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    Verizon Says the Internet Will 'Change Forever' June 18th

    That would ruin the Internet. And from what it sounds like, you don't hate Congress getting "involved in anything" because your plan is a control freak's dream come true. Nationalize the Internet? It would be a disaster. Competition and innovation are a key driving forces that maintains the...
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    The year is 2042 -- Your best prediction for Intel's best chip

    Yes, but only for those who don't block the two ip addresses of the ad servers in their firewall!
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    The year is 2042 -- Your best prediction for Intel's best chip

    2042, I'm not sure. But I know for sure that in 2142 that the ice caps expand and nations fight over the last remaining ice-free lands. Battlemechs are used in a war between the EU and the PAC. Large hovering Titans with vulnerable power cores will hover over battlefields. This ice age that will...
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    3770K OC Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Dice UD5H WB H-100

    Why not go for 2.2v at 8ghz? :) What were temps?
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    It depends on the chip and BIOS tweaking. I can get 4.4 on my 212+ w/3770K. 4.5 is doable also but I decided the extra 100mhz wasn't worth it to me. 4.6 is probably possible with the 212+, depending on tweaking CPU PLL, VTT, and IMC voltages. Other settings might also help in getting 4.6. I...
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    Issues wtih new 680 and BF3

    CPU bottleneck has nothing to do with resolution. It has to do with your max frames per second you can achieve. So it wouldn't matter if you were playing at 800x600 or 4000 by 3000.
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    IB Intel FAN BOY Alarm! need help choosing IB cpu

    Yup, I've seen people who skimp on the initial purchase, only to upgrade later and after everything is said and done they've spent as much or more money than they would have if they had just bought it up front instead of incrementing up to it. They think they are saving money, but they are not...
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    FYI I have case door open. The CPU heatsink fins are close to room temperature. They don't feel warm at all. The vid card effectively blows gpu heat out the back of the case. Really, it's not a factor in this case (pun). It's (evga GTX680 SC) also not hot on the top side of the card either...
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Both the IHS and heatsink looked flat against each other. When I reoriented it, there were no areas of varying thickness on either. Looks like a flat contact on the entire IHS. The user comments on Newegg for this grease seemed very good. *shrug*. Was only $5 though. I have some four year old...
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Well, when I took the 212 off to re-orientate it, the grease looked perfect. That being, a thin, semi-transparent, even coating with no bubbles and no excess grease lifting up. My 212+ doesn't have significant gaps between the copper tubes, either.
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    I'm not seeing anything here that disagrees with that finding.
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Well, Krystm is reporting his water cooling is getting ~49c with the same CPU (3770K) I have so I seriously doubt that the 212+ will be only 2c warmer. Not sure what to make of it, yet.
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Well my GPU is blowing the hot our out the back of the case when in use, and in these tests I'm not utilizing it. It's not putting out any heat for desktop CPU stress testing here. The gtx680 is has very little idle heat production. I re-oriented the 212+ vertically so the fan is now blowing...
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Yes. I would love to get better temps. I had similar temps with the 2700K on the same mobo/hyper 212+ (edit:actually ~10c cooler, sorry). The side panel is off on the case and the heatsink is facing up. Maybe I should face it vertical so it blows the air towards the back of the case? I have it...
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Btw, RAM is at 2133mhz. Just one fan on cooler. I'll try to re-seat it with less grease, too. But not today.
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    Using a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ on a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H. Ram is 2133mhz. Only one stock fan on the cooler. Not sure but it's possible I used a little too much grease. I did wiggle the cooler quite a bit to squish out any extra. Edit: edited last image to show pci-e 3.0 in GPU-Z.
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    IB Availability...

    Yes I just got back from there too. They had plenty in stock. Running the same chip now. Seems great. No problems. PCI-E 3.0+faster vid encoding, etc!! Just for the sake of it. Well, textures should load super fast. :) Running q95 to burn in the fresh thermal grease. How long do we run it...
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    help me choose 680 GTX

    Heaven is perhaps not a good stability test. It puts extreme utilization on the GPU/card. I have a feeling that card would never crash in any game.
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    Official GTX 680 overclocking Thread!

    Is that because of the new cooler? Did you try the same tests before you put it on? What limits did you achieve with those pre-custom cooler tests?
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    GTX 680 crashing Heaven at stock settings.

    Try the 301.24 drivers (non beta!). I also can't get +100mhz GPU on my EVGA SC. Goes to about +350 RAM. Don't forget that RAM overclock also gives performance boost so even though you can't overclock the core much, you can still get more perf.
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    Ivy Bridge 'louder' than SB?

    Oh okay that sounds great then! I thought I remembered reading that it was hotter at all speeds. I'll check the reviews temp charts again. Good to know.
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    SB to IB upgrade for PCI-E 3 worth it?

    No. IB is not a good upgrade for almost all SB owners. PCI-E 3 offers very little if any benefit currently for most gamers. Maybe if you had tripple crossfire and a 7970 or triple GTX 680, then it would be worth considering. But then SB-E might be better anyway.
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    Ivy Bridge 'louder' than SB?

    Thanks Forceman. I don't want to overclock much. 4.5 is fine. I don't see myself adding much if any voltage. The 2700K seems blazing fast at stock speeds compared to my old q9550. I now see in the new motherboard's user's manual there is a 'CPU fan speed control' that includes silent and manual...
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    Ivy Bridge 'louder' than SB?

    Well thanks but I want to game, too, so the 65w chips don't fit my needs. The hyper 212+ is doing very nicely with the 2700K. So I want to keep my current cooler. Still looking for an answer to my initial question.
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    Ivy Bridge 'louder' than SB?

    So even though IB dissipates less heat than SB, will the fan run faster/louder because the motherboard is sensing a higher CPU temp? I haven't seen anything yet in the bios that allows me to adjust the CPU fan/temp scale but maybe there is? I'm using a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H. I bought a 2700K on...
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    House Approves CISPA Despite Last-Minute Push By Opponents

    The terrorists are us. The war on terrorism is a war on us. Now you know. They use our money and fellow citizens to do it. Remember this all goes back to nine 11 and their 'story' of how it happened was a fictional story. They have successfully used that fals flag event to exploit our fears for...
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    BF1942 revival?

    Tempting. 1942 was so much fun. However, RO2 and FH2 (for BF2) fill my MP WW2 FPS needs for now.
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    Ivy Bridge Temperatures Could Be Linked To TIM Inside Integrated Heatspreader: Report

    So 4.5ghz on 3770k is doable on air, even if uses TIM?? I personally don't need 5ghz. Using a hyper 212 plus right now. Bought a 2700k on Monday planning on exchanging it for a 3770k this coming Sunday. Guess I'll wait a few more days to hear reports on the TIM. The 15 day exchange/return...
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    I can't decide if I want an Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge

    For a Z77 board, definitely go Ivy because that platform has been designed primarily for it. There are some issues with SB chips on Z77 currently. If you are willing, buy a 2600k today and exchange it with the retailer when IB comes out Sunday. :)
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    Intel Ivy Bridge Retail Shipments Came in Monday

    yes please post IB reviews here when you find them!
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    Alright will do. Thanks!! Excellent. They have this at Micro Center too.
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    Optimal card for an i5 2500k and ~1920x1080?

    Bejeweled 3? :D
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    Thanks Hornet. Finding out what the limits the VRM's can handle seems like a difficult task. Calling the manufacturer? Who makes them? Do they have a website with details on these units? Looking around the Internet some more, I think they will be cooled adequately, especially in games but NOT...
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    I found this review:,5.html Not the same cooler or card, but looks like a nearly identical passive coolers on the VRM and they report in the review that the temps are much higher than the stock cooler. Still...
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    Thank you very much for this thread. The Twin Turbo II above piques my interest. Is there knowledgeable confirmation that the RAM does or does not require heat sinks? More importantly, how do the VRMs do with those small passive coolers that are provided with the Twin Turbo II? If the VRMs...
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    Thanks but the 6% click through cashback isn't showing up in the cart. Also I don't trust TG because people are saying they change the status from 'available' to '1-3 weeks' in forums. Are they really shipping these? They'd be the only ones online to have them available for 8 hours straight.
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    How much is my cpu holding back my gpu/system performance in games?

    I also have a q9550 and I can tell you that most games it's fine for 60 fps at stock clocks. Some games however require overclocking. Skyrim and BF3 are two such games that are 'cpu limited' on my ATI 5870 with the q9550. At 3.6ghz those two games perform decently. The recent BF3 patch seemed to...
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    Getting Bluescreen on 680? help

    Have you checked your CPU and Mobo temps while playing BF3? Maybe your heatsinks aren't cooling properly. Went through thread and didn't see a reference to temps but I might have missed it.
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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Overclocking Review @ [H]

    I didn't read that exactly. It looks to me like it may be a software limit with voltage adjustment. Or yes it might be a limit with the reference design. How can we be sure where the 680 voltage limit in this review is happening?