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    New York Looking to Regulate 3D Printed Firearms

    so the message here is, guns are ok as long as you buy them from our major donors/lobbyists
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    PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know

    wow at these elitists arguing with each other like 12 year old children!
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    Chinese Supercomputer Destroys Speed Record

    yes yes let's shut down 23 schools and build a $400 million dollar prison then wonder why China is beating us
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    PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know

    using vpn/tor won't do anything if you're a person of interest... they can break the encryption effortlessly
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    100 Tesla Model S Cars For Downtown Las Vegas?

    I don't know why I bother posting on this forum anymore
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    100 Tesla Model S Cars For Downtown Las Vegas?

    honestly I hate batteries ( but not as much as I hate petroleum ). I just think an electric vehicle is a step in the right direction away from petroleum. I think within 5-10 years we'll have cars that generate their own electricity so there won't be any need for batteries or petroleum
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    100 Tesla Model S Cars For Downtown Las Vegas?

    I'm not saying batteries are the solution. I just think an electric vehicle is a step in the right direction. With the recent advances in LENR maybe something real will come from that? Look here -...
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    100 Tesla Model S Cars For Downtown Las Vegas?

    yeah!!!!!! down with innovation!!!! we need to stick with petroleum, man!!!!!!
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    Google Announces Google Fiber Expansion

    yes! now this is a free market at work!! and all it takes is $100 million for lawyers and lobbyist to rewrite local/state/fed law to allow competition
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    Google's Top Four Execs Getting Bonuses Totaling $15M

    Google is a company where the exec do in fact deserve such large bonuses. No one innovates or is as efficient as Google. Good for them!!
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    Who's Liable For Driverless Car Crashes?

    aside from weather / outside forces I don't imagine there being any crashes. it's gonna be some asshole like Del Spooner driving manually causing a crash
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    Browser Wars: Chrome Hits 17-Month Low

    What a bunch of bullshit!! Why are these numbers so different from these -
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    Six Strikes Officially Begins On Monday

    yes I am going to pirate because there is so much god damn garbage out there. When I find something I actually like, I ALWAYS buy it. If I don't like it, I delete it immediately. Most pirates are the same I think unless it's some kid still living at home with their parents. But this doesn't...
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    Six Strikes Officially Begins On Monday

    good thing I have a seedbox at ovh. can't do shit to me!@!
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    Higgs Boson Particle May Spell Doom For the Universe

    I still believe in Cold Fusion so I guess I'm a super moron
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    Best Buy Says It Will Kill 'Showrooming' For Good

    I can't even buy something from Best Buy for what they say it costs when I grab it off the shelf. it's always $5-10 more (not including tax)
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    What Has Your ISP Done For You Lately?

    uhhhhhh they spent 17 billion to purchase NBC and double down on cable television so I'm guessing they will try harder now to kill speeds and raise bandwidth caps
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    Tesla Model S: The World's Most Expensive Beta Test

    LENR will be out in a few years hopefully
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    Finally Confirmed: An Asteroid Wiped Out the Dinosaurs

    um no. God wiped out the dinosaurs.
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    Expert Says Many Broadband Meters Are Inaccurate

    Comcast says I only used 5 gb last month. pretty sure I used close to 1 TB because I completely ignore the data cap anyway.
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    Most Of AOL Profits From Dial Up Subscribers

    my mom still pays $16 a month for AOL ontop of having cable from Time Warner. She needs e-mail from AOL.
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    yeah whatever. my linux is faster than all of your linuxes
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    Why do you guys come here just to argue with complete strangers? too much ego? Anything from Microsoft is bloat and just because it's used over another choice doesn't mean it's better. it's used over another choice because it's Microsoft. they will always choose their own inferior proprietary...
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    Internet Explorer Passes 55% Market Share in January

    even though it's cliche to talk trash on internet explorer and it's more cliche to say it's cliche I still want that mother fucker to burn
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    Internet Explorer Passes 55% Market Share in January

    What is the difference between that poll and this one - this one has IE at 27%
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    US Looking At Action Against China Cyberattacks

    let's just disconnect china from our internet
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    Senator To Gamers: Shut Up, You Have No Credibility

    Canada must not get the same violent video games and violent movies as 'merica? pretty sure they have zero gun violence compared to the USA.
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    A Keyboard That Really Clicks

    I could never go without my Ducky Shines
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    Ditching Blu-ray And DVDs To Go Digital

    mmmm no? I watch on a brand new 55" Samsung LED 120 hz
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    Where to Find the World's Fastest Internet

    Fuck you douche bags. Do you have any idea how expensive insurance is for 6 Ferraris. Fuck off and let me run Comcast how I want.
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    Ditching Blu-ray And DVDs To Go Digital

    not sure where you losers download your movies from but the rips I get are indistinguishable from blurays
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    FCC Wants Gigabit Internet In All 50 States

    I got $1,000 that says you work for Comcast or Time Warner
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    Windows 8 Pricing Update

    i have a win 8 key I never used if anyone wants it? I installed Ubuntu on the laptop and never even booted into Windows
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    The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

    JC PENNY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! Comcast is not #1 what the fuck?!?!?!? They are not even on the list. what a bunch of bullshit man get this shit out of here.
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    Multiple SSID

    I imagine there should be an option somewhere to unbridge guest network from normal network? though I know nothing about that router or firmware
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    Amazon Launching AutoRip CDs

    QFT FTFY WTF YES!!!!!!!!111111oneoneoneoneone
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    Google to Restore Maps Access for Windows Phone Users

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    2013: The Year You Switch To Linux?

    how about we all switch to Linux full time. that will force software companies to adapt and start releasing their stuff on linux
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    2013: The Year You Switch To Linux?

    yeah wtf? I've installed Ubuntu on many laptops and everything works without ever needing to go hunt down drivers. Try installing Windows on the same laptops and literally nothing works without installing a butt load of drivers