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    Possible PSU problem with new build?

    I've just put together a new computer with the following specs: Case: Corsair Carbide Series 330R CPU: Core i7 4770 Mobo: AsRock Z87 Pro3 PSU: Corsair RM450 GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 630 2GB RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 32GB kit There's also one hard drive a Wifi card and some other minor...
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    Similar screens to Asus PB278Q 27"

    Are there any similar 27" screens out there in the same price category and with comparable resolution? I'm looking for large screens for programming, so they don't need to have perfect color reproduction etc.
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    supermicro AM3+, support for AMD FX-6100?

    Does anyone know if the following board support the AMD FX-6100 CPU: I need a mobo for this CPU that supports ECC memory, is Micro-ATX form factor and has two 1GbE ports.
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    NAS server CPU + Mobo recks

    I've changed my mind about my new setup and I'm getting two servers instead of one of which one is a dedicated NAS. This simplifies disk management among other things. I've decided on the following case and need recommendations for CPU and Mobo...
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    Rack server for NAS

    I'm building a NAS server. I have an external 16-bay enclosure and the required RAID card for it. I'm looking at recommendations for the server part. My current idea is to get the following components: 1. Intel Core i3-3250 CPU 2. SuperMicro MBD-X9SCM-IIF Micro ATX mobo 3. Kingston...
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    Cheap, silent ECC rack mountable setup

    I currently have two Sun Fire X2100 M2 servers, but these sound like jet engines, so I'm thinking about getting rid of them even though they are extremely reliable. I'm essentially looking for something along the following lines: 1. Rack mountable silent chassis 2. Quality PSU 2. ECC memory...
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    16GB kit recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for a reliable 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1600 kit. Preferably one without a heat spreader and other cosmetic gimmicks. It looks like Samsung only has 4GB sticks (I was thinking of these), so they will not work, since I might need to upgrade to 32GB of RAM and mobo only...
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    Universal LTE chips?

    Does anyone know if any manufacturers have universal LTE chips coming out soon? I currently have a 3 year old smartphone and I've been reluctant to upgrade. I have SIMs for both one US and two European telcos that I use depending on where I am. Problem is getting a phone that would be able to...
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    Advice for new work rig

    I'm buying a new rig in about 6 weeks and need some general advice. The machine will be used solely for programming and running some math computations. I'm looking for reliability and performance, so I do not care about overclocking, but I do need a fast CPU/RAM and need to be sure that I can...
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    H87 vs. Z87 high performance RAM

    Since H87 boards do not "support overclocking" (whatever that means), is it possible to run them with high performance memory? Let's say that I buy some DDR3-2133 sticks and have the BIOS automatically select the memory settings, will it pull the info of the stick and run it at that speed or...
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    NVIDIA card for two large screens (no gaming)

    I'm building a home office rig (programming) with two 27" screens that can handle a 2560 x 1440 resolution and need a video card to run them. The machine would run Fedora Linux, so I'm looking for an NVIDIA card as my experience is that the closed source drivers are the most stable under KDE...
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    Asus PB278Q 27.0"

    I'm buying a new rig in the next couple of months mainly for programming. My intention is to get two high resolution 27" IPS screens. Currently, it looks like this would be a best fit. Does anyone have any experience with this screen and would anyone recommend something else? I will not be doing...
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    50 post limit??

    I've been coming to this forum regularly for years every time I'm buying a new rig, but I've never had a reason to ask questions, hence post. I'm trying to sell my rig, so I registered and now I need 50 posts in order to post something to the FS/T subforum. This is beyond annoying, since it...