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    Stock Mach II GT on Current Gen CPU?

    I've been searching like crazy, but haven't really been able to find any useful information on this. I *found* my old Mach 2 GT when cleaning out the basement and I've decided I want to slap it on my i7 920 D0 until eventually upgrading my proc to an octo-core sometime in 2012 (probably Xeon if...
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    GRAW xbox 360 version vs pc version

    Ain't that the truth. peace, OriginalOCer
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    GRAW xbox 360 version vs pc version

    I find the lighting in the 360 version to be too much... its either too dark or too bright... That said I prefer the 3rd person camera. With that little bit of camera shake, it makes the game look so much more visceral... So much more "in the heat of battle" That said, the PC version will...
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    high res or high eye candy

    I'd got 1600x1200 with 16xAF... Jaggies don't really bother me though - if anything they make the image seem more organic and fluid... know what I mean? At the end of the day, the first thing I lower is AA. 1600x1200+ looks gorgeous regardless of whether AA is on or not. peace, OriginalOCer
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    First Hack For The XBox 360!!!!!!

    They did release it... They've outlined (a number of times) every step they've taken to get where they are - from what needs to be hacked, to how it was hacked. The only thing they didn't release was an actual firmware itself and that is for obvious reasons (MS would sue their ass)...
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    Recommend me an HDTV

    Just so you know (you might already, but I thought I'd make it clear); if you're going to be running SD stuff (GameCube, PS2, Xbox1) on a 720p LCDtv (regardless of whether you use a component cable for any of those systems) it will look like ass. ... that said, the 360 will look twice as good...
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    x360 firmware hacked what does that mean, read on

    Yeah I know... that's why this firmware hack would be so awesome! No change in the 360 means no way of detecting it via XBL. So you'd have a hacked 360, that could play your own burned homebrew/backups, but you could also connect to Live without being detected as a homebrew/backup game. Simple...
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    x360 firmware hacked what does that mean, read on

    I thought he didn't hack the 360 firmware... I was pretty sure that he just found out that it wasn't signed (which would open the doors to other hackers out there). TheSpecialist was the guy that hacked the Xbox1 DVD firmware, and that's why it's believeable - he didn't release that because he...
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    My New ViewSonic N2750W HDTV Monitor

    I got the display yesterday, and I've run into a bit of problem that's really bugging me; When I use Component I find the image is very dark, but only when I look at it straight-on level (which is weird, because usually its the brightest when you're level with the display). If I go 6-inches...
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    My New ViewSonic N2750W HDTV Monitor

    NoZ, that'd be awesome (both going to the bar, and posting pics running various definition games). thanks in advance. Peace, OriginalOCer
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    My New ViewSonic N2750W HDTV Monitor

    Does anyone who owns this display (the N2750w) have pics of it running a PS2, GC or Xbox in 480p? I've looked around and can't find anything. I just want to see what it looks like running in 4:3 and 1:1... peace, OriginalOCer
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    My New ViewSonic N2750W HDTV Monitor

    Anyone take screenshots of it while gaming (360, PC or PS2/Xbox/GC). My main concern is that with older, none-HD systems (and revolution) it will look like ass (like most LCD HDtvs do, when running 640x480). Anyway, let me know as I want to pick this display up soon. peace, OriginalOCer
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    Dual-Core Opties Price Drop!!!

    Two things: 1.) today the price drops were confirmed by AMD themselves (hence the link) and 2.) Monarch computers has 265s for $307!!! cheaper than the MSRP of $316. peace, OriginalOCer
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    Dual-Core Opties Price Drop!!!

    Am I reading this correctly? Does this mean that Opteron 265s are now around $300? AWESOME! peace, OriginalOCer
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    New Mario?

    Yeah, it's definitely real... actually, it was shown (announced?) at the original DS unvieling/launch. It's a SideScrolling 3D game... very much like that new MegaMan Hunter X for PSP - where it's a sidescroller, but the characters and items are polygonal... VERY interesting indeed...
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    ps3 easier to program for

    From what I gather listening to interviews and reading whitepapers (sometimes just summaries of whitepapers), Both the CELL and Xenon are hard to program for but MS is doing a really amazing job on the devkit and developement enviroment side of things (whereas Sony is being typical Sony and just...
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    Hungarian x1900 results

    Those look like ATi benchmarks... as in, they don't like like that particular sites benches, but something from an internal ATi document. Either way, IF the X1900 series does have 48 pixel pipelines like Sapphire's leak said, I think those scores ARE possible. That said, I don't think the...
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    Physics chip

    I am inclined to believe that this will be more revolutionary (for gaming) than either the CELL or the 360 CPU. I am expecting big things from this; maybe not AGEIA's specifically, but Physics Processors in General... All we need now is an AIPU (artificial intelligence processing unit - I...
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    UMD movies. Who is buying>

    Tokobot tomorrow... I'm going to wait and see what the usual suspects say about it first before I buy it though. As for UMDmovies... I can't see any justification for it either... and everyone I ask is like "hellz no I don't buy that shiiiz". So I have no idea who is picking them up and I...
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    Mario Kart DS

    I got it yesterday, and it is easily the best Mario Kart to date. I could say it's because the wifi... or the huge amounts of WAN multiplayer options... or the fact that there are training missions... or the fact that there are 32 tracks (16 new, and 16 of the best tracks for all 4 previous...
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    SN25P OCing

    I maxed mine at 9x300MHz (with mem at DDR600) this is with aA64 3000+. peace, OriginalOCer
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    Sounds like Sony is trying to create artificial demand again

    Probably the part of the country that has to return MULTIPLE units (I've heard of many people returning 4 times, and still settling on a screen that still has a couple of dead pixels) to get one without a dead pixel or dust under the screen. Personally, I imported mine in January along with...
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    Anyone play Soul Calibur on DreamCast?

    I play my dreamcast as much as my GC, PS2 and Xbox... As for soul calibur; of course I still play... that said, I replay Shenmue more than I play Soul Calibur... Shenmue changed the way I viewed video games.. kind of like HL did although not as much as HL. peace, OriginalOCer
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    nVidia to use ATi's 3Dc

    sorry... didn't see the other one... peace, OriginalOCer
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    nVidia to use ATi's 3Dc

    Just saw this and it's actually really good news for ATi owners. According to the INquirer (not always right, but still) turns out nVidia might be implementing 3Dc in their next generation of hardware. If both ATi and nVidia use it, I am sure game...
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    X-Box 2, PS3, or Nintendo Revolution?

    On the software side of things the only system I'll need is the Nintendo Revolution. Xbox2's and PS3's game libraries will be 99% the same, and about 90% of those will also be available for PC as well. Nintendo is the only console that has good exclusive games and that is why I would buy it...
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    Windows X64 gamers what is your opinion?

    It actually is surprising that 32bit progs run better because it has to use WoW. As far as windows enviroment is concerned, it's faster because of its better memory management, optimization, and pretty much every improvement MS did the OS. I haven't gamed on my WinXP-64 system at all. I...
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    New Huxley screens powered by Unreal 3

    Looking at those screenshots doesn't do the UE3.0 engine justice. I've seen it running in real-time and it looks way better... not to mention the fact that those models look a lot like FarCry's (which isn't bad, but isn't nearly up to the character models shown off by epic). Regardless, I...
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    R.I.P. EB.

    We don't have GameStops in Canada... but we do have Electronic Boutiques and EBGames.... I wonder what this means for us. Hopefully they just leave it as it is, rather than do something stupid like change the name and stuff. EDIT: GameStop just sounds so ass (the name I mean). I just...
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    Whats teh next big game your waiting for?

    -Duke Nukem Forever -Quake4 -TES4 -STALKER -everything HL related -everything metal gear related -everything zelda related -everything related to video games... wait.... I can't say that, can I? peace, OriginalOCer
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    games that would make good movies.

    Yeah IGN had thsi big thing about how Splinter Cell and Rainbow6 movies are both done pre-production (scripts, etc.). And then there is also a movie coming out based on just John Clark (The commander in R6) and a new Jack Ryan movie (the hunt for the red october/sumofallfears/patriotgame guy)...
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    SN25P plus X850 PE boo hoo

    I made a connector with an old 4pin molex extension cable.... Then I got an actual ATi one. The X850XT-PE DOES NOT require TWO 4pin molexs... only one... I use mine (which has a 4pin female on one side and a 6pin PCIe and 4pin male on the other side) to power the video card AND the DVDRW...
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    Venice rumors here please!

    Do they have low-end Optie E4s as well? Who were you referring to? newegg? peace, OriginalOCer
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    Venice rumors here please!

    Man, that sucks... I don't wanna spend the money, when I know the E4s are just around the corner... by mere weeks. That said, I would have to replace them with dualcores by the end of the year anyway. peace, OriginalOCer
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    Thoughts and opinions on Ageia?

    The PhysX chip is the beginning of the next generation of necessary hardware. From a gaming specific perspective, it is more important than the CELL. The first generation (or first few generations) may suck, but eventually we will be required to have one. I bet a year after it is released...
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    Venice rumors here please!

    Any stores have lowend Optie E4s, yet? I wanna pick up a pair of 242s or 244s and run them at insanely high speeds, but I can't find them anywhere..... where E4 252s the only ones that shipped? peace, OriginalOCer
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    Opteron Overclocking

    Anyway have any experience with Opteron (CG core) overclocking with the nForce Professional 2200 northbridge? Can it (the nFPro2200) get up as high as its single/desktop counter-part (nf4 ultra/sli)? For instance, is 300FSB/LDT possible or is that wishful thinking? What about multiplier...
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    Just beat HL2.. ?? ** Possible spoilers!**

    Personally I love the way HL2 ended.... But I also loved the way HL1 ended, and many people thought it was lacking. Not only that, but I beat HL2 a couple of days after beating Halo2... and since Halo2 facking blows so badly, and the ending is the biggest piece of shat ever, HL2's ending...
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    PSP Emulators

    yeah I read the same thing, but there is no confirmation thus far. Even if it's true, it would still take a bit of time to rework the launch/boot code to work with memory sticks. Either way it will only make the whole cracking/hacking process faster. peace, OriginalOCer
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    PSP Emulators

    Yeah but look at how completely different the NES/SNES/GEN is from DC, and they've been ported that over to the DC in no time at all.... NES/Genesis/etc. are comparatively simple to emulate regardless of the platform, whereas trying to emulate the DC would be a lot more difficult (just look at...