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    Ivy Bridge 'louder' than SB?

    So even though IB dissipates less heat than SB, will the fan run faster/louder because the motherboard is sensing a higher CPU temp? I haven't seen anything yet in the bios that allows me to adjust the CPU fan/temp scale but maybe there is? I'm using a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H. I bought a 2700K on...
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    Win7 Prem upgrade - keep old vista install?

    Hello [H]ard|Forum, I want to finally upgrade Vista Home Premium to to Win7 Home Premium. I see the upgrade edition is $90 on various places. Can I install the upgrade edition to a different partition and keep my old Vista install working simultaneously along side Win7? When I upgrade does...
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    WD Caviar Green 1.5tb, 7200rpm

    So anyone familiar with this series or model? Just bought one at Micro Center. Before I open the box I want to know if they are complete duds or something. Didn't find any discussion/forum threads to the model number in a web search. WD15000CSRTL. Thanks in advance for any feedback on it.
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    CyberPower 1500AVR UPS

    I hope it is okay to post a UPS question here in the power supply forum. It is a similar area.. I bought the CyberPower 1500AVR a few days ago. What are your thoughts on this UPS? Cyberpower seems like a more generic name but my googling indicates they are of higher quality..? Found some...
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    Fallout 3 - very dark indoors

    This game is so very dark in much of the indoor/underground areas. Is there a light source we can get? I turn my screen brightness up but that doesn't do enough.
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    Fallout 3 frame skipping/stuttering fix! This makes the game MUCH smoother guys. I suggest you all try it because this frame skipping is somewhat subtle. Once you see how much smoother the game is with this tweak you will understand! Make sure you have vsync on if you...
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    Fujitsu-Siemens E24W-1SD ??

    Hi guys! My brother bought a Fujitsu-Siemens E24W-1SD which I see is a TN panel claimed at 5ms response time. I can't find any review or customer feedback information about this model on the Internet. I did find a couple of specification details pages (links below). Is this a good display...