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    Acer XB271HU in stock @ Amazon ($795~)

    Says 1 left in stock, but it went from 3 to 4 earlier sooo... 9 in stock, no longer from amazon. Beach Audio $782.38 free shipping.
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    Acer XB271HU in stock @ Amazon ($795~)

    Price was jumping around a lot and stock dropping fast: 11 to 4 in 10 minutes~
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    Buying 3 GPUs, which gtx 980 ti to get?

    I'm about to purchase 3 video cards. 2 to be used in SLI, and 1 as a single card. Pretty sure going with gtx 980 Ti. Would anyone recommend a specific GTX 980 Ti? I was looking at EVGA and they all appear to be about the same price $659, so why not go with the Classified at the same price?
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    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping

    Acer XB270HU is IPS Gsync 1440p 27" at $700 mark Mmmm... Well I think I will also hold out for my dream monitor at $500. (27" IPS 1440p 144hz G-sync) with good QC limited IPS glow.
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    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping

    Here's a video on it: After watching it I kinda feel like maybe the price of this monitor will be driven down. As the reviewer states the $800 starting point is obviously way too high for a TN in 2015. But he states that around $500 it would be a...
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    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping

    There is no possible way I can mow enough lawns and build enough computers for people by tonight to pay for this monitor!!!! The humanity!
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    WARM? SanDisk Ultra II 960GB for $219 @MC

    How would someone argue for buying a samsung 850 evo 1tb over this? I have samsung 830, 840, 850 evos in all of my computers in varried sizes and have had no problems with them at all.
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    Yeeeep... Anything even worth using this 20% coupon on?
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    Most of it, but I figured most of the issues were with that bonkers deal on the 46". I am now able to pull up the order. It states order date 11/29/15, item status: on hold. Credit statement says payment pending. Do I have any hope? (EA274WMI-BK-R)
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    I ordered the 27" IPS 1440p refurb, and received a confirmation email but when I try to look up the order/shipping status with any and all configurations of the data they sent to my email it only returns responses that it can't find anything. (On the website) Which really bothers me. Is there...
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    NEC Closeout $145 refurbished EA274wmi

    Subtotal: $144.20 USD Shipping: $15.18 USD Shipping Discount: - $15.18 USD *Sales Tax: $11.53 USD Regulatory Fees: $4.00 USD Congratulations, your order qualifies for the Free Shipping discount! Total: $159.73 USD In for 1.
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    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping

    Uggghhh! Someone please buy for me for christmas! Any reason to want a swift or acer/benq equivalent over this? The benq doesn't have g-sync. Dell has the better QC and customer service I reckon.
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    Linksys AC3200 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router - $129.99 (Amazon)

    I need a better router... But reviews are sooo bad :(
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    Newegg Black Friday in full effect now thru 11/29

    R5 for 89.99 much better deal. Bought one a couple weeks ago at that price. I have the R4 and R5. R5 is superior. Not by a lot though, r4 is still pretty darn good at that price. But I won't be buying another R4 over an R5.
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    Newegg $599 DELL S2716DG 27” 2560 x 1440 144Hz Gaming Monitor with G-Sync

    For someone who primarily games but also does appreciate a beautiful picture and does some digital media work as a hobby (and is currently using a 25" 1080p hannspree tn) would you recommend grabbing this dell at this price? Or wait for a fast IPS gaming option to be available?
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    Newegg $599 DELL S2716DG 27” 2560 x 1440 144Hz Gaming Monitor with G-Sync

    I am strongly in the market for a 1440p 144hz-165hz 27" monitor g-sync is a welcome plus. I had been looking at BenQ as my primary selection with the new asus IPS 165hz as a consideration. Should I scoop on this or does BenQ have any offerings that are better? Hear lotta bad stories about QC and...
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    Early Black Friday TV Sales @ BestBuy (Some of it.)

    I can't seem to find out if those LG 43/49's are available IN STORE or not. Is it only online?
  18. E Today only 11/19, Buy one get one free

    According to a few in depth reviews comparing the best bars around that I read, quest bars really are top notch in comparison to the competition. While it is still better to have a real meal with quality ingredients, the quest bar seems to have a really good lineup of protien, a LOT of fiber...
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    Frys - Samsung 55" ($797) and 60" ($1097) JS7000 on sale - In store only

    Are these good deals? Does anyone know the models? I'm looking for a new living room TV for movies/tv mostly, and sometimes consoles. Would either of these be better than the other? if the 55 is IPS and the 60 is VA does that mean that the 55 will look slightly better, but the 60 will have a...
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    Walmart X8 Netgear w/ free chrome cast $150 black November deal

    I don't even see the X8 on
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    Fractal Design Define R5 @ Newegg ($89.99 free ship)

    I built a corsair 200r not too long ago, a nice little case in the $50 range. The R5 feels like a $150 case (but msrps around $115-125, yay fractal), at a good deal. Compared to the 200r you will notice much heavier construction all around. A higher quality interior, the option of closing off...
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    Fractal Design Define R5 @ Newegg ($89.99 free ship)

    One of the best cases for miles IMO. I own both the R4 and the R5, the R5 was a definite improvement all around. This is usually the lowest price around. Looks like amazon dropped this low but is currently out of stock. Link...
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    Define R5 $88.99 Newegg Shell Shocker

    I've built and own both the R4 and R5, the R5 is actually an all around complete upgrade, if only slightly. It was a pleasant surprise. I've had some minor problems with rattling grills with the R4, but the R5 has been a SOLID performer, dead quiet. Build quality doesn't skip a beat. R5 IMO is...
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    G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 MX is $99 @NewEgg

    I love G.Skill as a company, briefed over the keyboard it looks really amazing for their first product in keyboards, aside from a few points: looks like they went with abnormally high raised keys, I wonder how weird that will feel to me coming from a CM Storm Trigger. One reviewer...
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    Help On Wireless Router

    Why are all the "top dogs" not looking so hot in the reviews? Currently using an Asus N66U and have been for some time. I've noticed that over time the wireless coverage and speed have both degraded. I've seen similar comments in the reviews about the "top dogs" I've been waiting and hoping for...
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    Microsoft 10 July 29th Special?

    Actually I was hoping that they were giving Windows Insider members who drove all the way to one of their stores for this event a free copy of Windows 10. Sounds fair to me. But still curious what they're actually giving, in addition to the t-shirts. They didn't say what it was.
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    Microsoft 10 July 29th Special?

    What exactly are they doing? I've gotten several emails about a special event going on today for people who go to Microsoft stores. I am an insider on several machines, but the nearest store is about an hour away. I don't think I can make that. Is there anything else I can take advantage of, or...
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    Microsoft 10 July 29th Special?

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    Fractal Design Define R5, $79.95 FS Newegg

    Got this case a little while ago for around 100, it's fantastic. Overall improvement from the R4. At $80 it's a great deal IMO.
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    Best Affordable Quiet Case, With Quiet Fans That Still Performs Well

    Silence, durability, reputable name, good dust prevention, versatility, value. Thinking of these things the new Fractal R5 immediately comes to mind. It can be had from newegg for about $125 + tax. Same price at microcenter if you can find it. It was chosen as silentpcreview's silent gaming...
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    Warm: Newegg - G.Skill 16gb 2400 cl10 $150 -$15 code, $135

    G.Skill Trident X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400 CL10 1.65v Newegg: Code: -$15 EMCAPKP24 I personally have been using this set in my main gaming rig for a little over a year now and...
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    poop, I'm going to find out if I can get this at Tustin tomorrow. If not, I would love for it to be possible for you to buy that same exact combo for me and ship it to me. ^.^
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    Hot? Samsung 850 EVO 500GB $189.99

    Pretty attractive case, I'm really hung up on 90 degree rotation though. I just don't know if the ft05 is going to be an allstar with me like the ft02 is.
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    Hot? Samsung 850 EVO 500GB $189.99

    Yeah I grabbed 1 for my future build. seasonic platinum 1200 watt psu and 850 evo 500 gb sofar. Looking for a worthy upgrade from my FT02B case. I'm on a knife's edge about the ft05.
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    Hot? Samsung 850 EVO 500GB $189.99

    It's back on sale at $189.99 at amazon. UGHHH SO CLOSE to pulling trigger. $100 diff between this and the pro... Pro gives? Minor minor speed increases all around and 10 yr warranty vs the 5 on evo? which either are probably irrelevant with the projected duration of vnand?
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    Onkyo 575W, 5.2Channel, 4k, 3d Receiver $250, today only

    Amazon has the same price: TX-NR535 and there appears to be a slightly higher, 7.2 model with slightly better reviews for $20 more: TX-NR626...
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    SeaSonic SS-1200XP3 80+ PLATINUM for 139.99 AR @ Newegg

    are those of top quality? Better than I'd be able to do myself with stuff purchased at MDPC or Murdermods? $100 for cables @.@
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    SeaSonic SS-1200XP3 80+ PLATINUM for 139.99 AR @ Newegg

    ordered $166.61 total before rebate with eggsaver 4-7 day shipping. Yeeeeh boy. $11~ cali tax ftl.
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    SeaSonic SS-1200XP3 80+ PLATINUM for 139.99 AR @ Newegg

    Hey what's the masterpass?