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    How Long To Beat. A certain game!!

    So i was cruising Reddit today and came across this little beauty of a site, didnt find it in search here so decided to post. Basically its a user fed site that collates game completion times and adds them to the database with highest times, lowest times...
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    Bulletstorm leake... ahhhhh whats the point.

    Does anyone really care. Seriously. Its a given that piracy is rife and is inevitable so why bother pointing it out for every game lately.. Discuss.
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    How to stop WMP12 transcoding over dlna.

    So i've picked up a sony BDP-S370 blu-ray player and wanna use it to view HD media on my pc over the network. Now this works fine. Only its played back in SD. Tried viewing the same media on my samsung tv and it too plays back in SD. Now my movies playback in HD fine using an external harddrive...
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    GTX 460 HDMI Audio question

    So i'm looking into buying a new reciever (an Onkyo TX-SR608) and want to output HD audio through my 460's HDMI port now all formats are supported in the latest drivers. Unfortunately when i select the HDMI audio i only see the following. Now i'm assuming the reason i only see stereo...
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    Fable 2 full version available for free on xbox live!

    Just a heads up for people. Saw this mentioned on Reddit. I think the deals only open for those in the US and you need a gold account. Heres a...
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    Possible to Unmove files in windows 7?

    So here's the dumbass thing i just did. I ripped a bunch of cd's (about 7 or 8), couldnt remember where i ripped them to so did a broad search on my drive for mp3's. Then dragged the lot to another location on the same drive. Problem is i have now moved mp3's from a shit load of other programs...
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    Advice on 2 different 460 cards.

    So there are 2 cards on offer at We have the Gainward 2gb 460 GTX at £203.82. Or the Gigabyte 1gb 460 GTX OC at £172.09. Now i'm tempted by both. The Gigabyte has the...
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    Nehrim - At Fates Edge, total conversion for Oblivion Released

    WOOOO YEAH! Finally after apparently years of development, people who have heard of this mod can finally play it. Link Personally i'd never heard of it till i saw a post on Reddit a few minutes ago. But it looks pretty cool so i'm gonna give it a download. :D
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    New antennae for WRT54GS or new router. Recommendations?

    I've recently setup a network in my home with my old Xbox running XBMC attached to a WRT54GS with DD-WRT in client bridge mode in the lounge connecting to my wireless N router in the bedroom (also running DD-WRT) on the next floor with a straight line distance between the two of about 10 metres...
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    Awesome new Photoshop Tool like 'Content Aware' only better.

    check it out :D
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    Game Abreviations in posts RGMS ^_^

    I don't want this to come across as a rant but I would really appreciate people at least using a full game/expansion pack name etc at some point in their post. I find it frustrating reading a post and not knowing what game they are talking about. When I see a post that says something like...
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    ATI 9800pro dying?

    No this is a wierd one. A couple of days ago my old pc's hard drive died so i had to replace it. So now i've installed a new hard drive and a fresh install of xp 32bit with the latest catalyst drivers. However now i have some annoying artifacting from the 9800. Notice the artifacts on...
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    Bioshock Infinite

    First i've heard of this direct sequel to Bioshock. Details and trailer at the link.
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    Nexus : The Jupiter Incident. How do i quit or save?

    Borrowed this game years ago a loved it but never finished it so just bought it off steam. I must be getting old but i can't work out how to quit a mission or save the game. I've checked the manual but there is NOTHING about how to quit during a mission or save the fooking game. I'm only on the...
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    Crysis Delorean mod

    A fully functional Delorean from the Back to the Future films. This has to be the coolest vehicle mod for crysis yet. Check it out. get the mod here.
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    Sony Ericsson W995 menu vibration

    Anyone with this phone know if or how i can turn off the vibration when you move between selections in the main menu? Just got the phone and it doesnt feel right. I could turn it off on my k850i but can't find any option on the W995:confused:
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    Pages suddenly refuse to load in any browser on XP

    I've been using the W7 Beta for the last few weeks, and booted into XP today to play some games i have installed. However i noticed when i tried to look on the net for patches, that Firefox instantly came up with a 403 error on my homepage, which was wierd. So i tried other sites and all came up...
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    Windows 7. Hideously annoying window maximise feature.

    So i adore the windows 7 beta. Much better than Vista which never got on well with my pc, though it does have its problems. The main one being the following. Everytime i move a window near the top edge of the screen, Windows automatically maximises the window. This is REALLY annoying in...
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    Enable AA in Mass Effect

    Since the game doesnt ship with AA support you have to enable it yourself. First download a nice free app called Nhancer from Run the program and create a new profile. Add masseffect.exe and masseffectlauncher.exe to the executables list. On the settings panel...
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    Couple of questions about Xonar D2X

    So i'm looking at upgrading from my audigy 2 ZS to the Asus Xonar D2X. I've been reading reviews of the card and it looks like a winner. But i've been unable to find any info other than vague references to a couple of questions i have before buying the card. 1. Does the D2X use the same...
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    Annoying Setpoint battery alerts

    I'm really starting to lose my temper with logitech setpoints incredibly annoying battery alert pop-up. Whenever my batteries get to about 50% charge the software says my batteries are critically low on juice and i should change them. Bollocks i will. I can get another month or so use out of...
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    Evil parents give kid an Xbox 360??

    Read the story and watch the video. Poor kid. :(
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    Help!. Anyone with Lg GGC-H20L hddvd/bluray combi drive

    Got the drive yesterday and it plays all movies fine. Almost. I got Sunshine on BD today and it refused to play and said something about my player needing a firmware update. So i figured i'd check the LG site to see if there was actually an update and there was one. downloaded the update to...
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    Which FREE Xbox Live Arcade game do you choose?

    Because of the recent live issues MS have decided that anyone with a Live account, silver or gold, will get a free game from the XBLA selection. I'm being optimistic thinking they will be letting us choose from ANY xbla game coz we'll probably get to choose from a list of 5 crappy ones since...
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    Bypass the hardware check in MOH Airborne?

    So does anyone know if you can bypass the hardware check when you run the game? I ask because a friend of mine just picked up a 6200 and really wanted to play the game only to find he couldnt get past the check as the game doesnt support the card. It supports the 6600 which is the basically a...
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    'Hardware Interrupt' process using almost all cpu

    I'm running a dual boot system with XP as my primary and Vista as my secondary OS. Both OS's are on the same drive but on seperate partitions. So my pc was working fine yesterday. I boot into XP today after an abnormally long boot time of about 4 minutes, to find that one core of my cpu is...
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    one soundcard for input, one for output. Possible?

    Here's the idea. I'm looking at picking up a dirt cheap pci soundcard with an optical input so i can use it to pass through the sound from my 360 to my audigy 2 zs which doesnt have any sort of digital input. Will this work if i set the cheapo card as the recording device in control panel? or...
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    Decided to dual boot Vista. Having problems :(

    I gave in and decided to finally install Vista on my machine. I wanted to dual-boot with XP and installed Vista on a spare hard drive. All went well, sort of. I now have both OS's working flawlessly. However. I do NOT get a boot menu when i start up the PC. If there is no dvd in the drive my pc...
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    Worlds tiniest PC's

    Because SFF are a bit too bulky :p
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    Flatout Ultimate Carnage = Flatout 2?

    I love the Flatout games and am thinking of getting Ultimate Carnage for the 360. Trouble is, from all the videos i've seen it looks to be the same game as Flatout 2 which i have for PC albeit with a gfx upgrade. I'm not willing to buy it if its the same game. Is it really a new game or just...
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    Help Please. Zero Display Device Error ?!?!?

    I've just tried putting the cat 7.6's on and i get a Zero Display Service Error. I rebooted into safe mode and ran driver cleaner. Tried again and same thing. Tried going back to the 7.4's and still the same error. I'm on XP sp2 with a X1900XTX Anyone know how to fix this? Oh and sorry if this...
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    Another dead 360 thanks to GH2 thread. *RANT*

    Well my 360 died today and take a wild guess what game killed it. Yup. Good old Guitar Hero 2. Its my own fault really. I'd read about the alarming 360 death rate after GH2 was released and that put me off buying it. My brothers 360 died 2 days after getting GH2 too which was scared me away from...
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    Need help remembering an anaglyptic 3d game

    A few years ago i remember playing a sci-fi FPS that had an anaglyptic 3d mode. The one where you had to wear them red and blue glasses. But i cant remember for the life of me what it was called. I cant find anything on google either. Anyone remember a game with like that? I really fancy...
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    Deus Ex Invisible War headaches.

    Well i've finally got Deus EX: IW running on my system. Never wanted to run before and would always hang at the main menu. Guess after numerous gfx card driver updates something fixed it since it now runs :D. YAY. Never finished it and always wanted to give it another shot. Anyway, i can get in...
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    X1800XT or wait for R580??

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    ALIEN + Sega. Good news?

    Story So Sega are going to do new alien games. Given Segas recent track record i'm a bit worried. But i do like the idea of a new FPS and am quite excited about an Alien RPG!. Thoughts?
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    Where to buy replacement fan for x1900xtx

    My fans on its last legs and is rattling like hell. Really starting to get on my nerves now. I want to stick with the stock cooler and just buy the fan, but i've had no luck finding anywhere that sells them. I dont want to RMA the card even though its still under guarnatee coz it'll leave me...
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    Xbox 360 1080p fix Update available now. Improved picture quality?

    A new dashboard update is available for the 360 now which addresses issues regarding 1080p support problems. Personally i didnt actually have any problems relating to 1080p, but this new update seems to increase visual quality which is nice. The picture seems cleaner with the new update...
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    Going from USB to Ethernet!

    My friend has just had broadband installed and has his cable modem connected via usb. He has just bought a router and would like me to set it all up for him, but this means changing the cable modem from USB to ethernet (has both ports). So, what do i need to do to get windows to recognise the...