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    New 301.24 Beta Drivers

    New 301.24 Beta Drivers are out. Does anyone know if they fix the Displayport not working for Samsung monitors? Stuck @ work atm :D
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    7970 Brand Box Shots?? Which Brand do you prefer??

    Any brand box shots yet for the 7970's?? Which brand do you prefer?? in terms of warranty etc..?
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    Dead Rising 2 for PC $19.99 @ Gamestop pick-up

    Dead Rising 2 for PC $19.99 @ Gamestop pick-up Not sure if you have to buy online and then pickup at store but its a deal i think
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    Get 5870s or wait??

    For right now, My friend is selling 2 5870s for $250 each :eek: very tempting indeed but i like to know if its even worth it to buy em for my ongoing Core i7 build :confused::confused: Fermi is just around the corner :( What would u do??
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    dead Zotac 8800gts(g92) 512mb?

    seems like my zotac card bight the dust....scenario: woke up sunday morning, turn on my matx rig, no display signal... but i can see hd light blinking then hear windows startup, case fan was spinning at full speed, turn off computer, turn on, same thing, take out vid card, plug to onboard vid...