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    Best bang for the buck $500?

    What would be my best PPD for $500, assuming it would probably be a wintel machine, I would procure the OS separately. Would GPU folding be the way to go,with a slower CPU and minimal memory? Ideally a small SSD would be the OS drive, but a small laptop drive would suffice in a pinch. If...
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    Is it just me? PPD Way down

    Is it just me? My PPD went from 24K to 400 for some odd reason the last couple days. I checked and my FAH service is still running on all cores. Anybody else have a similar issue?
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    Anyone else having Points issue?

    I haven't seen any points issued all weekend despite my box still running. I see it folding, and I've checked it using HFM, but no points have been posted at all. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    FS: Zalman CNPS10XQuiet with free (probably working) AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

    So, here's the deal, something you all have probably encountered: Tried overclocking my Phenom II X6 with a Corsair H60, but in the process I (unknowingly) removed most of the airflow from the motherboard. So I believe the motherboard is toast. However, as you can see from my updated...
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    Contemplating a dedicated Folding Box

    I'm contemplating a dedicated folding box and wanted to see what you guys thing would be the best bang for the buck. I would spend about $1,000. Not sure if it would be better to aim for a dual-GPU setup or more CPU cores. Also, AMD vs. Intel ppd, and Nvidia vs ATI/AMD. Thanks
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    What's going on? PPD way down.

    I have been folding for some time now. Anyway, the past three weeks, my points per day have been way down. I had been around 1200 - 1500 on three CPU's. Now on the same 3 CPU's I'm down to 500-800. Nothing has changed. I checked the logs to be sure optimizations are on and they are. The...
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    Electron Microscope source code

    Does anybody have EMIII source code? I am interested in updating it and making it Vista-compatible. Thanks.
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    Authenticate users based on Active Directory

    I am building an asp 2.0 .net internal-only website for a client. Some of the users will be administrators to the site, but most will not. Instead of having the administrators have yet another login/password, I would like to be able to authenticate them against their Active Directory login...
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    Serial ATA question

    I have looked around but couldn't find any information on what mode that Serial ATA drives use when running in Windows. I am used to DMA mode for IDE devices, but my Serial ATA hard drives are showing in PIO mode, which I understand to be a slower transfer mode. Has anybody encountered...
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    Annoyed at Electron Microscope

    I am annoyed at Electron Microscope. Everytime I try to add a new boxen, it won't save the info I put in. Can anyone help? am I not doing it right. Right now it just shows the same box and thread 4 times because I can't seem to get the directories on the network added in. Anyone?
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    Got me E6600 Up and Running

    Got my E6600 up and running folding. The increase in PPD is massive! Even if I only ran one core I would be looking at a ~90% increase in PPD over the old computer! Awesome! Have it clocked at 2.7Ghz right now, waiting for a little time to try anything higher. But so far, awesome!
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    Changing my mono-cores to dual-cores

    So, the deal is, next week sometime I will be upgrading one computer from an AthlonXP 2400+ to a Core 2 Duo E4400, and my other computer from an Athlon64 3200+ to a Core 2 Duo E6600. I would like to know what ppd peeps have been seeing on these processors (per core), I do not plan on running...
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    Ordered my new comp

    I ordered my new comp: ASUS P5N-E SLI Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Gigabyte GeForce 8600GT Zalman 9500 OCZ 2x1GB DDR2-800 (picking them up from Fry's) Antec P180B Antec NeoHE 500 Power Supply I am keeping my current drives as they have plenty of capacity for me, and my laptop has a DVD-R/RW so I can...
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    Asynchronouse FSB/Memory

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    Asynchronouse FSB/Memory

    I have an Intel brand board, with a 965 chipset, and a Pentium D 820 stuck in it. When I check the BIOS, it reports the FSB at 800Mhz and the memory at 533 Mhz. Since I know the memory is not running an actual 533 Mhz, and the FSB is not actually 800 mhz, I do the math, diving both by 4 (2...
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    Compressed Air Question

    I've been using alot of compressed air lately, and the canned stuff at the store is pretty expensive ($10 for a 3-pack). I was wondering, for those who do professional computer care, what do you do for compressed air? Do you use a compressed air tank? Something like this seems like it would...
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    Hot: Antec P180(B) 79.99 A/R

    Fry's B&M. $119.99 - 40 MIR. Doesn't look to be available online. Linky
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    New Antec P180B and nothing to put in it

    So, the deal is, I have a new Antec P180B case, but nothing to put in it. I have a budget of around $700-800, and would like the following: Dual-core processor 7600GT graphics card 2 GB RAM Modular power supply with active PFC Quiet CPU cooler I will be keeping my hard drives and...
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    Hot! 2GB DDR2 @ the Egg 125.99

    2x1GB PNY DDR2 667 on sale @ the egg. Price: $125.99 After $60.00 Mail-In Rebate After $40.00 Promo Code: EMC206PNYMEM2GB Linky:
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    Folding over network

    Is it possible to fold over a network? I would like to set up folding so that all the data goes to one computer. That way, the other ones can spin down the hard drives and save a little extra power. Anyone doing this right now?
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    Added 5.6Ghz

    My sister just got a Pentium D 820 special from Frys. I put it together for her and of course installed Folding@Home (With her permission, of course) and pretty soon I should be seeing some major point love. That is in addition to my 2Ghz Athlon 3200+ and 2Ghz AthlonXP 2400+. So my total...
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    Love your Socket 5?

    Are you REALLY old school and love your Socket 5? Gotta be worth something, right?
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    Love your Slot A?

    Love your old-and-busted Slot A and poo-poo the New Hotness, Socket 939? Let us know!
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    Love Your Super Socket 7

    Are you a member of the Super Socket 7 club? Say it loud and proud!
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    Can't get ahead!

    I've been stuck between position 142 and 150 for about six months now! What gives? I'm glad others are ramping up and passing me easily, but man, I sure could use a dual-core folding box right now to make any headway. Anyone care to donate?
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    Microsoft's New, Improved, Red Screen Of Death

    New, improved, Red Screen Of Death! I guess Microsoft was getting tired of Blue.
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    Who's getting dual-core?

    Dual-core's a coming! I can't wait. I might have to start with a Pentium D @ 2.8 since they will be the cheapest. For us folders, that is the equivalent of ~5.7Ghz (since the 2nd core doesn't have to deal with the OS, it's like getting an extra 100Mhz for free!) I could add a couple of these...
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    HaHa if you thought you were going to pass me

    If you thought you were going to pass me...haha! I got my wife's computer back up and running. Bad hard drive took it out for 2 weeks (well, I was lazy for a week) but she's up and running now!
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    New board, new memory...more points?

    So, one of my computers decided to take an el-dumpo on the hard drive. Actually, this is the second hard drive on this motherboard that has had problems. Since a person actually uses the computer, I came to the conclusion that the board is probably not good (el-cheapo ECS K7S5A Pro that came...
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    Cheap folding boxen

    spotted at Fry's Electronics the other day: $39 - AMD Duron 1.6Ghz w/ Motherboard $29 - 256 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM $44.99 - $30 MIR = $14.99 Antec SLK1600 w/ 300W Power Supply $14.99 - Any cheap copper/aluminum heatsink --------- $127.98 - 30 MIR = 97.98 Add in any old hard drive and any...
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    Cheap but GOOD laptop at BestBuy

    BestBuy - Toshiba Satellite Pro MX35 Notebook - $499.99, no rebates required. Intel Celeron M (1.4Ghz, 512Kb L2 Cache) 15" screen DVD/CD-RW 256MB RAM (easily expanded) 40GB Hard Drive 802.11b/g WLAN Similiar to these...
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    Gave a boxen away :(

    So, my sister needed a new computer, and my old boxen (Duron 1.0Ghz, 512MB RAM) is better than her older boxen, so I put a couple old hard drives (30GB, 15GB) in there, a CD-ROM and a USB 2.0 card and gave it away. Course, I made her promise to run it 24/7 and to let it run Folding@Home...
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    Opinions on this HTPC setup..

    How does this look for a new HTPC: Antec Aria case Lite-On black 16X DVD-ROM Seagate 120GB Hard Drive Kingston 512MB PC3200 DDR MSI KM4M-V Via KM400 Mobo AMD Athlon XP 2600+ "Barton" AOpen Nvidia GeForce FX5200...
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    Venture a guess?

    Basically, first there was ISA, and all cards were ISA and video was built in Then there were ISA video cards Then the cards were too fast for ISA, so there came VESA Local Bus Then PCI came out and VESA Local Bus was rendered obsolete Then the video cards were too fast for PCI, so that...
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    Anyone else having problem with Electron Microscope?

    Is anyone else having problems with Electron Microscope not showing the value of the work units? It was working fine this morning, but after I restarted EMIII, it only shows UNK as the point values for the work units. I downloaded the EMPROTX database that Larry posted 07/09/04 and unzipped...
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    Forced to shut down

    I will likely be forced to shut down some of my folding machines for the forseeable future due to a little power distribution problem here in the greater Phoenix metro area. I'll try and keep my rigs going at night, but during the...
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    Another 1000Mhz

    Added an AMD Duron 1.0Ghz for the cause. Only downside is that thing gets hot as an oven. :p
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    Tip of my hat

    Congratulations to Overclocker's Australia. Although I fold for the [H]orde, I recognize a competitor when I see one, and I tip my hat to you gentlemen down under. You gave us a fine run, and we're finally starting to add some more production for the [H]orde. Of course, the real winner is...
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    Cheap-O DC Computers

    Saw at Fry's Electronics some GQ (Great Quality) computers for $149.99. Specs: 1.6Ghz AMD Duron, integrated NIC, Modem, Video, 128MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD and a CD-ROM. OS is Lindows, but of course if you have old copies of 'XP or something, you could load that. ;) I'm sure MS wouldn't mind...
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    Double Gromacs Super-Size!

    Folding double-gromacs core, over 2400 points/week on Athlon64!! Anyone else seen this kind of performance from the double Gromacs? I have a 107 pointer that will only take 7 hours to complete on my Athlon64 3200+!