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    Perhaps a silly question but combining 2.1 with 5.1?

    I have a set of logitech z5500s and also z2300s and was wondering if i could somehow mix them together for some sort of hybrid 7.1/7.2(highly unlikely right?) any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    this may seem a strange request but: a win98 compatible pci network card?

    i need to find one for an old computer, can anyone point me in the direction of a good one? thanks in advance EDIT: like would something such as this be ok (it says compatible)? sorry for the 'noobish'...
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    Is there an expected Macbook update soon?

    Thinking along the lines of penryn etc.? Sorry if old :(
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    An interesting itunes/quicktime problem that crashes my PC

    I'm using the most up-to-date software versions for both but I've noticed sometimes when I'm listening to itunes and I go to watch a quicktime thing but don't pause itunes I get a high-pitched noise come from the speakers (this continues after closing quicktime) and then if I pause/close itunes...
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    cat 7.9 leaked (xp and vista 32 bit)

    Well..beta anyway I haven't even bothered to install 7.8 yet >_< (courtesy of the inq) EDIT: Disclaimer It would appear the drivers are intended for 2400 series, 2600 Pro and 2600 XT AGP cards
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    8.40 leaked? (cat 7.8) (nicked from beyond3d so props to 'fellix' :D)
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    utorrent 1.7.1 worth updating?

    For the record it's for legal activities but anyway I've been using 1.6.1 is it worth updating? I'm hearing mixed opinions
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    How about a little E3 2007 speculation for the 3 consoles online marketplaces?

    There's been promises of trailers, live-feeds and demos :D
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    It's what a lot have been waiting for (xbox360 related) move to a 65nm process (gpu and cpu) and a new mobo revision woo :)
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    $499 PS3 at target stores sorry if old :D
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    Wii outsells PS3 6 to 1 in Japan? How accurate is this? I wouldn't have expected this figure to increase monthly :confused:
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    Obscure mouse problem

    Recently I came in to find my desk soaked in water but thank god my keyboard and computer are ok, my mouse however is certainly not. I've placed it in an airing cupboard for a few hours and I'm convinced it's no longer wet (internally) but I'm still having problems with buttons (left-click not...
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    New xbox 360 revision? sorry if old maybe not a new revision but seems like it's getting cooler if nothing else, i'm still waiting for the smaller process before i purchase anything myself
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    Anyone looking forward to the game hydrophobia?;all It's a game that brings water physics to an entirely new level. I really like the suspense-horror/defenceless/stealth theme and certainly uses a unique key element
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    UT3 to be 'TWIMTP' Man everyone sells out these days, can't blame them for trying to get a hardware company to work closely with them to get the most out of their software i suppose :( *TWIMTBP :D
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    Will steam one day takeover the world?

    I mean it's a brilliant system albeit it has it's bugs like any other piece of software. It seems to be the MS Live service of the PC world with undoubtedly more developers to be added. Is this the future of PC gaming?
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    Is there some sort of decent password revealer out there?

    I suppose it could seem like I have dark motives but it's simply I cannot remember the password my ISP sent me and I have it (albeit asterisked) in my router settings and would like to find it. I found one program (but it was evaluative!) that showed the first 3 characters :mad: Is there any...
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    OK so now everyone does tilt Not really bothered but could make a few gimmicky wii or ps3 exclusives not so exclusive anymore..
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    The INQ does it again Plausible but is it the truth? God knows...
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    Z-5500 base control thing not working :(

    Saying that I don't think the subwoofer is working, I tried flicking it on and off, tried different plug etc. but nothing :( Checked logitech's website that had nothing on the matter (I've had the system roughly just over a year) can anyone shed some light on this?
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    Seriously Sony what the hell? I'm speechless but I think Penny Arcade put it best (sorry if old)
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    DX9c Feb 2007

    oooo wonder what's changed:
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    CCC and .NET Framework 3.0

    Is it possible to get CC to use .NET Framework 3.0 instead of 2.0? I just installed 3.0 and cannot uninstall 2.0 so need to find a way around. I hear it speeds up CCC loading times :D
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    Ridge Racer 7 - brilliant feature

    I recently read that the game RR7 has an option to install the game onto a ps3's hard drive (takes about 5gb) to minimize the game's loading times to virtually zero. Now, I'm not exactly a great fan of Sony or their new console but this idea is brilliant, I hope to see it implemented more often...
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    Motorstorm not living up to it's expectations?

    Sorry if old but seems we've gone from 1080p and 60fps to 720p and 30 fps :eek:
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    Catalyst 7.1 out

    Driver: Release Notes:
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    Bah! nf4 DFI Ultra-D woes

    Have been using this board for about 2 years and after today it's been pretty flawless. I left for a minute and came back to a frozen screen to which I couldn't restart so hard to turn off by the wall. Now it wont boot at all with BIOS errors going off and 1 LED to 3 LEDs on diagnostic bit...
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    Silver vs Gold?

    For an X360 what is the difference? On a silver account you can play online and download demos and stuff right?
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    Okami and Godhand for X360? I'm liking it if it's true...
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    Westinghouse LVM-37W3 in the UK?

    Is it possible for me to buy this display from a uk dealer? I've been looking for a really nice HDTV for the new consoles out there and from the reviews I've read it sounds great, the only thing limiting me is that from using google have been unable to find any uk site which sells the set nor do...
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    One of my Logitech Z5500 speakers is 'hissing'

    BAH, everything was going so well, such a great sound, now every song I get a crackled output from the rear right speaker, is there anyway I can fix this? Dunno if I'm still under warranty :(
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    LoZ: TP for Gamecube?

    Opinions? I don't really want to jump on the Wii bandwagon, do you think the game will be as just as good for gamecube?
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    Vista optimized for high speed internet?

    I remember reading awhile a go that Vista is more optimized for broadband and such compared to what XP was. Can anyone confirm this? Anyone noticed a litle speed boost with their connection when switching from XP to Vista?
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    Company of Heroes

    I'm considering getting it but I'm a bit worried about my current rig not being able to run it particularly well :( Can anyone with experience with the game provide some feedback for this?
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    Hope this is true...

    x16 AA on a single card and 128-bit HDR? Yes please
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    Cat 6.10 to integrate Chuck patch and official X1950 XTX support! 6.10 Beta's here
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    Just tried the Defcon Demo

    And although find the concept and implementation of the game beautiful I felt this sort of sadness while playing (which seems strange as I don't feel this with other games involving killing/destruction). Maybe it's the impersonality of the gameplay or maybe because I think it could possibly be...
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    Please say ATi hasn't lost it Someone has a sense of humour alright but I don't think it's the engineers ;)
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    Next step with sound cards?

    Ok so DX10 is nearly upon us bringing a lot of new things to the table in terms of graphics but what about sound cards? The X-fi seems to have been a step sideways rather than forwards but what can we expect in the next few years?
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    Leaked 6.7 drivers No release notes though :(