. Would anyone be willing to let me borrow theirs? I have all positive heatware and I would of course pay shipping both ways.
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    Password issue

    By accident I found I can log in with my password OR my password with a single space at the end. Not a big deal to me, but maybe something for you guys to look into. I'm also curious if anyone else can do the same thing.
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    New laptop suggestions please?

    I unloaded my XPS Gen 2 today, so I'm finally forced to decide on a new laptop. I'll be traveling every few months or so, so a 15" is the biggest I want to go. (I decided to get rid of the XPS after hauling it through the airport just one time.) It needs to have enough graphics power to do some...
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    SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB 1GB $16.49 @ CC

    Best Buy has it for $19.99, but go buy it at Circuit City with their 110% pricematch. It ends up being $16.49 + tax.
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    XFX 8800GTX $519.99 AR

    Must resist...
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    8800GTX case and PSU questions

    I've been itching to get one for awhile now, and now that Christmas is paid off I might go for it. The only problems might be my case (Lian Li PC-61) and my PSU (Antec TPII-550). Has anyone installed an 8800GTX into a PC-61? How did it work out? As for the PSU, I'm running an E6400 @...
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    Nikon D80 + $100 GC + Printer

    I found this when I went to my local Inkley's (Ritz Camera) to torture myself over the D80. If you buy the D80, you get a $100 gift card or coupon code. That (sorta) drops the price to $899 for the body which is better than any reputable online dealer right now. Add an Epson Picturemate with...
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    Embedded database suggestions?

    At work we've decided it's time to write our own application for reviewing images from our ultrasound scanner. The app will keep copies of the images it receives/retreives/imports on the local hard disk. To make a responsive patient/exam/image list, the app must index the DICOM headers of the...
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    Logitech Z-5450 $187.49 AR

    This is the best price I've seen on these - they're not as powerful as the 5500's, but the wireless is nice.
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    939 recommendations?

    I'm upgrading an older 754 AGP box and need to go PCIe. I was thinking I'd pickup the MSI K8N Neo4 Ultra and a used 3000 or 3200 Venice. That would set me back about $100 and I can re-use my DDR. Is there a better board I should look at for around $50?
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    One big hole or lots of small ones?

    That's the question. I'm going to do my first mod ever and add a side fan to my Lian Li PC-61. The top fan port is a bunch of smaller holes, so there's consistency point for smaller holes. One big hole with a grill will allow more air, so there's a point for one big one. Smaller holes would be...
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    Look what showed up on my doorstep today

    I'm glad it's here. My X1900XT was angry at me for running it with a Celeron 326 for so long. LOL Once I get through a Windows re-install I'll start the OC'ing. :D EDIT: fixed pic
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    DS3 problems... any ideas?

    Alright, I'm pulling my hair out here and I really need some help. I have a DS3, Celeron 326 (to hold me over until I get a C2D), X1900XT, Antec TPII 550, and OCZ DDR2-800 Platinum (2.1v). I couldn't boot until I got some cheap DDR2-533 that I *know* runs at 1.8v. So I boot up, update the BIOS...
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    Mid Tower ATX Case $9.99AR @ CC Tough to beat $10 if you need a case.
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    E6300 and E6400 Overclocking Article on Anand

    The article is supposed to be about overclocking, but it gives some good performance numbers for high-end AMD and Intel CPUs in a X1900XT Crossfire setup. Good info. Link
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    Is 2 x 74GB Raptor 8MB in RAID 0 worth it?

    So I already have one 74GB raptor, but I'm tempted to grab another one from Worst Buy while they're on sale and do RAID 0 for the system drive of my new build. Can anyone give me some idea on the performance boost I would actually see?
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    PNY 7900GT 219.99 AR Free Shipping @

    Link PNY only has a 3 year warranty, but come on... what true [H]'er keeps a video card that long? EDIT: Now it's $239.99 AR + free shipping.
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    Dual core Inspiron E1705

    Dell has the customize page here. :eek:
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    Anyone try gigabit PCI Express?

    It's server upgrade time for the home. I can get a decent used system with open PCI Express slots. Does anyone have experience with 1x PCI Express gigabit cards? How is the performance? Any issues?
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    25% and 30% off coupons for Dell PowerConnect switches

    Dell SB 25% off PowerConnect 2708, 2716, 2724 Coupon: 9JT7HTJX$PRW45 Exp 11/20 Sun 11:59pm CT 30% off PowerConnect 3424, 3448, 3424P, 3448P, 5324, 6024 Coupon: XCDSR1X9JHB9DG Exp 11/20 11:59pm CT Some of the switches have mail in rebates... makes the deal sweeter.
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    Opinions on Neopower 480 vs. TPII-550?

    I've been looking at PSUs for my new build and narrowed it down to the Neopower 480 and the TPII-550. Both have deals going right now, although the TPII would cost $20 more after rebate. I'm pretty sure either would work for the following setup: AMD 64 3000+ ASUS A8N-SLI Premium 1GB PC3200...
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    PowerMizer hack?

    When the power went out today at work, I noticed the framerate on my XPS gen 2 was noticeably lower in HL2. I think the problem is PowerMizer only allows you to select "Maximum Power Savings" and "Balanced" when running on batteries. Does anyone know of a hack to enable "Maximum Performance"...