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    Shadow of Modor $37.49 @ Greenmangaming

    Use code: SEPTEM-BEROFF-ER25XX I'm hoping that this isn't a repost but if not then $37.49 seems to be a good deal. Game looks like it should be pretty fun!
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    Samsung 840 pro 512gb for $240 shipped

    Just bought one. He doesn't have any feedback so we'll see if I just took a chance or not. Says that there are two left. Everything in the description says it's the 840 pro 512 model...
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    Mass Effect 3 $5.99 with $15 promo code @ Newegg

    $6 with free shipping. I've never played any of the mass effect games but for six bucks I'll give it a go. Promo code: EMCXMXW64