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    Server sends 100s-1000s of SYN SENT to another server before SMTP connection made

    We have a Webuntu server that sends out email campaigns via an Interspire Email Marketer program. It sends the email campaigns to a HAProxy load balancer Ubuntu server which then distributes emails in round robin between SMTP relay servers. The Interspire program sends out emails on an...
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    Frequency Range of Sound Cards, Does it Matter?

    so, in post #3 of this thread ( ), the poster shows the measured frequency response of integrated audio versus an external sound card. now assuming the integrated audio and external sound card are exactly the same except for their frequency...
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    Issue with Realtek Audio, Speaker Channel Setting, & Streaming Media

    I've noticed there is a HUGE difference in sound quality between selecting "2CH Speaker" (produces weak and muddied sound) and "8CH Speaker" (produces stronger more open sound) when listening to streaming media audio. This effect doesn't carry over when listening to audio in WMP. There is...
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    Blizzcon '09 Legal Stream

    a thread related to this was closed earlier here is a legal stream link: no idea what the difference is between the PPV coverage and this stream link
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    Something confusing me about headphone volume

    use onboard Realtek sound, headphones are Alessandro MS-1, and my volume sliders in volume control and Realtek's audio program are at max now here is what is confusing me. there is a huge difference in volume level when using youtube to play a song and playing the same song in WMP. I...
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    WoW, Most Needed Raiding Class & Spec Right Now?

    I'm considering getting back into WoW. Can anyone tell me what is the most needed raiding class right now for Alliance and Horde? Thanks. Chinese gold farmers got to eat sometime!
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    Overclock Setting Fails to Post After Restarting PC in XP

    When I restart my PC in XP my overclock setting fails to post and the mobo reverts back to non-OC settings. So there's something causing the OC setting to be unstable, but when I do a cold boot at the OC settings or change BIOS settings back to previous OC, it posts without an issue. I haven't...
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    FO3 - Question on Multicore Use

    Anyone know if FO3's multicore is limited to dual cores or can the game take advantage of more than 2 CPUs? Thanks.