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    WD software not detecting new WD external, though Win10 does.

    Have strange problem where the WD software does not reconize my new WD P10 external. Windows sees it fine and I can use it normally but WDs own software does not recognize it in any way like it does my other WD drives. Googled and just cannot find a fix for this. Any help?
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    Why does Windows 10 keep waking up my external hard drives?

    For the past month or so my external hard drives have been waking up a lot more frequently. Every few minutes in fact. I made no changes to my system so I suspect it was an update. I's to a point I have to unplug them. What can be causing them to wake up? Anyone else experiencing more frequent...
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    How do you delete private messages?

    I can't figure it out for anything.
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    How has your experience been with the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero? Good, bad?

    I bought this board on Black Friday due to getting it for about $165 after rebates but even at that price I'm now worried after thoroughly reading more user reviews and especially because I still cant find the 6700K at an affordable price so I probably wont be able to build my system until next...
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    Which Z170 motherboard is looking like the best bang for the buck?

    Each manufacture has like 10 Z170 motherboard to choose from so it is sort of daunting. Narrow it down to under $200 and it is still daunting as some manufacturers like ASUS has boards(ASUS Z170-A and ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming) just $5 apart in pricing. The MSI Z170A is looking really good...
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    Was it my PSU all along? Will a faulty PSU still power on a system?

    So about a week back my PC suddenly shuts off after running great for 5 years. I restarted the system and no video signal. All the fans including the CPU and video card fans came on. My case and the motherboard has no speakers so I could not get any beep indicators. I figured with all the fans...
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    Any HP Pavilion 27 xi owners that can share their calibrated settings?

    Anyone with this monitor? Please share your settings.
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    DX10 games not staying in full screen mode

    I had this problem with my GTX260 and I thought it would be resolved with my new card but still whenever I play DX10 games like Far Cry 2 and Just Cause they come out of full screen mode. People have said upgrade your directx, I have done that and now I have upgraded my card and still this is...
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    Gmail password suddenly not working

    So I'm trying to access my Gmail account and the password doesn't work. I know the password is 100% correct so I think my account has been compromised. Anyway I check my other 3 Gmail accounts (none of which are linked) and the password doesn't work for them either. These are accounts that...
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    Will 8GB(4x2GB)PC2-8500 draw alot more power than 4GB(4X1GB)PC-3200?

    I know this might be a odd and obvious question but does 8GB(4x2GB)PC2-8500 draw alot more power than 4GB(4X1GB)PC-3200? I ask because I'm pondering if I should jump on a new PSU right away because in my new setup the ram is the only thing there might be a major difference power consumption wise.
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    GTX 260 on 24" westinghouse very fuzzy/hazy/washed out

    My new cad arrived today. Did a clean install and updated with the latest drivers which makes my desktop and anything viewed fuzzy/hazy/washed out. Tried different drivers and same thing. The onboard video actually looks better. Found a few others with the same monitor and problems but no...
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    Is speedfan reading my temps right?

    My bios on boot indicate my CPU temp is about 30C, Core Temp and EasyTune 5 is about the same. Already there is a mistake on speed fan because it mistakes my GPU fan for the CPU fan (I tested this by stopping the fans for a few seconds). Also I do't have that many fans in my system but it...
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    Monitor buzzing/whining common?

    I have a new Westinghouse L2410NM LCD and its buzzing when the brightness is on any other setting besides 100. I must have dog hearing because it really bothers me more than my case fan which is fairly louder. Its very low but at the same time high pitched to me. I really like this monitor but I...
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    Can this wireless router be used as effectivly as a wired router?

    Well my router.. LINKSYS BEFSR41 10/100Mbps Router 1 x 10/100Mbps WAN Ports 4 x 10/100Mbps LAN Ports Just died. I figured I might as well go wireless for future proof but would rather stay wired for the time being. So my...
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    Will DDR2 ram prices go back up?

    I've been holding off a my new build on until Crysis but rams prices are dipping to like $90 for 2gigs. They say its all because of Vista not doing all that great but regardless. Will prices like what we are seeing stay around for awhile? If not I may have to start my build early or stash the...
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    Dell 2007FP LCD a good alternative to Mitsubishi DP 2070 22" CRT?

    Just curious if anyone has had CRT like the 2070 and can recommend a LCD that may be its equivalent in quality. Its is one of the best CRT's ever made and got offered a good price from a relative and may jump on it if I can find a proper replacement for under $400. I was looking at the Dell so...
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    Antec Sonata good gamers case?

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    Safe to run card without splitter?

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    UDMA/100 same as Ultra ATA/100?

    I'am looking at getting this drive but unsure if it will work on my system. This is what I have now... What I want to get... Will I run into problems. Thanks.
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    Going away...should I unplug my system?

    I will be away from my system for about three weeks. This will be the first time I'am away from it so long so my question is should I unplug it? The reason I ask is because the motherboard has a light that is always on and I am not sure if it being unplug for so long will clear my cmos settings...
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    Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter - Xbox 360 $47.99

    Great price if you dont live in a taxable area. Came to about $57 for over night. They also have some more cheap pre-orders. I got BF2 and the Far Cry Instincts Predator for $47.99...
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    Safe to run card without splitter?

    Well I got a XFX 7800GT, looks nice and flashy but it comes with a 4-Pin connector end instead of that black small six pin which my other GT's and GTX had. Moreover in the box XFX provided a connector for a 6 pin where as the card is sporting a molex connector. I dont have a splitter so I was...
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    [H]OT: Newegg XBox 360 - $399.99

    No bs $1000 bundles. :p
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    Will the 6800GS be enough for a 2405?

    Well I'am trying to sell my GTX and already bought a lower end card..the 6800GS but this was all before I was able to get Dell 2405FPW extreamly cheap. I did plan on trying to play games on my 21" CRT at a minimum of 1200x1024 with the GS a step down from my GTX. So basically my question is will...
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    Call of Duty 2: Collectors Edition (import version) $34.95

    With dirt cheap shipping it can be had for under $37 shipped. For those worried its a import, I bought Quake 4 the same way and it was the same thing as the US version except for the mature label. These guys are becoming my favorite place to buy new releases. ;)...
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    Flaming? 32" Sharp CRT TV $132.80

    Outpost has a 32" Sharp for $132.80 which comes to about $246 shipped if you dont live in a taxed area, which is still good. This is great for my sister and her new place so I orderd one but I'am still trying to find whats wrong with it because the lowest I see it priced for is $299. Anyone has...
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    Quake 4 $37.99 Free Shipping
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    Anyone else cant hear some sounds with X-Fi? Help Plz

    I finally got my X-Fi extream music and I thought it would be a big difference and it is but I have a problem in the fact that I cant hear some of the sounds very loud like I did with my Audigy 2 and Realtek onboard. Take this pic for example, with my A2 and onboard I would be able to hear...
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    X-Fi CD wont install..

    For some reason when I click next on the initial settup it wont load, it just disappears and nothing comes up to indicate progress, the cd wont even spin. Thing is I know the card works because the drivers on the site works and there is nothing wrong with my drive because may games have no...
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    Why is NTOSKRNL.EXE trying to gain net access?

    For some reason Sygate keeps popping up telling NTOSKRNL.EXE is trying to gain access to the internet. I have blocked it and still nothing. I have also ran virus scanners thinking maybe it was virus and they do not come back with anything. I turned off some services the other day after a fresh...
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    EVGA CardPool, save $50 on 7800 GT

    You can save additional $50 if you buy a pair of cards or can get someone to "CardPool" with you. I have a card from Newegg that qualifies so if anyone wants to "CardPool" let me know. :cool:
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    Japan gets 1 SKU premium XBox 360 at $350 I know why there doing it but still, how lame is that? This should have been done world wide but I guess they have to get the Japanese to buy it by making it seem as if there shafting us. :mad:
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    Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Demo

    Only here so far.;4024977;/fileinfo.html
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    ABIT AN8-SLI, AN8 and are they?

    I have never had a Abit board and was wondering the quailty of these boards. How are they and if you have any of the ones I mentioned can you please tell me your experience?! ABIT AN8 ABIT AN8-ULTRA...
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    ASUS VENTO 3600 is a futuristic beauty

    When I first saw this case in funky colors like blue, red and green I thought it was the ugliest thing ever but now that it's in black I want one. It is is probaly the most futuristic case I have seen. I love cases that look futuristic and this one will be mine.:cool: ASUS VENTO 3600...
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    AMD Sempron 2500+ showing up as XP1600?

    I have it on the mobo linked below that says it supports it but its listing it as a XP1600 and also my ram is showing up as 480 when I have 512. Any help on this?
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    Any converters to make a 24-Pin a 20 pin?

    I bought the wrong PSU but before I go and buy another one are there any converters to make a 24-Pin a 20 pin?
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    How can I load my HD sata drivers without a floppy?

    Is it possible to eject the windows cd and put in another cd when it asks for the drives or can it be done from a usb pen drive? I dont have a floppy and would rather not get one. Any help is apreciated.
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    FREE!! Rainbow Six Expansion

    Edit- Dont download, it now says you need a key. Before it said "FREE". :mad: Sorry! Well thats what it says. Did anyone hear anything about this at all? You need Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield in order to run it. Downloading it now for the hell of it to tide me over until the BF2 demo hits...
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    Satellite possible with AIW cards?

    I just got Dish Network and was wondering if its possible to hook it up to my AIW? So for no luck.