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    Would it be possible to accidently undo the stock-overclock on a EVGA FTW card?

    Try eVGA OC Scanner X to find automatically artifacts ;) There is a CUDA and OpenCL memory stress tester (like memtest86/memtest86+): LINK. But - and that's a big one - the best OC testing program IMO is BF3 on 48-63 servers. Trust me, many have failed with "stable" OC's with that...
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    Would it be possible to accidently undo the stock-overclock on a EVGA FTW card?

    Raising the power target is like a two sided blade you know, the core voltage will go up too and then the GPU will reach temperatures above 70*C and the card stars to throttle... The best GTX 670 OC guide is THIS, please read it carefully, it explains a lot of things.
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    Adjusting Fan Speed - GTX560Ti Top

    It's very easy raising the fan speed with MSI After Burner. You can make a fan profile with that, the fan will ramp up accordingly. :D
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    How to Lower Ram speed on UP3D to OC Q9550?

    The lowest memory multiplier is 2.00 with P45 motherboards :( The available options are [2.00] , [2.40] , [2.50] , [3.00] , [3.20], [2.66] , [3.33] , [4.0+] Memory Frequency = Host Clock (FSB) * Multiplier Your RAM can achieve 850 MHz only, as jime said, for 3.8-4 GHz you have to buy...
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    Is Team Scorpion G-Reaver a good mouse?

    The G-Reaver uses the Avago 3050 sensor, Omron switches and lower quality UPE feet. The sensor is the same as in the CM Storm Xornet (I use that :eek: ), it's a mediocre sensor. After many firmware updates I settled down at a 1.8 m/s perfect control speed at the expense of a higher lift off...
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    How to Lower Ram speed on UP3D to OC Q9550?

    Meh, that's not right, you're doing it wrong. From the mobo's manual: The multi is under the ********DRAM Performance Control ******** (G)MCH Frequency Latch [Auto] <- Probably you must adjust this too, but only after System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [Auto] <- THIS That mobo has...
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    GPU Default Fan Speed Issue

    You can adjust fan speed with AfterBurner or eVGA Precision, it's pretty easy IMO.
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    System will not boot with Patriot memory

    Did you tried the MemOK! - you know, that nasty little button near the RAM slots, above the 24-pin ATX connector ??? Asus claims that this "memory rescue tool requires a mere push of a button to patch memory issues" :rolleyes:
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    Crucial m4 Bricked... warning

    You have a good chance to bring back to life that M4, because there is a known issue with the 010G firmware. You could try the following: It worked for some people... :rolleyes:
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    SSD for video captures?

    To my knowledge it isn't recommended to use an SSD as a video recording media, because after repeated and longer recordings their write speed starts to plummet. After the second or third run the sustained/sequential write speed could be lower than a HDD's... and not to mention that this type of...
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    How will this do for 2500k and how to properly attach the fan to heatsink

    I have the same motherboard, you have 2 CPU fan connectors, one is with 4 pin (PWM), the other is a 3 pin header. I'm using both of them, the second (3 pin) is linked with the 4 pin PWM header and it's CPU temperature dependent. Just set in the BIOS the CPU fan target level to a lower...
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    NVIDIA 310.33 Beta Drivers are Out

    Till I got the same error as Shikami... I'm getting this also: The game froze and I get this error too. :mad: Fuuuu, for me BF3 crashed once in the early days, after that for months it was running smoothly... sort of :(
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    NVIDIA 310.33 Beta Drivers are Out

    Tested this driver with BF3 (48-64 ppl servers), everything seems OK.
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    4-way SLI 680 and BF3 MP = ~70% GPU Usage

    No problem :D I saw other SLI users too complaining about poor or less GPU utilization in BF3 with the 310.33 driver.
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    4-way SLI 680 and BF3 MP = ~70% GPU Usage

    The link for NVIDIA Display Driver Feedback Something is wrong with your über setup, whoaa 15 avg. fps :eek:
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    NVIDIA 310.33 Beta Drivers are Out

    Yep, it's true, see link: PCGH @ fomoz: you have pretty good GPU usage (at least what am I seeing), I read at another place, that SLI users get lower GPU utilization in BF3 with this driver, it's true?
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    Cannot use Autocad off of old drive

    No, do it like satterth said, I will try it later too. Another option is to use Tools->Customize->Export Customizations or the cuiexport/cuiimport commands before and after upgrade/change for transferring your settings. I know, it's a pain in the arse to make all the GUI to your liking. For...
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    d6 error. Asrock p67 pro3 b3

    Then you'll be with that 6200 for a couple of weeks :p
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    d6 error. Asrock p67 pro3 b3

    Yes, but don't use too much garlic :D But not all the reflowed cards lasted a longer period, they brake again.
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    Need 120mm case fan recommendation

    You need a fan, that has a good CFM to dBA ratio. Another aspect is, if that you will mount it in vertical or horizontal position, because for sleeve bearing fans it is recommended to mount them vertically. Usually, PWM fans at lower rpm have clicking noise too. Other non-PWM fans when...
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    Asus Maximus V Gene Bricked My SSD

    ^ - that means that you have the 010G firmware for that Crucial M4. There's a known problem with the latest firmware, the SSD simply disappears after a reboot. The workaround (from G3D) is: I hope it helps, dunno :(
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    BIOS settings

    Probably you must enable Q-Fan Control :confused:
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    Frame Limiter or Vsync

    With framerate limiter in BF3 I get smoother graph (and better gameplay experience too) using the Render.Perfoverlay.Visible command, also in conjunction with RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1.
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    i5 2500k overclock attempt, pc stops working

    I found a few problems related to the MSI p67a-g43, they were solved through rolling back to BIOS ver. 1.9.
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    I just tried BF3 with Nvidia's Adaptive Vsync

    Huh ? :confused: You're asking about the drivers from which you can select the AdaptiveVSync options in the NVControlPanel ? If so, the answer is yes.
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    Fan Bracket?

    Something like this ? Probably not... :( I remember some other models with a "rail system", but the fans where adjustable only on the horizontal axis and you couldn't flip them.
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    Direct Contact Heat Pipes and thermal paste...

    There's a test with thermal paste application methods from bench mark reviews (a site that's not allowed [H]ere) , page 6, google it. ;)
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    ASRock Dying (USB Ports) (HELP!)

    Did you tried the mobo outside of the case, I had a similar issue when it was a short or something around the I/O shield (user error). :confused:
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    IntelBurnTest linpack speeds

    Your friend has the same IBT Linpack and has Win7 SP1??? Because without SP1 (AVX extensions) and older Linpack you'll get low speeds :confused:
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    Why does my p67 extreme4 "double post"?

    Many ASRock P67 motherboards are doing this when the Spread Spectrum is enabled in the BIOS. Disable Spread Spectrum and see how it goes :D
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    Old mouse finally starting to die, need a replacement

    Did you mean: Zowie EC2 ??? That's a 500/1000/2000 DPI mouse and not really for claw grip !!! At the highest setting the scroll wheel it's blue.... WTF
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    Best alternative to Diamondback?

    A similar shape has this mouse, it's a knock off with mediocre sensor and Razer quality ;)
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    Old mouse finally starting to die, need a replacement

    For a claw grip the best shape has the CM Storm Spawn or Xornet. I have the Xornet (was dirt cheap :D ), it's a little mouse, you have to get used to it... Has the Avago ADNS-3050, with the V75 firmware has low LiftOffDistance and higher PerfectControlSpeed on black cloth pads. The Spawn...
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    Looking for a new KB an mouse for BF3

    @ DeathSmasher: Most likely you have a problem with BF3's terrible hit detection ;) There isn't a KB/mouse combo what corrects that problem, so... If you're looking for a mouse, you should read this thread from ESR, pretty simple. As for a keyboard, I'm using the same no-name KB that came...
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    Dragunov Gaming Mouse - For the Budget Gamer

    This mouse is similar to E-Blue/Team Scorpion products :cool: Some of their mouse had Avago sensors and Omron switches, but mostly they are cheap knock offs...
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    NT Kernel & System .. high cpu after resume when oc'd

    ACPI (Automatic Configuration Power Interface) tries to throttle down the CPU usage when the temperatures are too high. I assuming that when your 'puter is OC-ed, some power management features are disabled and/or in the sleep state those features aren't applied correctly. I'm wondering...
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    Spider Silk Conducts Heat as Well as Metals

    Offtopic: Thermal conductivity is measured in W/mK, what's the big deal :confused:
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    Need help from GTX460/BF3 players..

    The i5-750 should do the job, when it's OC'ed, it's performance is similar to an i5-2400 ;)
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    Need help from GTX460/BF3 players..

    I hate to say it, but you'll need a beefier CPU, there are some interesting threads about that [H]ere: Q9650 @ 4.4Ghz vs. i5-2500K @ 5Ghz BF3 64 player MP CPU benchmarks! Your GPU usage is way to low, if you're using the FPS limiter from MSI:AB, then that's normal. :p If you're...