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    Card advice

    Ive recently sold off the guts of my rig to build a new Athlon 64 pc. I've already purchased- AMD Athlon64 3200+ (Venice) and DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-D :D I've got just under £200 to spend on a video card. I'm thinking of getting either... Another Geforce 6600GT or...
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    24pin needed?

    I'll be upgrading my system within the month. Venice CPU, MSI K8N SLI and a single 6600GT. I plan on getting a new PSU next month (this one ) In the meantime will I be able to run the new stuff on my current PSU a 430watt...
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    Athlon 64 dual channel mem

    I'm looking into upgradeing my CPU, mobo and ram. I have my eye on a MSI K8N Neo2 for the mobo and a 3000 or 3200 Venice. At the moment Ive got 2X 256mb sticks of PC3200 OCZ premier ram. Id like to upgrade to over a gig of ram. If i were to purchase 2X 512mb sticks of the same ram...