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    HL2 if anyone wants it

    Gone now. Thanks for looking.
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    CoreTemp CPU usage

    Core temp seems to be using (fluctuating) around 20% load on both of my cpu cores. I have an Opty 165@2710. A8N5X MB. Anyone else see anything similar?
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    Yet another Mobile XP success

    Just had to show it off! Not quite stable...yet. The amazing thing is that I'm using a freakin Turbolink PSU to get those numbers. When my Antec gets here, life will be good. BTW, volcano 9 doing the cooling.:eek:
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    New build...Mobile Barton vs AMD64 3000

    I'm about to order parts to build a new box for my mother. I was all set to build her a descent rig based on the Mobile XP with a DFI infinity. THEN, I thought to myself, "self, you could build her a 64 bit box for a couple hundred more". The question is, would it be worth a couple hundred...
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    Windows XP PS2 port problem

    I'm trying to help a family member troubleshoot a keyboard/mouse issue. The mouse and keyboard just stopping working for no apparent reason. She was running a USB->PS2 adaptor on the mouse, removed that and plugged it into a USB port. That works now. The keyborad is still T.U. The Num lock...
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    I feel dirty

    Just found this little proggie. here Really kind of takes the fun out of OCing, but it's definately a time saver!
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    What would you do?

    So I'm sitting in my living room doing a little log checking on my linux lappy (wireless), and notice that my kernel log has a reference to having registerd to active wireless access points. One is obviously mine, the other must have been recently installed by a neighbor. Now normally I'm not...
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    bios reset switch

    I occasionally get a little too confident when overclocking, and sometimes get myself into situation requiring a bios reset. I wired a momentary three lead switch to the bios pins in place of the jumper. The switch is mounted on the front of the case. No more pulling the case out and removing...
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    Interesting HSF observation

    To make a long story short. I've found that having my MB horizontal vice vertical made my core temps drop by about 20 degrees. No typo, 20 freakin degrees. I guess the clip on the heat sink really sucks at keeping the thing square and even against the core. It's friggin amazing, my crappy...