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    Western Digital Ships 2TB Enterprise-Class HDD

    Their definition of "enterprise class" is much different than anyone elses in the storage industry.
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 1GB [H]

    This might sound needy, but how about tests with this card with another of the same model in crossfire?
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    New 4850x2 system - need advice

    Got the stuff today. Will post pics and benchmarks tomorrow.
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    Tuniq Ripper 1000W Power Supply @ [H]

    Good enough! I just needed a little boost in confidence. When you see a $90 (with MiR) 1kW PS you start to question, ya know?
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    New 4850x2 system - need advice

    I will post some benchies once it's set up. I didn't see a whole lot of reviews and configs with this setup, so I'm not totally sure what to expect. But I would expect 70-80% of a 4870x2 crossfire-x setup (i hope).
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    New 4850x2 system - need advice

    I understand where you're coming from, but from my angle it's not a matter of "need". I wanted to build something that was as scalable as he wanted to get a monitor for (he plans on buying 24 inch or larger). I decided 4850x2 crossfire-x was a good solution for the money.
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    Tuniq Ripper 1000W Power Supply @ [H]

    Paul, Do you think this PS would adequately run a 4850x2 crossfire-x configuration?
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    New 4850x2 system - need advice

    I'm building a new gaming rig for my bro-in-law. His wife wanted to get him something totally kick ass, so I bought a C2Q8300, DFI X38 and (2) 4850x2s. I bought the Tuniq Ripper 1000W after I read the [H] review. To tell you the truth I'm now a little jealous and I now want to keep it...
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    CRYSIS - 1920x1200 Very High - What card???

    Buying a rig around one game is retarded. Consider other games you might play. I bought a 4870 because I know it will perform as good or better than a 280 in most games. Not only that, it still costs about 100 less than the 280.
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    WOW players here is a good question

    The 2 dogs part isn't even an excuse. Try getting married and have some kids. No time for WoW then. Definitely not the kind of time to be raiding full time.
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    4870 and power supply

    I'm using a 4870 with a 450W OCZ ps. Working pretty well for the last few days. You should be fine.
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    Online Storage / Backup. What are you using?

    HP upline appears to be a pretty good deal. I am most likely going with this solution.
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    SCSI Configuration Issue - Dell Perc 3/SC

    Ok, so I run into this every day. Here's my really bad but accurate explination. There are two sets of configurations for a HW Raid array, For LSI and Adaptec controllers anyway. The actually controller itself stores the array information and configuration. That is the NVRAM config...
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    How do you back up Terabytes of data?

    I'm guessing video and pictures. 5TB is an huge amount though. Based on the criticality of the data stored, you can decide what you want. In this case, your data is probably not critical. Meaning that you would not lose money if it were lost, or anywhere near enough money to justify the...
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    Fibre Channel SAN card for Leopard

    That would be a rare combination. I can tell you that with our Windows and Linux servers, the QLE2460s and 2462 are very good cards.
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    Seagate CEO: “If SSD Gets Popular, We Will Sue”

    If it's their patent or intellectual property, shouldn't it be up to them when they decide when to take action? It's certainly better than having the government poke their nose into business when they're not needed.
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    Seagate CEO: “If SSD Gets Popular, We Will Sue”

    I'm sure there is some logic behind it. It doesn't matter how much money it makes in between, that is pretty irrelevant. What is relevant is the cost of the lawsuit vs. how much money they would stand to make. Anything in between can get sorted out in the suit.
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    What happens when you run out of letters?

    No, he was just messing with you. Yes, really., You can mount disks in a subfolder within another drive. You have to covert both drives to dynamic, however. Can't do it with basic disks.
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    Calling all File Server gurus...what is the best File Server money can buy?

    Ummmm, before you start shelling out bucks for a new setup, you may want to dig into the perfmon stats and prove it's something within the disk subsystem first. Specifically, Disk Que lengths and IOPS during these moments of hiccups. If you use 3rd party disk management, you can see "hot...
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    Digital SLR preferences: Nikon vs Canon

    On a different note, I recently purchased an Olympus E510, and I love it. Good starter kit. Lower price and more features than the Rebel XTi and the D40X. I've taken some fantastic pictures with it.
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    Online Capacity Expansion with LSI RAID controller

    Even with Windows basic partitions, it's not impossible to expand. You'd use diskpart or use partitionmagic. You shouldn't need to do this in BIOS (hence online disk expansion. There should be an option to expand in the Megaraid Storage Manager. I'd have to double check on the exact steps...
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    Harddrive recovery specialist

    Check out They offer physical drive recovery at a reasonable price (usually under $1200). 1200 may seem like a lot, but OnTrack usually charges well north of 2000 for a driver recovery. I've done work with them many times and they are very thorough. And the truly nice thing...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Count me in!
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    U2 Manager Takes Internet Providers To Task

    Wah Wah Wah. My gold crown isn't shiney enough and my diamond shoes are too tight!. Why do people with tons of money whine about how much they've been "abused". I would think in recent years, the world has been kind to U2, new records being successful, sold out tours, etc. etc. Amazing...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 @ [H]

    Gotcha, sorry didn't read the whole thing. But he did test 32bit with the new NEW drivers then?
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 @ [H]

    Maybe I'm totally off-base. Did anyone notice what OS was using in Kyle's/Anand's tests? Kyle is using Vista 64, Anand is using Vistax86. Would this explain the different in performance? Is ATI have immature catalyst drivers for x64?
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    Has anyone used these (SAS to SATA converters) I have 4x73GB 15K SAS drives that I'd like to use on my home PC. I think what I'll end up doing is using an actual SATA controller (highpoint or areca), and using these in a RAID 5 for general storage or something else...
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    File Server Question

    Very strange. It's the exact same hardware, the only different is that the link you posted was for the MD1000 under "small and medium business", mine was "large business/enterprise". Same unit though, at like 1/3 of the cost. Either way I believe you. But I still think with what the OP...
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    File Server Question

    ? I'm looking at as we speak. Starting price for an MD1000 is $7,096, that that's with 1 or 2 drives. Could you post a link with that price? Yes, of course you can get things...
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    Mix 7200.10s with 7200.11 in raid

    Disks in a single array should be the same make, model and firmware rev. Of course adding the .11s might very well work for their entire lifespan, I just wouldn't take the risk.
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    raid 6 expansion - options and views please

    One of the touted features of the 1220 is online capacity expansion and RAID migrations. So yes it is possible. However I do not know if that would work for scenerio #2 that you've described. I have done many OCEs, but on Dell and HP specific controllers. I've never been able to expand a...
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    File Server Question

    Dell will support it, and they would never know about it as long as you use the same brands of disks. (Dell uses a mixture of all of them). An MD1000 would run you over 6K easy for bare bones. Probably not the best option. I agree though, RAID 5 is more than enough to run what you want...
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    Does this exist?

    If they make them, there are very, very few of them. If you're going to be dropping money on a dual socket system, registered memory should not be that big of deal. That said, a Quad-core system will be just as fast, or faster than a dual-dual core AMD rig. And it will be cheaper as well...
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    Perc 5i - Quick Questions

    The battery is for the write-back cache on the card. In case you lose power of the machine is powered off imporperly, it will prevent corruption on the cache (thus your array). I also believe you cannot use RAID5/6/ADG at all unless you have battery-backed cache (this is at least the case with...
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    One year later and the 8800GTX/Ultra is still top dog with nothing out to beat it

    I don't care about the threads, I'm just sick of seeing the phrase "top dog". Seriously OP, you're really overusing it. Now stop posting the same fuckin topic over and over again.
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    Perc 5i - Quick Questions

    Not correct. Branded SAS cards like PERC5i/e and the HP P400s only have the larger adapters that would normally plug into the backplane. From the backplane, you can usually insert SATA drives with the right carries. In other words, yes you need that cable. $100 for a PERC5/i is a...
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    How do I backup a 2TB raid?

    Exactly. Even though the larger drives cost a bit more, you have less of them to maintain. You don't want to juggle around these disks like they're CDs or tapes.
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    How do I backup a 2TB raid?

    What is your definition of cheap? There's not a whole lot of options. If you want a reliable method of backup, he's going to have to pay for it. The 1TB drives would make more sense to me. Grab a couple and get some SATA or USB2.0 enclosures. Not the perfect solution but it's better than...
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    Hard drive recovery prices

    Ouch. Sorry to hear about the loss. start with DTI ( I have done business with them several times. I believe their physical drive recovery (opening it up and repairing) will cost between 1100-1300. More expensive places like OnTrack will charge in the thousands. DTI does...