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    Fan speed controllers!

    Thought you guys in overclocking & cooling might be able to help me out. :) I was looking into getting some case fans for a new case I got and decided the convenience of a fan speed controller would be cool. Anyway, question is; Other than the obvious lack of a sweet LCD screen on it, is there...
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    PalitLAN is a new site to help LANners and LAN organizers.
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    Yate Loon = God of Cheap Case Fans?

    Yeah, so basically I have a build that is almost done except for the case fans. I've looked around and it seems that the Yate Loons have great prices for the amount of air they push and they're not hurricane-sounding(thank god). Are the Yate Loons the end-all for cheap case fan(ning?)? Or...
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    Yep, another mobo comparison thread, sorry

    So, my dad is giving me a budget of at maximum $150 to get me a mobo. I will either go with an e4400 or a newer e6*50 proc. I am currently considering the Gigabyte DS3R/P, Asus P5K, and Abit IP35. I will most likely OC mildly and I have a couple sticks of OCZ Gold w/ XTC. (The heatspreaders...
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    50% off ALL used games Movie Gallery, Game Crazy, Game Zone!

    Credit for find goes to Wolfgame from CAG "starting on August 31st these 3 stores, that are all owned and operated by movie gallery will be makeing all previously viewed titles 50% off, this includes any game and movie, I'll post...
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    MSI P6N SLI Platinum nForce 650i SLI $139.99 w/ IR

    MSI P6N SLI Platinum nForce 650i SLI At ZZF which means free 5-7 day shipping on everything! :D It doesn't say it anywhere, but add it to cart and it will show $5 Instant rebate.:confused: That makes it $139.99
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    $8 AR XG Vortec 600W PSU + FS @

    EDIT: Sorry everybody, its sold out, oos, explodinated, w/e. It's gone. second time this deal has come around, and I bit on the first one, so... Link to PSU Link to rebate #1 Link to bonus rebate #2 Or, if you're into that sorta thing, you can make money by signing up with GCO. You'll make...
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    HOT! BFG GeForce 7900GS OC $99.99 AR @ Frys

    Linketh Rebatum
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    HOT!! Silent Samsung SpinPoint T Series 500GB $99+ FREE S/H at newegg

    Samsung SpinPoint T Series 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive, 7200 RPM, 16MB Cache, 3 year limited warranty, model HD501LJ - OEM $109 - $10 discount code = $99 Silent HDD! CLICKETH (Newegg) Don't forget to add coupon code when you check out. (EMC719HDD02) :)
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    [H]ot! 2GB DDR2-667 Crucial Ballistix $51 AR

    At the egg! REBATE Enjoy! :)
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    Arctic cooling freezer 7 $21.75 + FS @ eWiz

    Free shipping and no rebates! :)
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    Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse: BF 2142 Edition $24.99 AR + FS!

    Yep, nice price for such a -dare I say it?- [H]ot mouse! $20 Rebate :D
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    Athlon X2 Deals *slightly early* at Mwave

    Here they are, have fun you guys with money! [$61.50] X2 3600+ Brisbane 1MB L2 Cache 1.9Ghz [$67.00] X2 3800+ Windsor 1MB L2 Cache 2.0Ghz [$69.00] X2 4000+ Brisbane 1MB L2 Cache 2.1Ghz [$79.00] X2 4200+ Windsor 1MB L2 Cache 2.2Ghz [$89.00] X2 4400+ Brisbane 1MB L2 Cache 2.3Ghz [$103.50]...
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    BFG 7900GS OC $99.99 AR

    This is the third time this has come around.... FIXED REBATE LINK I believe this is a great card when its at this price. Maybe I'll even pick one up? Who knows, at this price anything's possible! :)
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    19" WS Acer $130 AR CompUSA

    My first [H]ot deal thread! Real Linky Sold out for delivery, though In-store pickup is still good Tech Specs for Acer AL1917WAbd 19-inch LCD Multimedia Monitor (Based on manufacturer's information) Screen Type: Active Matrix LCD (TFT) Screen Size: 19.0 in Screen Resolution: 1440 x 900...