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    gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R 1366 mobo, $177.93 (AR, BCB), sata6g/usb3

    Tiger direct has the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R 1366 motherboard for $177.93 AR and BCB $219.99 - $27.06 bing cashback - $15 rebate = $177.93 no tax added for CA Bing is at 12.3% for tiger direct...
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    Seasonic PSUs x650 $138.99 x750 $153.99 90%efficiency, ewiz, free shipping, AC

    Seasonic X750 750 Watt $168.99 - $10 (COUPON: APRILFOOLS10) -$4.77 (3% Bing Cashback) = $154.22 shipped Seasonic X650 650 Watt...
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    MS Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 $64.95 (for students)

    MS is running thier Ultimate Steal deal again, only this time they've added Windows Vista Ultimate (your choice of 32 or 64 bit) upgrade w/ SP1 for only $64.95! This is for students only, essentially anyone with a .edu email address. It shows vista under...
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    best windows software for FSB/mult adjustment for nforce 4?

    I'm looking to adjust my FSB and multiplier on my nforce 4 motherboard, while I'm running windows, without a reboot. I want to normally clock my stuff most of the time, then when I do games, clock it up a bit. Right now I'm running my amd64 4000+ san diego core overclocked to 2.750 ghz and...
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    Edit function?

    Is it just me or did the edit button disappear on my last post? Oh wait, I get it, its not allowed in some threads?
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    Free Dealer Service for 95-97 Honda Vehicles

    Did a search and didn't see it. The quoted part was ripped from SD front page: It seems to be based on VIN so it doesn't matter if the car has changed a hands a bunch of time. Its apparently from a settlement with EPA. Here's a link to part of an official document at the website on...
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    LED Question: Any 2.4V Blue/White LEDs?

    Got a question from my brother (quoted verbatim): Do you guys know where I could buy a 2.4V Blue (preferrably) or White LED? I need it to run off of two AAs in an MX700. I *really* need to add an LED inside at a particular spot as part of a mod, and it would be easy to syphon off power...