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    Help with radiator fans.

    I have a custom loop that has 9 vardar fans. I've been running them with molex power connector's but now I'm ready to switch to a controller. Does anyone know of a fan hub controller that can handle 9-10 fans and that connects to the motherboard via one cable to the cpu fan header?
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    CSGO Minimal framerates

    I am using the first rig in my sig. As far as I can tell there are no issues with any other game. When playing CSGO I get around 100-150 fps with everything on low settings. Im only gaming on 1080p. Other benchmarks state that I should be getting around 500fps Average in this game. Is there...
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    First Watercooling Build

    This is kind of a continued thread from here: This is what I have so far: Had a hard time fitting my D5 140 pump and res but looked up a few builds in this case and the best place seems to be right against the...
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    Where are my steam saves?

    Ive had to reinstall windows a couple of times this month. Ive made several attempts to keep my saves on a hard drive but it never works. I have steam on an ssd and install all the games on a seperate mechanical hard drive. Upon a fresh install, windows can locate all my old games but not the...
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    Noob watercooling kit with thick rad

    Hey. Want to try my hand at water cooling and looking for advice on a kit or set for a simple loop for a cpu. I would get one of those kits like the ek one but they only come with slim rads. I would like a thicker 240 rad. As for the cpu block pump and tubing i wouldnt want anything fancy. The...
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    Sleeved PSU

    Finally got my PC the way I wanted it after a year or so. The only thing missing is a fully modular PSU with sleeved cables. Right now I have a non modular corsair whose stiff cables take up all of the space inside the case's shroud and is a hassle to deal with especially when trying to manage...
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    9700k Holday Build

    Want to build a gaming rig during the holiday season. I will be salvaging parts from my old build that I will be handing over to family. Parts that I will keep will be: 1080ti 2 SSD 1 HDD Possibly ram Parts that I will need: 9700k Mobo Modular PSU Air cooler Case Right now I am thinking...
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    Looking for High end fully modular psu

    Planning to redo my build with a new case and psu with braided cables. Currently have a non modular corsair with thick braided cables that are just a headache to work with. I guess my budget would be 150 or lower. I'm leaning towards corsairs, I've never had them die on me. My build includes a...
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    1st Watercooling build EKWB

    Looking to start watercooling sometime in the summer/fall. It would be my first time doing anything other than AIO/HSF. Was looking in the EKWB kits and want a 360 rad like this one: Main...
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    Should I get an Amazon Fire HD 8?

    So years ago I bought the Amazon kindle, and while it was a quality tablet for the most part it had one flaw that I really disliked: It was essentially an Andriod Tablet without access or full access to the Google Play store. I'm on the market for a tablet to do a little productivity on but it...
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    Hot 1080 ti

    So I just got my 1080 ti. It's the EVGA black edition super clocked with ICX. Started playing some games to enjoy my purchase. GTAV runs like a dream and every other game gets eaten up like peanuts, except Metro 2033. Now Metro 2033 works fine as long as I dont max out SSAA and Tesselation...
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    Fan controller for 3 pin fans

    I have my 7700k overclocked but it's the middle of summer in SoCal so temps get up there if under load, I previously had the problem of being stuck with 3 pin fans that I couldn't control. My mobo from Asus apparently only runs 3 pin fans at 100 percent so thats a no go. I've been using the...
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    Best mini laptop

    Hey guys. I'm going on a little trip and need a mini sized laptop to take with me. It definitely doesn't need to be a powerhouse but I also don't want it to take forever to load. I'll mostly be using it for: emails, web browsing, skype calls, and things like magic jack calls. I would also...
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    How to test pc case.

    I'm about to build a rig for someone and I'm planning go use an old case. The problem is I'm not sure if it still works. The case was outside for a while and I'm not sure if there is water or any other type of damage that would prevent it from working. I seem to recall a way to test pc cases...
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    Need inconspicuous fan controller for cpu cooler

    I have the h110i. The Corsair link controller can only bring the fans down to 25 percent speed or 1550 rpm which is still loud on my end. I don't really need the high fan speed especially during winter so I'm wondering if there was a simple speed controller that would be out of my way for the...
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    Crysis 3 still a pc killer?

    So I built a pc this year. It's not crazy powerful but it is a pretty good build and eats up anything I throw at it.... except Crysis 3... My specs are: I5 6600 16 gb Ram 2x 970 SLI I only play at 1080p but for some reason my PC can't handle Crysis 3. If I stand absolutely still in game I can...
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    Receiver Sound Help

    So I recently got a receiver, specifically the Yamaha RX-V481. I have a cable box and a TV. The receiver has an HDMI Out that goes to the TV. I am trying to figure out how to get it to where I can watch cable TV with the TV speakers, but also have the option to use the speakers the receiver is...
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    having trouble with fan speeds.

    So I got a corsair 110i cooler. If I set it up as intended, fans connected to the cooler, the fans stay at 100 percent and I can't do a thing about it. So I opted to connect them on the motherboard. The problem is only the chassis fan 4 can get the fans as low as I need them to be. Also the fans...
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    Best reliable and cheap SSD

    Trying to go for an HDD less build. Was expecting space problems with just one SSD but was surprised when one game took up most of the space. Been looking at a a couple SSD's but seem to recall a bunch of users having problems with Kingston drives and them failing just a week or so of use...
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    Recommend me a sub 1k Gaming PC build that can play games at 60fps at 1080p

    Just what the title says. I don't do anything special like mining, programming, etc... Just want a gaming PC that plays modern games and that will last me a good while.
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    Did I brick my soundcard?

    So I have a Xonar DG that I've used for the past 3 or so years. I recently upgraded to W10 and was frustrated trying to find drivers that would work. It showed that it was picking up sound but no sound was coming out of my speakers. While installing drivers all of a sudden my computer stopped...
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    USB Ports not working.

    Ok, so this is really ticking me off... There is a serious problem with my usb ports. They stop working after a while. I've tried everything: Reinstalling the drivers, turning off power saving mode, but nothing is working. I started noticing it after my usb game controllers would stop working...
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    Help, Monitor slow to recognize ps4 hdmi signal.

    So my monitor set up is basically a dual monitor setup with the secondary also being hooked to an hdmi switch that is connected to a ps3 and a ps4. The problem is that the monitor has a problem recognizing the ps4. The monitor in question is hooked up to my 7850 via vga to dvi dongle. That...
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    Cheap hard drives worth it?

    Been out of the loop in terms of hard drive tech. Stopped buying anything storage related around the time Tb hard drives were getting popular. I have started making videos and streaming, which in turn have filled up my measly 500gb hard drives that I've had for 7 years or so. Started looking...
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    New Build Advice

    Ok here's the situation... Really tired of AMD's underpowered processors so I am looking for an intel build that will last me quite a while but at the same time spare my wallet from being empty. I've been eyeing the i5 4690k for a while but not sure if it would be the optimal proc for my...
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    Computer stalling

    PC was working fine until this morning. Upon powering up everything does power up but it never starts up. Did a hardware with gpu and the ram. Changed the CMOS battery. Is it possible the Bios chip has been fried?
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    HDMI cables and equipment

    Recently fiddled with my first HDMI switch box and and hooked up my gaming pc and xbox 360 on the same LED monitor. Didn't really notice anything odd, but I was wondering if the quality of the cables and switches effects the video quality and performance. I literally bought the cheapest...
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    Out of the loop intel wise

    I'm thinking about switching to intel socket 1150 but havent used intel since the core 2 duo days. I need to know all the little nuances so I don't mess things up during installation. Is installation straightforward? Drop in the cpu and add the peripherals? Or is there something intel...
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    Move to an 8350?

    I got the 6300 a few months ago and clocked it to the max at 4.8. Still I find instances where it is lacking such as Arma 2. Will switching to an 8350 be worth it or will it just be more of the same?
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    Steam forgetting which games are installed

    This is the second time this has happened. I install games on a partitioned drive. Steam keeps forgetting the games there and when clicking on them on steam it asks me to install them. this is getting really annoying.
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    High pitch whine during Stalker Clear sky complete mod

    This has happened on different windows installs, different pc's, different video cards. When playing stalker clear sky with the complete mod I get some sort of high pitch whine from my system. I can't pinpoint where it is exactly but it happens during the main menu and pause menu.
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    Overclocking a 7850

    I just got an xfx 7850 1gb black edition and I've heard that I can overclock it to make it perform as well as a 7870. I was wondering if anyone has experience overclocking gpus and particularly overclocking these cards. Not sure which program to use.
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    Chrome slows down significantly over time

    It has only started happening where chrome will start lagging after a while. I then have to exit out and open a new one.
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    New Mobo

    This gigabyte mobo has let me down. It runs way too hot and supposedly will throttle the 8 core FXs. Luckily I have a warranty with Frys and they are letting me choose another board instead of giving me the same one. I've had my eyes on the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z and the sabertooth...
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    What are some signs that a psu is about to die soon?

    I've had this PSU for about 3 years now and I just want to preemptively know if and when it is going to die so I won't be out of luck when it happens. It's a corsair hx 620. I'm betting some of you have experience in dead psu's. Fortunately for me I haven't, yet.
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    Sudden reboot during game.

    I was in the middle of a game when my pc seemingly quickly rebooted with fans going full speed and with no picture. I had to remove the battery and clear the cmos to get it working again. Not sure if is an overheating issue or what.
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    Memory readings wrong.

    I have these modules: except its a 16 gb kit. Anyways, they are set at 1. 65 volts and are running at 1600 in the bios...
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    How do you know if you need more ram?

    I recently played Planetside 2 and ran into some stuttering. After looking around it seemed to be more of a coding problem than a lack of power in people's systems. I then looked to some other gaming experiences I have had. I was able to play BF3 on Ultra settings all the time, unless I was on a...
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    Gigabyte LGA 1150 Intel Z87

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    PC having problems turning on

    My rig is in my sig. This has started happening about a day or two ago. When Turning my pc on it won't turn on at all or it goes into a loop of turning on for a second and then shutting off. The only fix is by taking out the battery and clearing the CMOS. After that it will turn on fine.