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    Anyone looking for an HTPC case needs to see this I am in love.
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    First time HT audio setup

    I'm currently planning a 5.1 setup. I'm on a very limited budget. My fronts are monopoles facing inwards towards the listener. For the rears I'm thinking about: This (Klipsch RS-41 II)...
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    Need help figuring this out

    Perhaps you guys can help me figure this out. I have spent the last 20 minutes on google but to no avail. Scroll down and you will show a chart comparing the features of their HDTVs. One of which is the refresh rate. Several options listed are...
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    So I have a friend who is buying a laptop for his uncle in italy. Should he 1. Buy it locally at a place like tigerdirect and ship it himself via ups 2. Buy it online at a manufacterer website like and have them ship it to him 3. Is their a third option that needs to be...
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    Headphone brands

    So at the moment I am compiling a list of potential headphones to take a look at. I do not yet know what my price range will be. I have been combing this forum for awhile now and whenever a thread pops up where someone is asking about headphone recommendations I keep seeing the same names...
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    2.0/2.1 home theater audio setup

    Hard limit of $300 (yes I know it's not much, don't tell me to save up more). I am open to the idea of both a 2.0 and a 2.1 system. Take the receiver out of the equation, just recommend a speaker setup. What's out there these days?
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    New 2.1 System

    Any good 2.1 systems out their that have both a 3.5mm input and a dual rca input? I'm setting a budget of $200 and this is a home theater setup btw. I blew out my right speaker on my current system the other day so I need to replace it. I want to hook my hdtv up to it with dual rca but I also...
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    Your my last resort....

    I have a problem that I have officially given up on trying to solve on my own, this almost never happens. Basically I cannot get audio to work on windows 7. This may get complicated so for those of you who aren't truly dedicated to helping me you can spare yourselves not continuing. I have...
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    Win 7 freezing

    Not sure where to put this but I figured general software would be ok since it's clearly a software issue. Win 7 is booting to desktop and then freezing right when it gets to the desktop, permanently, it's so bad I can't even open task manager. I know it's a software problem because linux mint...
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    Crysis 2 website launched
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    Bad Company 2 Server Issues And Feature Issues

    Alright, this game is amazing when you find a good server but it seems like 9/10 servers that I try out are either laggy or grossly unbalanced. Lag: I always join servers that show a low ping in the server browser. And as a result my in game ping is always low as well, but I'de say that in...
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    Problem with tv tuner

    A friend of mine just build a rig and everything is working fine except for one small problem, the tv tuner card isn't being recognized by win7 x64. He tried both PCI slots on the mobo and downloaded and installed the drivers manually. The drivers specifically say that they will work with win7...
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    Problem with tv tuner

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    Indie games

    Can anyone recommend some good indie games to try out?
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    First crysis 2 screenshots are out! Clearly either prerendered or supersampled but I don't care.
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    Just thought I should post this here. Even though I know a flame war is inevitable, I must say this leak actually seems legit. Edit: Damn I just realized this has already been posted in the nvidia section, mods you can close this, sorry everyone.