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    KV8 Pro Post Error

    I purchased a kv8 pro and an athlon 64 3200+... a gig of a mushkin ram (2 sticks), and the computer won't post. The led gives off a post error "0.4" Anyone have any ideas on what to do? The "0.4" post error isn't in the manual.
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    MMORPG Decision

    Between WOW and Saga of Ryzom, which would you choose? SOOOO HARD... I've beta tested Saga of Ryzom, and it's TONS of fun, i love the graphics and i love the concept.. so original. But on the other hand I am a huge blizzard fan, and WOW is looking really good as well. If you had to choose...
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    What proccessor to get?

    I'm building a computer, the budget is $800... just the PC (no monitor or accessories needed) After the video card thats gonna leave me with like $400/$500 for everything else. I'm positive I want to go AMD. What CPU & Mobo should I get in this price range that will play doom3/hl2 at...
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    WoW on Linux
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    How's this motheboard How is it performance and stability wise? I don't care about extra features and overclocking. It'll be paired up with a 2500+... and 512mb of ddr ram. And also, I currently have a stick of pc2100 ddr, isn't there some sort of conflict...
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    ut2k4 - single player skin

    noob question: how would I go about changing my singleplayer skin? is there an .ini file I can change, or any file I can edit?
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    Ut2k4: wtf

    I was trying to see how high of FPS i could get, so i put everything on low, and put the res to like 800x600.. I can't get damn over 60fps.. But, if i put the res back up to like 1280x1024, put things on normal, 2xAA 8xAF, I still get like 30-60fps.. How does this work? Is there an FPS...
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    just bought 9800pro, do I get HL2 for free?

    I too thought there was a deal like that. I contacted ATI, and showed proof of the deal, but they were rather mean and didn't give me a coupon. If it's not in the box, you won't get it.