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    Battlefield: Hardline

    It feels like a weak expack or a mod.
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    It's Not looking promising.
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    Catching a Cheater Online

    Lots of money to be made doing the things people with degrees can't do.
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    WoW: Warlords of Draenor Expansion Confirmed

    I remember the good ole' days of battling for the blue dragon in felwood and using the LOS trick on the first boss of MC before they patched it. I came back right before WotLK and I noticed everything was much easier.
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    Anonymous Threatens Massive WikiLeaks-Style Exposure

    I hope they are not bluffing and they expose all the bullshit the Fed has been pulling.
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    NASA Plans To Give The Moon A Moon?

    They are learning how to mine space this is just a practice mission.
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    Burger Making Robot Can Make 360 Per Hour

    Install these and keep the prices the same just make up the difference in quality.
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    Verizon Files For Patent On Eavesdropping DVR

    morons will take it for a lower bill
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    Natural selection 2

    even if I don't enjoy NS2 like I did the the first I still see it as money well spent.
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    Google's New 'Entertainment Device' Is Coming

    no shit, I guess if you are so lazy you can't get off your ass to turn on some music you'd like this thing.
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    Iran Sentences Alleged Video Game Developer ‘Spy’ to Death

    So a haj is going to die, whoop de doo.
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    Israel to Treat Cyber Criminals as Terrorists

    everyone who is religious is crazy, if they were told all the bullshit as a adult no one would believe it.
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    30-Story Building Built in China in Only 360 Hours

    Can't really test things like this with a scale model, sure the frame alone stands up but what about all the extra weight of all the insulation walls people their crap etc. I,m guessing it would take around 3.6 secs to fall.
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    Battlefield 2143 hinted at

    I can't remember the name of the mod but I'm 100% sure the titans etcs were stolen from a bf42 mod that never made it. Edit: the name was eternal silence and they released it on source.
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    Google’s Three Top Executives Have Eight Private Jets

    Sounds good to me, public building gets restored on the private dime.
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    Battlefield 3 DLC Trailer

    Ihaven't seen mayhem like that since the old BF42 CTF days, looks good. CTF would be sweet.
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5 - $119 w/free ship

    ordered one when they were on Noticed comments about shipping from overseas and I got atracking number just before these hit ebay. Card has a black pcb and looks great waiting on my 27 incher to show up before putting it in.
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5 - $119 w/free ship

    i bought one for xfire but I think the 1 gig of ram would make tripling these not the best idea.
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    Underwhelming Newegg black friday?

    none at all
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    OCZ Agility 3 119 afer $30 rebate @da egg

    "Free Shipping, 60-Day Return & Price Guarantee on this Product" 120g
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    EB Games Putting New & Used Games Together?

    Stop pumping out 2 day crap then?
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I think I've killed most of my team mates that have done this, alI I can see is someone pointing at me so I shoot.
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 - $125

    Fuck yeah, in for one for CF thanks op.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    wish i would waited
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    No theme fps

    I'm feeling no pain atm but I'd love a fps that didn't have main theme, 2 or 3 maps each of random types of fps play.
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    Xbox 720 next year...your hardware predictions?

    They could always have the memory expandable like the N64 had.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I was speaking more in terms or ground clutter.
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    Please help review my build

    Buy something cheap or used on craigslist for a case, fancy cases don't make pcs faster.
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    GF needs a good web cam

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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Problem is Modern air power relies on eyes on at the last second or as a last resort. You are moving to fast to see a stationary tank with your eyes but you can see the heat easily. For them to work as is the maps would have to look more like BF42
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    OCZ Vertex 3 60GB SATA III - $72.64 after MIR

    they went up on the Vertex 3, fuckers did that with a kingston as well.
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    GF needs a good web cam

    I'd rather her be a cam whore than a coke whore at the club. I don't give 2 shits about caming so I know nothing about them, any recommendations? I want the quality to be good so she makes more money spending around ~ 100
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Reading this thread and playing the game brings back so many memories (good and bad). One thing for sure though the smacktards are back.
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    Battlefield 3 Crossfire 6950's Green Screen Flashes

    single 5850 does it for me
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    Cable Companies to Offer $9.95 Broadband for Poor Homes

    smoke one less rock and you can get DSL.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I just tried to update BF3 through orgin and it said it was up to date. Then I ran the repair tool and up downloaded a 15 meg patch, server update?