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    win 7 + kms activation

    my IT job on campus gives us a copy of win 7. the catch is you have to be on the schools network within a certain timeframe (i believe its 7 days) for it to remain activated. anyways, i was wondering if there was any way for me to vpn onto the schools network so i could keep the copy of win 7...
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    HD playback is stuttering

    whenever im watching mkv rips on my machine using plex, i get horrible stuttering/skipping. the htpc used to work flawlessly, but i'm not sure whats changed. i did a clean install, but the problem still exists. the quad-core should be more than enough to watch these 1080p rips. (the movies...
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    duplicate apps

    i recently cloned my hd and whenever i right click on a file, duplicates of the existing app are shown. applications doesnt show duplicates, only when i right-click.
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    Intel SSD G2

    i purchased an intel g2 a while ago, and i ran into a few issues with it running in my mbp. after an RMA, i got the replacement today anyways, when i first opened it (bought it retail, not oem) the backside of the ssd looked like this...same as the replacement drive i got today (i'm not...
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    online iphone warranty wizard

    will the online apple warranty check let me know if an iphone has been blacklisted? i'm planning on buying an iphone off craigslist. i ran the serial and it came back still under warranty. i asked the guy why he didnt take it to apple to get it looked at, and he said he was switching to...
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    pdf password removal

    im looking for a tool to remove the password protection on a pdf document. i do IT on campus and someone that was recently let go left behind a bunch of password protected pdfs that the dean needs access to. i've tried a few programs but no luck. no clue as to how many characters or any other...
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    slow boot time after removing vista

    i had vista installed on my macbook up until a few days ago. i removed it since i rarely used it and to clear up some space on my hd. i removed vista using book camp assistant, and it seemed to work without a hitch. but now, whenever i boot up my laptop, the load time takes 3x as long as it...
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    file sharing software

    i was wondering if anyone could recommend file-sharing software that could be installed server-side to organize files and make it easier for people to browse, download, etc. the only files that are being hosted are word documents, pdfs, etc.
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    projector suggestions

    i was wondering if anyone could make a few suggestions on a decent projector to buy. i've looked around but im not very familiar in these parts of town. main use for the projector would be to watch tv/movies. my budget is around $800-1000. suggestions on a receiver would be nice, too :D...
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    shuttle sk22g2

    i gutted my old computer and put it in a shuttle box. whenever i try to boot nothing happens. my monitor says there is no input signal. i hooked up my laptop to the monitor and the monitor works. any ideas as to what is causing this? im not heaing any beeps from the motherboard. right now...
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    tv tuner

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    unmountable boot volume

    whenever i boot up this computer it gives me a BSOD. says that there is an unmountable boot volume. i cant even get into the BIOS. it brings me to the advance setup screen where you can choose to bootup in safemode, last known good configuration, etc, etc. any ideas? i searched the...
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    Shuttle XPC SK22G2B this is the case im looking at getting. i originally wanted to build a SFF machine but the sales people at fry's told me i wouldnt be able to fit a decent video card in a SFF box. now that my thermaltake tower has been knocked...
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    FEAR + windows update

    windows update seemed to have killed my copy of FEAR. it worked fine before i updated, now i get the 'FEAR has encountered a problem and must shut down' error message. the update was installed AFTER FEAR. system restore didn't seem to do the trick. anyone know what i can do to get FEAR up and...
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    make wallpaper permanent

    is there software or some setting i can change in xp pro so other users cannot change the desktop wallpaper?
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    acer 5102WLMi

    i just bought an acer 5102WLMi. i bought another stick of RAM to pop in. when i check the system, it only shows up as 896 instead of 1024mb. the RAM is corsair value select, other people recommended it so i picked up another 512. any idea as to why im only getting partial RAM?
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    swappable cd-keys?

    my sister was wanting to reformat her hard drive but she can't seem to find the envelope her copy of xp home came in. will it work if i give her my cd key even though its xp pro?
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    shuttle xpc sn21g5

    i originally wanted to build a sff pc with this model case. when i was looking for pieces, a lot of people told me that this case wouldn't fit a decent video card. i've now heard people tell me that any single slot card WILL fit in this case. i ended up with a midtower with a amd x2 4200...
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    tv tuner

    im looking for an external usb tv tuner so i can double my pc and laptop as a tv instead of lugging an actual one up to my dorm room. i was looking at the ati tv wonder but i read that its not compatible with windows MCE. any suggestions?
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    hd capacity incorrect

    i have a maxtor 250 gb sata hard drive, but when i installed windows xp, it only read the drive as 130 gigs. when i installed home edition on the same machine, it read the hd as 250. what gives?