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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    The Inland PROFESSIONAL 1TB drive is the older one. It uses the E8 controller and is PCI-E x2. The Inland PREMIUM 1TB drive is the newer one with the E12 controller and is PCI-E x4. Microcenter has some confusion on their website with the labeling. The website shows it as Inland Professional but...
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    Toyota and Suzuki Announce Electric Car Partnership

    Hydrogen did not fail. The cars are essentially battery electric hybrid cars with a hydrogen fuel cell replacing a hydrocarbon combustion engine. The infrastructure for hydrogen is not here in America yet but hydrogen is going big in Japan. When it comes down to it, all these alternative...
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    Epic Games Presents the "Chaos" Physics and Destruction System Demo

    Dude, nice demo but it is making me salivate for RoboRecall2! I use the original to demo VR to people and it gets the WOW response every time. What a slick title.; too bad it was so short.
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    Linux Gaming Across 9 Distros [Review in Progress]

    Off topic, but what's with the use of the word "performant" today? Saw this used on an Oculus Rift S article today on another site. Weird.
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    Facebook Unveils the Oculus Rift S

    ^^^This is the major reason. Those of us with the original Rift have a fair amount of $ invested in software titles in the Oculus store. Assuming this device can use the same account, I will most likely be getting this as well.
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    HP Announces HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset: Professional Edition

    Well, the Oculus Rift S looks promising. Was hoping for some [H] coverage and treatment on this new release, but with Kyle heading to Intel and killing off the site, I don't know where I'm going to get the real deets on what graphics card will be necessary to run it. Hope your next chapter is...
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    Lazareth Teases a Transforming Hoverbike

    I too would have been skeptical of this during the early Renaissance! 496 years ago.
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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    EA was pretty good when they released Pinball Construction Set but have gone downhill from there. (n)
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    AAA Study Claims Cold Weather Significantly Shortens EV Range

    The battery likes an environment similar to what humans like. If the temp moves too far away from 75F, then the car needs to use energy to run the heating or cooling for the battery itself in order to maintain a moderate temp. Better to have lost some energy than have the battery explode from...
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    New Data Dump Contains Billions of Email and Password Pairs

    Don't forget FIDO2. Yubikey5 is a great product to assist with this. PASSWORDS NEED TO DIE! Password managers are not infallible. Articles like this scare me...
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    Here Is the ASRock Phantom Gaming X AMD Radeon VII 16G Graphics Card

    I may not be on top of all the details, but no USB-C port for upcoming VR headsets like nVidia has? Thought that was a new standard.
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    SuperData Breaks Down the Global Gaming Market

    Looking at those numbers, F2P top 10 all beat the top paid title in revenue. Regardless of what gamers state, the expenditures show to developers where to direct future development. Not looking great for what most here would want. People scoff at spending $60 to $100 on a title up front, but...
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    TPCast Air Reportedly Works with Occulus Go and Quest

    Does this mean Oculus Rift = Oculus Quest when the TPlink device is connected to either and to the user's PC?
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    Huawei Launches Kunpeng 920 ARM Server CPU

    ARM RISC architecture is becoming more and more powerful while using less power than x86. Apps compiled for ARM have been working the same or in some cases better than the same apps compiled in x86. ARM really looks to be the future with x86 heading out.
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    My understanding is that VRR can be turned on for any monitor. Now, some won't work at all, some will work somewhat (now branded g-sync monitor), others will be certified to work across the VRR spectrum (to be branded g-sync certified) and finally the monitors with the g-sync hardware built in...
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    Check Out Some of 2018's Best Case Mods

    Agreed. A hint about ad blocker is one thing but that site's insistence had me clicking the red X to close.
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    Powercolor Launches the Radeon RX 590

    I just checked the web archive capture of the announcement. The text states "The Division" but right below that are pictures of the software titles and the picture does show Division 2.
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    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    Why people continue to support this company is beyond me at this point.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X on Sale at Amazon

    I would really want to get a Ryzen setup going if my 7 year old 2700k processor wasn't still chugging along doing everything I could ask of it. This build with 32 GB of RAM has really been a great value. Those of us with a Microcenter nearby are truly lucky!
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a New Trailer

    I move to ban RDR2 news on the [H} main page until there is news that it is coming to PC. This is a PC enthusiast website after all. I'm tired of hearing about something I cannot play. Just my two cents.
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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed in Podcast

    Or he is shorting the stock...
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    Vive Wireless Adapter Goes on Sale Today

    Okay, Zuckerberg, where is your version for the Oculus? o_O
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    F-35 Program Cutting Corners to “Complete” Development

    This plane was in Battlefield 3. Its nickname was the Flying Coffin. Hoping that moniker does not apply in real life.:(
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    Tesla Model 3 Outsells BMW and Mercedes Models

    Even if we forget the issues Tesla is facing, if they produce at their highest projection of 5000 Model 3s per week, the 450,000 vehicle wait list could not be fulfilled for 90 weeks! Looking from when this car was first announced, it would be like a 4 year old model car. Putting oneself on the...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X @ $719 (from $999) @ Amazon

    Oh, and if you can live with only a 1900x, it is currently priced at $379.99 at MC! Darn tempting, but the family is going to Europe this summer so funds are non-existent ATM.
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    Google, Microsoft Push Websites to Go Password-Less

    Given how much personal data is being collected, I wouldn't be surprised if my computer just started asking me personal questions when I want to log in like what did I have for breakfast yesterday. I'm sure Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri are listening in at all times...
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    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    You sir appear to know the difference between sh*t and Shinola. Son, you're gonna be alright!
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    Gigabyte X470 Motherboard Shows Up On Amazon

    Looks like the listing has already been pulled from Amazon. Getting a "page not found" and searches for X470 yield no motherboard results ATM.
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    Toys R Us Is Closing All Its U.S Stores

    Oh don't fret; the vulture capitalists that bought the company and saddled it with other debt still made money from this ... just like with iHeartRadio today. :mad:
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X On Sale

    On a funny note, I looked at the item in Amazon. Check out the section "Compare with similar items" specifically item weight. This thing is a monster at 5.3 pounds! :wideyed:
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    Hacker Tool Author Sentenced to 3 Years

    I think this prosecution lies more with the fact that the tool was supplied to do something nefarious rather than being neglectful in hardening systems. I agree those who create an environment that invites crime should be penalized in some way but the intent behind the action matters.
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    Facebook Co-Founder Says Technology Will Continue Destroying Jobs

    I'd figure that $500 a month would be most useful to those who lost their job to technology. Too bad those same people would lose the $500 stipend as well since ... THEY ARE NO LONGER WORKING! How is that a solid plan?
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    Intel Announces New Processor

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    ESPN Streaming Service Will Launch This Spring

    It won't be worth a dime if they do not vastly improve the streaming client. Presently, I find it unwatchable. I watch Lakers games; Spectrum SportsNet works well but when a game is on ESPN exclusively, games there often have problems like video freezing which require leaving the stream and...
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    GM Plans to Launch Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel or Pedals Next Year

    If we no longer have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, or any other drive controls, then what is the point of facing forward or even having a windshield? Wouldn't design go back to the 19th century style carriages with all passengers facing each other?
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    FCC May Vote Next Month on Change to Broadband Definition

    ...and the participation trophy goes to the FCC! :rolleyes:
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    Fallout 4 VR Review

    So for all of that have Oculus Rifts, are these Bethesda games working well? Do the controls port nicely?