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    ipod tracking

    One of my teachers was saying when you connect your ipod to your computer and load up itunes, it sends out your serial number of the ipod connected to apple(assuming you have a internet connection). I lost my ipod and pretty sure it was stolen. My teacher also said something about how you can...
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    Wireless Site Survey

    We are doing a site survey for one of our new elementary schools. In the past we hired a company to do this for us. Now, they are talking about doing it on our own. I was wondering if any of you guys know of an industry standard approach to doing this or what you guys have done in the past...
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    What to get

    I have been looking around to get a inexpenisve mac. I was looking at getting a mac mini or possibly a used G4 off of ebay. I won't really be doing anything intensive on it, I want it mainly to familiarize myself with OSX as I am a linux/windows only guy. Maybe throw some lite progamming in...
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    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything (good/bad/middle) about getting test vouchers from
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    IBM Warrenty

    I bought a t42 a few weeks ago and ordered 2x 512MB sticks from crucial. There are 2 slots. One under the keyboard and one on the back. Now I'm wondering if I replaced both with stick from crucial does that void the warrenty because I took out the main memory and not just the optional slot...
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    Plastic Risers for Motherboards

    Anyone know where I can get a bunch of the little plastic risers you set between the case and the motherboard?
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    AppleCare Question

    I was wondering, if you buy a powerbook for example, if you don't buy AppleCare right away, can you purchase it later and just have it apply from the time you originally bought the laptop? I think someone told me you could do this but I wasn't too sure. Thanks.
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    DNS question

    First off I am not very smart when it comes to DNS so bear with me. I was wondering if there was a way to import an excel spreadsheet (saved as space delimited raw text) with ip to host names into win2k dns. Someone told me that it was possible to just edit the text files in the dns directory...
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    Powerbook Battery

    Someone told me they make longer lasting powerbook batteries than the standard ones. Is this true, how long do they last, and does anyone know where I can get them? I searched and saw a bunch for older ones like wallstreet or something but couldn't really find any larger capacity ones. Thanks.
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    Question about OSX and Linux apps

    Will linux programs compile and work under the PPC and OSX? Do some work and some don't? Will they work if I install gentoo or yellowdog? I ask this because I was seriously considering switching over to a 12" powerbook. This would be for when I go to college. Another question I had, if you...
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    Best SCSI Setup

    First off, I am not very well educated when it comes to storage so sorry if my ideas seem bad or incorrect. I was wondering what you guys would recommend for a SCSI setup. It is for a new server for a internet insurance site. People log in to view insurance certificates and generate reports...
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    Setting up a 1u

    I am setting up a 1u for a firewall but it doesn't have onboard video. I saw that on some sun boxes you can use a serial cable and get a text display of the system if you have no monitor or keyboard. I was wondering if this is true for most systems or was possible to set up at all. This way I...
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    New Mail/Contact Management Application

    Currently, I am using outlook at work to store all of my contacts/mail/appointments/notes/ etc on. The only problem with this is, when I am in my outlook and I need someone else to update my information, I have to exit outlook. What I am trying to do is have a central database of all our...
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    Gaming Server

    I'm going to set up a gaming server to colocate and was looking for some advice in what to get. I'm brand new to the smp area so no flaming please :) At first, I will probably only be hosting maybe 6-7 servers but would hope to get a lot more going. I was thinking of getting 2x xp2000's and a...
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    "Execution Protection"

    Don't know if this has been posted before, if so, feel free to flame me. It's going to be pretty cool to see if it works out. Anyone know anything more about this?
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    Outlook Question

    We were using Outlook 2002 on one computer to manage all of our contacts and emails. Now we have 2 computers and was wondering if there is a way to "share" the pst file between the computers so that it will sync if either computer changes information to a contact, makes an appointment, gets an...
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    Patch Panel Wiring

    I just got a rack and was hooking everything into it. I just bought at patch panel to make things a bit more organized but I didn't come with a wiring chart and I am not sure how to wire it. I'm running Cat5e and just tried doing 568b right down it and it didn't work. Might just be my cable...