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    Home Lab advice

    Hi, I will be taking the VCP soon and have also needed to build a home lab for a few years. I have been out of the hardware scene for a few years and only have left over knowledge. I've looked around here quiet a bit and ended up with the following system: PSU: Corsair TX650 $79.99...
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    VLAN Setup question

    Network Layout is like that... except the red part does not exist -- it is my goal. I want it to replace the green box on the right side (Training Center). I'm stuck on how to actually go about doing this: As far as I know 1. enable two VLANs on the port that is connecting...
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    WLAN Card Driveres!

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    Sprinkler and Lighting Automation

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    Office: TuffShed in the backyard

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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Post your workstation! ***Thread Rules, read them or else*** -Don't get off-topic. This is the case modding forum, not general hardware. -Be considerate about image sizes. -NO reserving spots. -NO flaming. -When quoting stuff, remove the "[IMG]" tags as not to post the picture...
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    Two Lans... One Connection...

    I was recently contacted by a local dentist office that I go to setup some stuff... Here's what I need to do. They have one DSL connection going into the office. The DSL connection is waaay more than what they need, but they enjoy the broadband ;-) This office has two doctors, ones ortho...
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    New Computer Suggestions...

    Hello! I was recently asked by a family to build them two identical computers, without monitors. I'm figuring 500-600USD each computer. I'm hoping to make them AMD systems. I've been out of the loop for a while and need help. What I need here is a fast system. Something that is responsive...
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    The 2006 Post Your Workstation Thread Rules of the thread: DO NOT QUOTE PICTURES! Post your workstation, and your workstation only. We don't want to see around your room unless its an accessory to your workstation. Stay on topic with your comments. DO NOT QUOTE PICTURES! DO NOT QUOTE...
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    Case Cleaning Solutions

    I know a computer case/monitor case can be cleaned by using WD-40 on a cloth to get rid of scuff marks and tape marks. We have a customer uneased by using WD-40 and we were wondering if there are any gimmicky not so [H]ard 'Computer Case Cleaners' out there that we could use with this guy...
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    Underground Grade Cat6

    I got a shed being built in my backyard, and we have already ran the PVC. Now we want to run two CAT6 cables out, one for phone, one for the LAN. We need the underground rated cat6, becuase of moisture reasons. I was told we need Jelly filled cables? Wheres the best place to buy this...
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    Laptop Experiences

    Highest quality laptops... What's everyones opinions on quality laptops? My personal experience has shown that VAIO's are mediocre, usually the power supply in them dies fast (three in a row). Gateway laptops last forever, and they are easy ot reformat/install with your own fresh...
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    Home Automation - Lighting

    Not sure if theres a forum for this topic... As seen in the Work Logs Forum in the Case Modding Section, I'm working on a shed-office in the back of my house. I was curious as if there was a good alternative to X10's remote control lights to turn an outlet on and off? If anyone has any...
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    Office: TuffShed in the backyard

    Project Details: Using a Tuffshed, I will be creating an office shed similiar to 's office shed. It will be split down the middle and then I get half, while my brother gets the others. Estimated Cost: $4000USD max. People involved: Myself, my mom and her boyfriend Ken...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    2005 and the last 3 days of this year.
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    Psuedo Hard Drive Failure...

    (Probably irrelevant)I recently added a 160gb harddrive to my fileserver, which already had a 40gb and 30gb hardrive (both maxtors) in it. I rebooted a few days later and realized the 30gb harddrive was not showing (holds all my legally obtained music) in Windows as a drive or in the Disk...
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    Streaming Video in the House

    Whats the best to way to Stream a .BIN file, such as my 'legally obtained movies' to other computers in the house. I know normally I could just load em up in DAEMON Tools and copy the .bin to the local computer, but thats not what I want to do. I wish to be able to play a file on my...
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    Looking for a Dremel...

    Any certain Dremel I should get? Or would any do? Specifically, I would like to ask for dremel that comes with a kit. The full use of a dremel in this case would be for casemods and teh like. In short: What Dremel should I ask for as a gift of Christmas from family? -randyc
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    Christmas Lists

    Who has one? I posted this in Genmay, and thought I'd post it out here too just to get a wider response of whats going tobe popular or handy to have this year. -randyc
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    Internet/Possbile DNS Issue?

    Do help please. Recently out of the apparent blue, both the laptops my family uses stopped working for all internet activity. We can get ICQ to work, but it takes alooong time to connect, were assuming its perhaps a DNS Issue? Where it cant lookup the IP addresses? If anyone can help...
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    System Recommendations

    Yet another one of these threads, though they prove to be useful. ENERMAX Silver ATX Mid Tower Case, Model "CSX656TA-S" -RETAIL Item# N82E16811124100 Lite-On White 8X DVD+/-RW Drive, Model SOHW-812S, Retail Item# N82E16827106933 Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard...
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    Looking for a thread..

    I couldnt find it with the search. Awhile back someone had taken an outside shed and build a computer room out of it and I'm considering doing this here at my house, I just need to see this mans worklog. Anyone remember the thread where this guy built this? -randyc
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    Request for domain help...

    Anyone written a guide on setting up a windows 2000 domain? with security policies and portable profiles and all that? I tried doing it in my house and miserably failed and dont like the MSDN guides.
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    Tinting the case window...

    Is it possible to get Limo Tint (80+) and then put a couple bright LEDs or a white CCL on the inside and control it with a switch to enable/disable viewing of the inside of your case?
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    Delayed Write Error..

    Anyone know how to fix that? I get it every 5 - 10 minutes or so.
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    Getting a new mobo for my birthday

    What would you people recommend? I dont overlock at all, my computer is used for webdesign, heavy intenret usage and light graphics and some Counter Strike. I need something stable and fast, and willing to spend about 200$ max. I have a Soyo KT400 Ultra Platinum right now, and this crap is...
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    Longer range on netgear router...

    Hello Forums I have a netgear mr814 that (according to the manual) came with a 2dBi antenna. My room which is right above it has trouble accessing the internet, and I brought the mr814 into my room and plugged it in and was able to hop right onto the network. the card in my computer is a...
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    Purple Computer

    Worklog coming soon, still ordering stuff from the egg... I was asked by someone to build a purple computer. It is expected to last about five or six years from now... current stuff going inside: Lian-Li PC-65-USB-B2 Lite-On Beige 52X32X52 CD-RW Drive, Model LTR-52327S BEIGE...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Ill post more pics of the whole work area some other time. note: I replcaed my Ikea desk with an Ikea desk. I'm now a user of the Jerker Redoing these pictures--- Answers to posts from the beginning of the thread on old pics: To G-Bull: I never realized it but I do have alot of Ikea...
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    WLAN Card Drivers!

    **Fixed** I was ablet to fix it by going to who manufactured one or two of D-Links chipsets and tehn of course, my cards chipset. The ADMTEK8211 drivers were able to fix teh problems I had and I am posting from my wireless connection right now! -randyc OLD POST...
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    terminal services

    Probably a n00b question and didnt help, nor did, But what is Terminal Services and how can I use it? I'm running Windows 2000 Pro on all my computers behind a DSL line and Router.